[Report] Arroz Criativo June/22 budget report

DAO: arroz criativo.sputnik-dao.near

Target: arrozestudios.near

Expense history
Current balance
Council members: @roadworks @raquelareia @plantasia

Hello, Creatives!

June was a month of firsts for us. Starting with our NEAR Hub (arroznearhub.near), which debuted on the last Wednesday of May. We are very pleased with the integration we have created through Shillin ‘n’ Chillin, with 105 subscribers on the app and around 103 attendees:

  • June, 1st: Welcome to Web3 - 14 subscribers / ~ 18 attendees
  • June 8th: NFTs can be more than JPGs’ links - 25 subscribers / ~ 20 attendees
  • June 15th: Algo-stable coins design & ecosystem - 32 subscribers / ~ 40 attendees
  • June 22nd: Pride Week Special - 12 subscribers / ~ 10 attendees
  • June 29th: Welcome to Web3 - 22 subscribers / ~ 15 attendees

During our meetups, we also created 13 NEAR Wallets and transferred 25.4 NEAR to encourage new visitors to buy pizza&drinks, increasing their kinship with NEAR Protocol.

The Black Cat Cinema (target: blackcatcinema.near) had a huge audience in June, with 5 sold out sessions, 472 tickets sold and 385 new memberships.

Please, see the full report here (TBA)

Vozes Do Futuro (target: shannytales.near) encountered a few turbulent issues, as Eddington Again unfortunately missed their flight to Lisbon. The concert was rescheduled to October 27th, at Vozes do Futuro second edition, with a month’s worth of events. The event moved forward as planned, with N▲N▼ as a warm up act and Neana taking the headline. Both DJs received a successful reception from the audience of around 15 - 20. Around 5 NEAR wallets were created.

Please, see the full report here

Our Pride Live Painting Session (target itsaturn.near) by the multidiscliplinary artist Gadutra was promoted on Twitter and Telegram, and was also successfully exhibited on cryptovoxel. Please see some pictures below.

The Support for crypto-meetups in Arroz’ NEAR Hub (target: arrozestudios.near) still needs to be paid out. The purchase of the new microphones will be made between July 11th and 15th , and the receipts will be added to this report.

In June, our Lisbon Crypto Meet-up group reached 1.045 members; our Twitter got 51 new followers, and our Telegram has now 180 members.

We appreciate the support we received from the Creatives community. Thank you.

Stay creative! Be happy!
Arroz Team