[Rejected] LATAM DAO NDC V1 : NDC Budget Subcategory code HOM-004P-1-5 Regional Development

Section 1 - DAO/Project Information

  • Organization Name: Latam DAO
  • Project established: November 2023
  • DAO’s Category: Regional Development/Marketing/Onboarding
  • Project’s Category: Community Led

Section 2. Previous Funding

  • No

Section 3. DAO URLs

  • DAO / Project Website: (Landing page will be created once operations start)
  • Social Media Distribution Channels:
    Telegram : Telegram: Contact @nearlatamdao

Social Media distribution by community:


TG: Telegram AuroraESNear
X : AuroraESNear
NS: NEAR Social AuroraESNear
YOUTUBE : Aurora ES Near
Medium : AuroraESNear

Brazil communities

Near Brazil: brasilnear | Twitter, Instagram | Linktree
Aurora Brazil: @auroranobrasil Lnk.Bio · link in bio

  • Project Targeting a Specific Country: Latam
  • Project Region Support: South America & Caribbean (Spanish), South America (Portuguese)

Section 4. Applicant Information

Section 5. Team Members

DAO Members:

Council members:
@FritzWorm fritzwagner.near
@ramgor ramgor.near
@andresdom andresdom.near
@jcsta vianftbrasil.near
@andersonbr andersonr.near

Section 6. Experience

Each of the communities comprising LATAM DAO has extensive experience in onboarding, engagement, and educating people about the Near ecosystem. They also excel as sponsorship engines and message multipliers in the region.

  • Education: We have experts in creating educational content, courses, guides, articles, etc in our native languages.
  • Marketing and community builders: We have been sustainably growing the NEAR community in Latin America for 2 years.
  • Translators: We focus on translating news and announcements about the ecosystem into Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Onboarding and engagement. We have a successful social-media network and marketing program that guarantees a sustainable growth and engagement of our members.

Our Team
In our presentation posts you will find detailed information about the profiles of the LATAM team members.

  • List Web3 Projects and live links to Examples of Relevant Work

These communities have given rise to various projects, such as:

  1. NEARP2P ;https://www.nearp2p.com/
  2. Metademocracia : https://www.metademocracia.com/
  3. Education and capacitation : BOS Course grassroots users , Content
  4. Defix3.com : https://defix3.com/
  5. apolopay.app : https://www.apolopay.app/
  6. mintickt.com : Mintickt
  7. Musicfeast.io : https://musicfeast.io/
  8. Nearbrasil.com :https://nearbrasil.com/
  9. AuroraESNEAR: https://near.org/near/widget/ProfilePage?accountId=mundoaurora.near

Section 7. DAO/Project Charter/White or Litepaper and Goals

  • Project Overview:
    Our mission at Latam DAO is to empower the people of Latin America with the knowledge and tools to participate in web3, NEAR Protocol, and BOS Blockchain Operating System. We are committed to fostering inclusivity and accessibility to blockchain technology, with a vision to build a thriving web3 community in Latin America. Our core programs focus on education, networking, project support and onboarding, and establishing strategic partnerships. By doing so, we seek to create a dynamic and supportive ecosystem that encourages innovation and development within the Latin American blockchain community. As part of our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and improving user experience, we will integrate a CRM system with a Google Sheet CRM template and use BOS surveys in our project infrastructure.

  • What Problem Are You Aiming to Solve?

  • Our DAO aims to bridge the gap in blockchain knowledge in our native languages.

  • Guidance and communication: providing a closer and more direct way for local initiatives to channel funding for their projects.

  • Fostering collaboration within the Latin American blockchain community, providing essential support to emerging projects building on NEAR

  • Facilitate alliances and connections between projects

  • Optimize equity and transparency in budget management by beneficiary projects through personalized and direct attention.

  • Provide a path to empower the people of Latin America to embrace and contribute to the transformative potential of web3 technologies, NEAR Protocol, and BOS.

  • DAO/Project Charter:

See document: CHARTER Latam DAO IN NDC V1

Section 8. Budget

  • Projected Budget for the next three months
Description Month 1 Month 2 Month 3
Team operations & Administration $2,500 $2,500 $2,500
Marketing & events +social media $2,500 $2,500 $2,500
Community Grants & project support $20,000 $20,000 $20,000
Total $25,000 $25,000 $25,000
  • Links to Similar Proposals from Near Foundation: No

  • What is the length of Commitment to Delivering Your Project: We will keep on going with our efforts while the NDC DAO program supports our initiative.

  • Will your team be working on this project full time: Some members will be working Part Time, some others full time.

  • Will your team be fully remunerated from this budget: The remuneration for our team members will be commensurate with their responsibilities and the successful execution of their tasks.

Section 9. Project/DAO longevity

  • Does your project/DAO require one-time or continuous funding?

Continuous Funding

  • Will your DAO/Project device way of sustaining itself after this round of funding?

The focus of this project is to promote the NEAR protocol through marketing and education, and to provide financial support for new projects and developments. This will require ongoing funding.

  • What are the possible roadblocks to the success of your project/DAO?
  1. Adoption and Educational Barriers:
  • Challenge: Limited awareness and understanding of blockchain technologies may impede adoption.
  • Mitigation: Implement robust educational programs, workshops, and meetups. Utilize Fastauth and ZK to simplify concepts. Promote wallet creation through Sharddog and keypom. Use collectible art and rewards for promotion.
  1. Technical Complexity:
  • Challenge: The technical intricacies of NEAR Protocol and BOS Blockchain may be a barrier for some community members.
  • Mitigation: Provide user-friendly documentation, tutorials, and accessible resources like our BOS course for grassroots users to support skill development.
  1. Community Engagement:
  • Challenge: Sustaining active participation and engagement within the community might be challenging.

  • Mitigation: Foster a strong sense of community through regular events, forums, and collaborative projects. Incentivize participation with rewards, digital collectibles, and recognition.

  1. Cultural and Linguistic Diversity:
  • Challenge: Latin America’s linguistic diversity may present communication challenges because most of the documentation is in English.

  • Mitigation: Develop multilingual materials, engage local ambassadors, and tailor communication strategies.

  1. Limited funding or resources can restrain the Latam DAO project’s scalability and impact.

we always appreciate your feetback we are here to build together.


I am thrilled to see this proposal come to life as it marks an exciting step towards unleashing the immense potential of the Latam community. I am looking forward to the prospect of a stronger NEAR presence in Latam, inspiring grassroots users to dive into the world of web3, explore the possibilities of BOS, and empowering developers with the UX experience that NEAR provides. :olive: :heart:


Happy to help develop projects on our the continent.
After months of work, we can finally start over and connect all the points to grow projects and help others to be born.


The LATAM community is great, let’s go for more learning about NEAR and its dapps :fire::fire:


Excellent. The proposal reflects all the desires of the Latam community and will be very useful in these new directions on our continent. Support for the continuity of work at Latam is important and involves this proposal to unlock NEAR’s growth potential in Latin America.


A great proposal for the LATAM community, my full support as always, let’s keep working for our community in Spanish.


we need more spaces in Spanish language in order to spread the use of web 3 in LATAM.


Até que enfim! Tem todo o meu apoio e entusiasmo!
Finally, all my support and enthusiasm to that proposal.
Por fin, tiene todo mi apoyo y entusiasmo.


The LATAM DAO is a unique opportunity to give voice to our region in the blockchain ecosystem. We will be able to address the specific challenges we face and work together to drive growth and innovation in Latin America with NEAR . Therefore, I fully support this initiative.


Congratulations, great proposed and supported


Hi, i can’t support since @whoiscavenaghi is a Council member.
Related to [REPORT] ETH Milan <> CDAO

Would like to see more people like @mariozito or Alan from metapool team


@cloudmex-alan can be a perfect person for council

  1. mintickt.com : Mintickt

Is not from LATAM, but from DACHA @Kemal right ?

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Hi @DDeAlmeida ,
Thank you for your feedback! I appreciate your input. In regards to the issue at hand, we can modify the councilor to address it. I understand that you may have additional details that we are not aware of, so please give me some time to discuss this with my colleagues. Let’s move forward with the proposal without delay, as we don’t want to negatively impact a vast part of the continent and a whole region over issues related to individuals. We are open to any feedback and changes as needed. Rest assured, this can be easily corrected. Regarding the proposal, it’s important to note that the initial councilors were only selected for kickstarting purposes and they are not immovable.

No one is indispensable, including myself. they can be changed in benefit of the project (with observations like yours). The individuals responsible for maintaining operations and having responsibilities (not necessarily the current councils) will be the ones to be remunerated. We want democracy to be a cornerstone of our DAO, just like NDC! I would love to see more Latin leaders get involved, especially the ones you mentioned. They can self-summon to this proposal at any time. The Telegram LATAM DAO group was created for this purpose.

@cloudmex-alan is more than welcome, as are any other well-known regional leaders. It would be great to have them onboard! :heart: Originally, this proposal was intended for South America DAO as we started with the RC DAO idea’s in mind, but it has evolved through further discussions. Mexico (acording to RC-DAO) was intended to be part of North America DAO. If this isn’t the case, then we should definitely include them! In such a scenario, we’ll have to adjust the budget to accommodate their needs, given that they are a significant contributor to this ecosystem. We have been collaborating extensively, so there is no reason for concern.


Excellent proposal, it raises the need to educate the community on Web3 and Near’s blockchain technology and its ecosystem in LATAM with this initiative we will be at the forefront for the future that will undoubtedly be the day to day and our regular and future users will be able to handle it with knowledge. :blush:


He was invited, I hope he can join whenever he decide to.


I onboarded the founder of that project (MINTICKT), and I wish we can introduce it into LATAM.

Also the project developers are from LATAM @andresdom


People is tired, many OGs from LATAM tried to launch the LATAM HUB, lot of work… leaded by @claudioac and we are still here trying… getting blockade.

At least you are taking the proposal seriously and giving us feedback… but no one else?

It feels a waste of time really.

Anyway, thank you.

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The proposal and the DAO were updated :+1:


Hi Fritz, HoM members are taking care of every proposal.

Cameron is supporting your proposal, and i’m supporting this one too, with the change made.