LATAM DAO [NDC Funding Request]

Hello Hello!

Here keep stand to support the LATAM Community, to update the whole NEAR Community about the conversations with the HoM.

  1. Invited by @Dacha into the HoM <> Latam DAO group created by the HoM

  2. Kick started the documentation and invited LATAM leaders

  3. Final doc: LATAM-DAO (PROPOSAL V2) - Google Docs

  4. We had a call with the HoM about the funding support we ask for LATAM

  5. Waiting for the rejection or approval

Basically we are asking for $20,000 USD monthly to support the whole LATAM.

Forum: [Forum Meeting] LATAM DAO
Telegram leadership group: @nearlatamdao



I was part of NEAR Hispano council (as one of the 2 representatives of my country Peru as you can see in the document that Fritz linked) with @FritzWorm , and we working so hard many hours and many days for free, on our proposal for education and marketing, I brought many great contacts to NEAR like . Fritz was one of the great people that I met there, He always was super supportive and guided me to NEAR Ecosystem and also create my Meritocracy Guild under his guidance, suddenly I still don’t know why??? one day NEAR Hispano say sorry PERU WON’T RECEIVE ANY FUNDING OR SUPPORT FROM NEAR HISPANO, ONLY THE OTHER COUNTRIES FROM SOUTH AMERICA, and then weeks laters NEAR Hispano closed and I think change of Name to the community or something like this. For that reason, I am so happy that @FritzWorm is trying to bring back the good things that we do in NEAR Hispano as a region, and I am happy to collaborate and doing partnership with him and his great team with my proposal for MERITOCRACY: additionally I have recently I took a course of BOS with @ramgor and I learn a lot in his course and I think he will be a great Instructor for Near Certified Business,NBC that I propose to create with them and I think I will create my Blog for my MERITOCRACY PLUGIN on BOS soon thank the classes by Ulises :smiley: