[Report] Monthly Telegram Official Report (March 2022)

Monthly Telegram Community (@cryptonear) Report March 2022

Feb 22 report is here

First of all I would like to thank each of Near Community members and @ConciergeTeam members who help us achieve these wonderful goals. Every experienced crypto guy knows that when overall market is down people don’t want to interact and hardly show up on communities. Despite this athmosphere we were able to maintain good interaction despite crypto market is dull for 4 months. (ofc Near is excluded :hugs: )
Hundreds of different people have joined each of our weekly events learned about the ecosystem, contributed, enjoyed and even earned some $Nears.

As usual we maintain peace and help users on spot on basically ANY TOPIC. Keep bots away from community channels. Fight with scammers and keep the community engaged and make sure every content-event we run is goal-oriented.

A quick overview about weekly events we @ConciergeTeam > @ChannelOps organize:

  • Meme Monday
    Post your favorite memes about Near
  • Gaming Tuesdays
    Play 2 Earn Nears
  • WedNEARsday
    Share your articles, infographics
  • Thursday Quiz Night
    How familiar are you with Near Ecosystem?
  • NFTFridays
    Calling all NFT artists and supporters! Promote your favorite NFT!
  • Poll/Topic Saturday (Extraordinary Post)
    Detailed comment related to topic/poll will be rewaded

(I’ll get into each event in detail (mechanics, where it was made, results etc.) on Channel Ops report today and attach the link here :hugs:

Total members 56.1K >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 55.4K
Total posts 354.7K >>>>>>>>>>>>>> 380.8K
Viewing members 6.1K >>>>>>>>>>>>>> 8.4K
Posting members 477 >>>>>>>>>>>>>> 952

yes, we have been kicking some bots on spot therefore total member count have been decreasing but overall interaction is increasing.

March 2022 average stats from combot: Active users 2653 (4.77%) New users 7521 Avg. DAU 142 Avg. daily msgs. 656 Avg. hourly msgs. 27 Messages 20340

Some awesome events that we hosted/run on telegram March:

Here are the projects we hosted on Telegram. Total: 4 AMAs this month.

Community Events: (after 16th we gave a break for Q1 Channel events and collected valuable feedback about them to improve them even better for the Q2= this will be shared on Concierge team Channel Ops March report today…)

from now on Quiz Night will be happening bi-weekly as it’s so intense (we don’t want hype to fade) and need a lot of preparation from my side.

Collected Feedbacks from Community About Channel events: Participated in any of our Community Events? Fill this Feedback Form and help @ConciergeTeam make these events more fun! (results will be shared on Concierge team Channel Ops March report today…)

If you want to get into detail of each week please view weekly reports by @Kv9990

Thanks your taking the time and giving feedbacks :slight_smile:


:grin: on NEAR we trust =)


All information in the report describes constant growth :muscle: :clap:


Great seeing an increase in community engagement even in a sideways market we had for the last 4-6 months. :muscle: :raised_hands:

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Excellent report as always :slight_smile:

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