[Proposal] Council Member Self-Nomination to DAO

Hello Near Community,

I am thrilled to present my self-nomination for the esteemed position of DAO Council Member within the NEAR ecosystem. I look forward to the opportunity to serve the NEAR community and contribute to the continued success and development of our ecosystem.

Who I am:

My name is Jian Costa and I am from Brazil. Entrepreneur, business creator since 2013, Mechanical Engineer and investor.

I am the founder of ViaNFT, the first Podcast about NFTs in Brazil, as well as weekly posts, videos, threads and articles (https://beacons.ai/vianft.eth).

In the last 12 months I have traveled across 4 continents to attend the main blockchain and NFT events in the world. I got to know projects, people and better understand what is happening around the world in our niche.


I believe I can help because I have experience in crypto and NFT, entrepreneurship, marketing, community building, partnerships, and a deep understanding of the NEAR ecosystem.


Business strategy, blockchain knowledge, partnership building and educational initiatives.

Also adaptability, passion, good communication, networking abilities, creativity and leadership potential.

How am I involved with NEAR and Blockchain Ecosystem?

I have actively helped the Near Brasil project since its inception together with leader Anderson since 2022.

I helped to create and build the Aurora Brazil community.

And I’ve been on web3 since 2021 and work full time on it now.


I am based in Santa Catarina, South of Brazil.

Community I represent

Latam / Brasil

Why I’m a Good Candidate:

As an entrepreneur and business creator since 2013, I believe I am an excellent candidate for this position. I will work My journey in the crypto and NFT space began when I made my first investment in an NFT. Since then, I have dedicated myself to working in this field and building everything related to it. My extensive experience, coupled with my enthusiasm for education, community building, and business creation around NFTs and Web3, make me a good candidate for this role.

Why People Should Vote for Me:

People should vote for me because I have a deep understanding of NEAR and the blockchain ecosystem, backed by nearly 2 years of active involvement. Through my contributions to the Brazilian Near community, I have been providing time and information, organizing events, and fostering partnerships. My entrepreneurial background and passion for education and community engagement drive me to bring more opportunities and knowledge to the NEAR community. I am dedicated to onboarding new users, helping them navigate the ecosystem effectively, and ensuring their success.

Strategy for Regional Communities:

My strategy for regional communities revolves around providing educational and informative content about Near and how to start on it, whether as an artist, investor or just an enthusiast. Additionally, I plan to forge partnerships with artists and other relevant stakeholders to further engage the community. By building a strong and vibrant NEAR community in Brazil, we can create a thriving ecosystem together and I will work side by side with community leader s of Latam.

The main goal here is to increase on-chain Activities, help to create and implement local and global on-chain decision making and onboarding new people/projects.

Time Commitment and Compensation:

I am dedicated to investing the necessary time and effort to fulfill the responsibilities of this role and I can help according to the 30 hours per month proposed here.

I trust that we will receive fair remuneration for our work.

Potential Conflicts of interest:

I want to be as practical, empathetic and assertive as possible to help everyone.

If another person with better skills and potential shows up, I will support that person to take the role on the board in my place.

I appreciate your consideration of my nomination. I am eagerly anticipating the chance to utilize my skills, expertise, and enthusiasm to make a valuable contribution to both the NEAR community and its regional communities. Let’s work together to shape the future of NEAR.

Link of near.social post: Post by ViaNFT | Near Social