[Draft] South America - Regional Communities [RC-DAO]

Hello fam,

I am very happy we are finding a path for the NEAR growth here at the South America Region.

Let me inform you all that the Admins of the RC-DAO decided that @frado Jian and myself we are the volunteers elected by the admins to lead the very first steps of the South America RC-DAO.

EDIT: Here you can join RC South America Group: Telegram

Soon than later there will be a South America election, with the architecture of our own South America community.

We are still pending to invite the community to a public telegram group and launch additional explanations and docs.

Right now, here in the forum we can start discussing with all the South American on NEAR.

So, Here, Now, this is an invitation to kick start the discussions on the very first documents where we as the south american community need to agree on:

Community Guidelines


Strategies and Plans

4th Quarter 2023 Budget


Please comment the docs, and share here on the forum your ideas, plans, thoughs.

Before finishing the strategies and plans that will also impact in the budget plan, it’s important to have some conversations about the following:

1. Goals and Objectives:

  • What are the primary goals of RC-DAO LATAM? (e.g., fostering web3 growth, supporting decentralized projects, education)
  • Are there specific numerical targets you aim to achieve? (e.g., number of active members, projects supported, educational events organized)

2. Target Audience:

  • Who is the intended audience for the RC-DAO LATAM community? (e.g., developers, entrepreneurs, artists, students)
  • Are there any specific demographics or characteristics of the target audience in Latin America?

3. Resources:

  • What resources does the community currently have? (e.g., human resources, budget, tools)
  • Are there any partnerships or collaborations in place or being pursued?

4. Timeline: β†’ Budget seems to be requested on monthly basis

  • What is the timeline for implementing these strategies and plans? (e.g., short-term, mid-term, long-term) β†’ 1, 3 and 6 months?

5. Communication Channels:

  • Besides the Telegram Group and website, are there other communication channels that will be needed to reach and engage with the community?

6. Challenges and Opportunities:

  • What are some challenges we foresee in building and growing the web3 community in Latin America?
  • Are there specific opportunities or trends in the web3 space that you plan to leverage?

7. Measurement and Evaluation:

  • How do we plan to measure the success of these strategies and plans? (e.g., engagement metrics, project completion, community satisfaction)
  • How often will we evaluate the progress and make adjustments if needed? There is the need for a specific group of the community to evaluate, like a transparency comission role?

Big hug, feel free to also totally attack the plan :wink: just will ask to receive a counter offer / proposal / idea on what you believe we should do as a community.


Hello @FritzWorm nice to read all the docs! Doing some add-ons to contribute!


this is a very well structured plan to start, it is sustainable and inclusive.
happy to be part of it!


Very good proposal, it encourages the growth of the Near community in South America, my full support to continue moving forward. :muscle:t3:


Always with good intentions and ideas, keep going, my support for you


Hello @FritzWorm @frado great to read doc, objective and straightforward. I’m here to show my support, please let me know in case I can be of any help :sparkles: Peace!

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