[REPORT] June (2º half of the month) and July 2022 Monthly Report - Incubadora DAO

Project Name: Incubadora DAO

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project Accounting: current account balance 29N*

incubadora.sputnik-dao.near/ jmm.near

  • Payouts pending from other projects regarding Creatives funding

Last Report - [REPORT] May, June (half of the month) 2022 Monthly Report - Incubadora DAO

Updated Project Timeline:


  • Quilombismo digital em Portugal” was the 8th Seminar held by Incubadoras’s educational project. It was presented by Di Candido, a brazilian Researcher, Cultural Producer, DJ and Multidisciplinary Artist. The video of the initiative will soon be displayed in our YouTube channel.

Seminar poster

Seminar preview

CUBASHOTS making of

  • The FITA Magazine, which was edited, printed and launched this month, has an article and a virtual gallery sponsored by Incubadora. This art magazine is emerging as a reference in the Portuguese artistic field and approved the Incubadora participation in this edition of the magazine with the project “POSTAL – Urban portraits of immigration” which was financed through the Incubadora vertical in March. This is being a good opportunity to publicize our work and NEAR itself in the artistic field, as the magazine has a very wide reach with this audience.

Text Posters

  • Through a partnership with the 3XR and the Incubadora Vertical project Metaverse experiments - Nears Cribs and Templates, we invited the architect Loraine Meister to create virtual spaces in which it will be used as templates for developing virtual galleries on CreateThing. The templates has already been developed, but is not yet available for public use, as it is being implemented by the 3XR technical team, and it is expected that it will be available on their platform very soon. From this initiative, we will receive royalties from galleries that are sold on Mintbase using our template.

First template preview

Studies and preview of the second template

  • In order to support each other and nurture creativity and collaborations within the ecosystem, we helped to organize and participate in the NFT fair. During this event each DAO bought artworks from the other DAOs through Astro.

NFT Fair poster

  • In order to diversify our marketing strategies, we invited our designer Samuel Coelho to design merchandising materials to promote both Incubadora and NEAR brands. He designed stickers, t-shirts and tote bags. The first two are now ready and have been delivered to the Incubator team. The production of the tote bags is already under development with the printing company, who are making the necessary color and production adjustments to print the bags.

Stickers image

T-shit image

Tote bag preview

Poster of some seminars in partnership with Philosophers DAO

Metrics and achievements:


  • The most accessed page on our website was the Artist Stipend Program Page. We believe that this was due to the fact that July was an open call month for new artists to participate in the project and and we made sponsored posts in our social media that redirected users to view the content also on our webpage. The promotional tools were crucial in building up engagement on our social media channels and website. The more specialized our targetting strategy is, the more growth we observe.

  • Our goal was to reach 1000 visits to our website per month. We have successfully achieved this target for the period of this report, as well as the period corresponding to the first half of this funding.

Webpage traffic preview

Webpage traffic per country


  • We created several posts and stories with links to the NEAR ecosystem, worked on growing our connections with the Portuguese-speaking artists and creatives and publicized the initiatives of our partners and community members.

  • Using the Meta Business advertising tool, we boosted 3 posts in order to increase the visibility of our initiatives and page: one to promote our monthly seminar, one to publicize the open call to our Artist Stipend Program and one to make our CUBA SHOTS video reach a bigger audience. Together, these promos generated more than 1100 interactions with our page.

  • Our goal was to finish July with 2700 followers on IG. This goal was fully achieved and nowadays we have 2735 followers.

Instagram insights detail

  • It was possible to verify the importance of this social network for our activities and the impact of our sponsored posts through the results obtained in the registration questionnaire for participation in the May seminar. Among the results obtained, 84% of those registered said they were aware of the event through Instagram.


  • Our goal here was to feed the page with the content of our initiatives, activities, and reach 450 followers by the end of July. This goal has not been achieved and we currently have 385 followers. We continue to work towards increasing the numbers on this social media channel.

Facebook insights detail


  • Our goal was to finish July with 1500 followers, and this goal was not completely achieved. We were able to make the number of posts intended and reached 1153 followers. We are striving to reach this goal. Despite not reaching the end goal, we have greatly increased our numbers on this channel from 870 followers to 1153, an increase of over 30%.

Twitter insights detail

  • Our tweets had 5.5K impressions during this period of the second half of June and July and our links were clicked at least once a day. Our posts were related to our activities, partnerships, and news from our NEAR community.

Popular tweets from this period

  • During the month of May, we also did a bounty through this social media to promote engagement and publicize our activities. We gave 0.5N to the first 30 people who posted our link to the Artist Stipend Program as a tweet and their NEAR wallet as an answer to our forum message.


  • During this period our Telegram worked as a bridge to connect our artists and partners. Our group also worked as a help center for the newcomers and as a sharing space for our community. The goal here was to achieve 250 group members by the end of July and this was not fully achieved as now we have 195 members. As with the other communication channels, we are working to complete these goals for Telegram.


  • This channel is crucial for the development of our Educational Activities. During this period we created more 4 video tutorials to support our activities and community, promoting education about the NEAR environment around Portuguese-speaking people:

Como apresentar ideas de seminários e workshops à Incubadora DAO

MINTBASE.IO - Como criar um NFT?


BINANCE - Como converter Near

  • The tutorials we created so far were watched more than 2300 times. Besides them, our page was also fed with the videos of our June monthly seminar and new interview with the artist Henrique Neves to the CUBA SHOTS project.

  • The goal here was to achieve 2k views in our content and we did not manage to do so. We continue to work towards completing this goal. During the first half of this funding it was possible to complete this goal without major problems, however now in this second half we have had problems with the youtube platform to promote our sponsored videos and we believe that’s why we didn’t reach the goal this last month.

YouTube insights preview


  • Instagram, twitter and website have become increasingly stronger as our main communication channels. The intention is to continue to maintain sponsored publications on these channels. This strategy increased engagement and reached our target audience more effectively.

  • Facebook remains a social network very little used by our community, for this reason we believe that it will be better not to invest in this channel in the coming months

  • Participation in the NFT fair was very interesting to strengthen ties of partnerships with other DAOs and to generate engagement in our Mintbase Store.

  • We need to produce more informative content in addition to the tutorial videos. For newcomers to the Near community who are starting to collaborate with us, it would be interesting to have both types of content, videos and also written material such as PDFs, infographics, and flyers.

Next Steps:

  • Communicating and supporting the four winners of the Artist Stipend Program 6th Open Call

  • Preparing and running the next Incubadora’s seminar

  • Keep reflecting on how to become more financially sustainable, investing on DeFi solutions to increase the DAO resilience.

  • Developing the CUBA SHOTS next episodes with CUDO

  • Help to organize and participate in the second NFT Fair

  • Preparing the next Poliedro Catalogue

  • Finding new strategies to create greater engagement on social media

  • Invite artists and curators to try out our template created for 3XR and thus promote our activities to the artistic community.

  • Spread our promotional material (tote bags, t-shirts and stickers) through our network and NEAR community.

All are welcome to join us to talk and see our projects.

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Thank you!

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