[Report] BiWeekly Telegram Report (1-14 February)

Hello Frens, Happy Valentine’s Week to you all. Hope you’re having a great time with NEAR.

Here’s the Bi-Weekly Telegram Report. (Keep Reading to know about upcoming events with rewards!)

Previous Week Report can be found here

Statistics from NEAR Protocol Telegram Official:

Here is our top members of last week:

Overview of Statistics from 1-14 Feb:

Total Members 59.4K>>>>>59.6K

Total Posts 319.8K>>>>>333.9K

Viewing Members 19.8K>>>>>7.5K

Posting Members 3.1K>>>>>613

Well there’s a decline in statistics and that’s expected since last surge of traffic in group was from BitStore Airdrop!

Meanwhile Here’re the events that happened on our channel in past few days:

  • AMA with OP Games (February 2nd on Telegram)
    If you missed the AMA,you can read the chat from here

  • AMA WITH MoonNoobs DAO (February 2nd on Discord)

  • Gaming Tuesday (February 8th)
    It was a gaming event where users earned rewards for playing Telegram Games as well as learning about their favourites projects!! It’s a Bi-Weekly Event so make sure to check on us on Tuesdays!
    Announcement | Winners

  • WedNEARSDay (February 9th)
    Another exciting events by my teammates where users sent us their meme,images&articles about NEAR Ecosystem on Discord,Telegram and Reddit and got rewards! It’s a weekly event so join us every Wednesday incase you missed it this time.
    Announcement | TG Winners | Reddit Winners | Discord Winners (on #wedNEARSday channel)

  • AMA with Spin (February 10th on Discord)

  • NFThursday (February 10th)
    Another Fun Event on Reddit for Artists and Art Lovers! Join us on Reddit every thursday to get a chance to win rewards incase you missed it this time.
    Announcement | Winners

  • Quiz Night (February 13th)
    The most entertaining Quiz for everyone to participate and win rewards!
    It was held on Telegram and we plan to have a similar Quiz Event every week on a different channel so please stay tuned to our Announcement Channel.
    Announcement | Winners