Regional Council Elections: AMA with candidates

Dear NEAR Community,

We are @FritzWorm @Monish016 and Ana, dedicated members of the NEAR ecosystem who have proven their passion through their participation in a variety of projects and activities.

:rocket:We are excited to invite you for AMA on: :rocket:

  • Wednesday at 18:00 GMT or
  • Thursday at 18:00 GMT

in ZOOM:

Meeting ID: 871 0245 0036
Passcode: nVP6P5

We will help you to join the Regional DAO, tell more about our experience, and engage in meaningful dialogue on how we can structure the NEAR Future together.

The knowledge of different languages such as Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Indian will help candidates to provide quality support to a diversity of people from applicants’ continents.

Below is a little bit more information about the candidates:

:sparkles: Ana for Council Member of European Continent :sparkles:

Ana has been an active member of the NEAR Community since July 2021 and brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With a background in Political Science and a recent Master’s Degree focusing on blockchain implementation in election systems, Ana possesses a deep understanding of governance systems, including DAOs. Her involvement in the Open Web Sandbox project and REFI Lisboa demonstrates her commitment to community building and project management. Ana’s goals include increasing on-chain activities, setting reachable KPIs, and enhancing community engagement in the European region. She speaks 3 languages such as English, Portuguese, and Russian.

Ana’s strategy:

  • Increase On-Chain Activities: Ana aims to encourage regional communities to actively participate in on-chain activities such as governance proposals, project collaborations, and community initiatives. This will foster engagement and involvement from community members. Moreover, transition enthusiasts from outside of the web3 world.

  • Set Reachable KPIs: Ana proposes setting clear and achievable key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the progress and success of regional communities. Meaningful metrics will guide their efforts and demonstrate the impact they are making. As well experience in project management

  • Enhance Community Engagement: Ana plans to foster increased community engagement in the ecosystem by creating useful media content, organizing events, and initiating educational initiatives as it was already proven the value for the community in her previous activities with OWS. She believes in the power of knowledge-sharing and collaboration to drive growth and innovation.

:sparkles: Monish for NEAR India Council Member :sparkles:

Monish, a dedicated member of the NEAR ecosystem since early 2021, is passionate about representing NEAR in India. With experience as a community builder and active involvement in various NEAR projects and initiatives, Monish has proven his ability to foster vibrant communities. His expertise in web3 community building, growth, and marketing strategy, combined with his educational background in MBA and Mechanical Engineering, make him a strong candidate. Monish’s strategy for developing regional communities includes empowering local chapter leads, tailored outreach and education, and fostering a strong developer community.

Monish’s strategy:

  • Identify and Deploy Local Chapter Leads: Monish emphasizes the need to decentralize and accelerate grassroots development in diverse countries like India. He proposes identifying and empowering local chapter leads who can drive community initiatives tailored to their specific regions.
  • Local Content and Tailored Outreach: Monish recognizes the importance of localization efforts and proposes translating key resources and communication materials into local languages. He also plans to organize region-specific events, workshops, and meetups to address the specific interests and requirements of community members.
  • Foster Developer Community: Monish aims to foster a strong developer community within the region by organizing developer-focused meetups, hackathons, and support programs. He also plans to provide developer education and training, as well as grants and funding opportunities to encourage development on NEAR.

:sparkles: Fritz for NEAR South America Council Member :sparkles:

Fritz is a dedicated production engineer with 8 years of experience in the blockchain space. His extensive contributions to the NEAR Community, including his involvement in projects like NearP2P, Near Hispano, and Merchants Guild, showcase his passion for on-chain community building. Fritz’s strategy for developing the NEAR South America community focuses on committed KPIs, active education programs, and attracting new projects to the NEAR ecosystem. His expertise in web3 and community building and his proven track record make him an excellent candidate for the role.

Fritz’s strategy:
To develop the NEAR regional Hispanic community, he proposes a strategy that includes committed KPIs from each regional community with on-chain evidence, active education programs, and attracting new projects to build on the NEAR ecosystem. This will help us build a strong and vibrant community that can contribute to the growth of NEAR and help us achieve our goals.

  • Leading a team committed to the growth of the region
  • Focus on Education, Events and Collaborations with university student centers
  • Present incentives for the development and active participation in the growth of dApps
  • Provide Advisory, tutoring, and consulting for the development of web3 projects on NEAR and the application of marketing on them.
  • Build a Hub from where to accelerate projects from the Latin America Community

:link: How to Vote :link:

  1. First of all, register NEAR Wallet, by following the easy steps provided on the NEAR website:
  2. After you created your wallet, you should register on Near. social following 2 easy steps:
  1. Verify yourself on ImHuman

  1. Connect your wallet to the account through “create account’’
  2. Join the regional community DAO before the 7th of July: Near Social
  3. Vote for the candidate from your region between the 10th and 14th of July

Only votes by members of each continental DAO will count for each 1 of 5 seats out of 7 total:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Europe
  • North America
  • South America

Plus, 2 of the 7 seats will be decided by a popular vote.
The RC DAO voter group will be finalized on July 8, prior to the initial elections next week.

Some useful links:
Election demo:
Updated landing page (with buttons for RC DAO members to join continental groups):

:trophy: Why You Should Vote for This Group of Candidates :trophy:

By voting for Ana, Monish, and Fritz, you are choosing a group of individuals who possess a deep understanding of the NEAR ecosystem, have actively contributed to its growth from the early stages, and have proven their skills and expertise through their involvement in various projects. These candidates are committed to fostering community engagement, driving ecosystem growth, and ensuring transparent governance. Together, they will bring a diverse set of skills, experience, and perspectives to the NEAR Regional DAO Council, enabling them to make informed decisions and drive meaningful progress within their respective regions.

:star2: Let’s Shape the Future of NEAR Together! :star2:


Excelente… Apoyar a nuestro representante…

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Obrigada pelo teu apoio! Já te registaste como eleitor? :shamrock:

Thank you for your participation to everyone! your questions were awesome :star_struck: