[REPORT] July Monthly Report - Incubadora DAO

Project Name: Incubadora

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project members:

Project Accounting: current account balance 29N

incubadora.sputnik-dao.near/ jmm.near

  • Some payouts pending related to the marketing funding and artist stipend fee.

Updated Project Timeline:

Poster of some seminars in partnership with Philosophers DAO

  • Part of the merchandising material that we ordered has arrived and we now have physical products for distribution and promotion of our DAO. This material was financed with funding from Marketing DAO.


  • “Quilombismo digital em Portugal” was the 8th Seminar held by Incubadoras’s educational project. It was presented by Di Candido, a brazilian Researcher, Cultural Producer, DJ and Multidisciplinary Artist. The video of the initiative will soon be displayed in our YouTube channel.

Seminar poster

Seminar preview

CUBA SHOTS making off

  • Through a partnership with the 3XR and the Incubadora Vertical project Metaverse experiments - Nears Cribs and Templates, we invited the architect Loraine Meister to create virtual spaces in which it will be used as templates for developing virtual galleries on CreateThing. The templates has already been developed, but is not yet available for public use, as it is being implemented by the 3XR technical team, and it is expected that it will be available on their platform very soon. From this initiative, we will receive royalties from galleries that are sold on Mintbase using our template.

First template preview

Studies and preview of the second template

  • In order to support each other and nurture creativity and collaborations within the ecosystem, we helped to organize and participate in the NFT fair. During this event each DAO bought artworks from the other DAOs through Astro.

NFT Fair poster

  • The FITA Magazine, which was edited, printed and launched this month, has an article and a virtual gallery sponsored by Incubadora. This art magazine is emerging as a reference in the Portuguese artistic field and approved the Incubatora participation in this edition of the magazine with the project “POSTAL – Urban portraits of immigration” which was financed through the Incubadora vertical in March.

Magazzine cover and preview of the exhibition POSTAL


  • Participation in the NFT fair was very interesting to strengthen ties of partnerships with other DAOs and to generate engagement in our Mintbase Store.

  • We need to produce more informative content in addition to the tutorial videos. For newcomers to the Near community who are starting to collaborate with us, it would be interesting to have both types of content, videos and also written material such as PDFs, infographics, and flyers.

  • The partnerships established to develop joint projects and also other communications together in social media are very effective in reaching a greater number of people and promoting the engagement of other communities.

Next Steps:

  • Communicating and supporting the four winners of the Artist Stipend Program 6th Open Call

  • Preparing and running the next Incubadora’s seminar

  • Keep reflecting on how to become more financially sustainable, investing on DeFi solutions to increase the DAO resilience.

  • Developing the CUBA SHOTS next episodes with CUDO

  • Help to organize and participate in the second NFT Fair

  • Preparing the next Poliedro Catalogue

  • We are waiting for NF reply to our Grant request

Thank you!

All are welcome to join us to talk about and see our projects.

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