[Proposal] Apply to be Council Member of Regional DAO

Dear NEAR Community,

NEAR Regional Community Working Group DAO Council Member Self-Nomination Process.

My NEAR social post: Post by Hai NEAR | Near Social

1. About me & NEAR:

My name is Hai, from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I would like to represent the NEAR Asian community to apply for the position of RC DAO Council Member.

I joined the NEAR ecosystem in 2021 and played various roles in the ecosystem as follows:

Time Role & Position Achievement Evidence
2021 - 2022 Former NEAR @ConciergeTeam - Project Operations sub-team. Support 81 projects Defi & Infrastructure. Support 3 projects to get grants from scratch: Pawn Protocol, Incognito QSTN Forum Link
2021 - now Community Leader of NEAR VN 11,9K followers - 133k impressions Forum Link
2022 - now Community Leader of Aurora VN 2,4K followers - 20k impressions Forum Link
2022 - now Marketing team - User Acquisition Manager @Spin_fi Top Derivatives DEX, NFT collection in NEAR. Defilama link Paras ranking

Besides, in traditional business, I’m working as Brand Manager with 10 years of experience in B2C, B2B, and Digital Marketing, and graduated MBA from the University of Toulouse Capitole (2012). Here is my CV and Twitter.

2. Why vote for me:

Through my work experience, I hone my skill in Business Development, Team Building & Management, and Marketing planning & execution.

Especially through building the NEAR VN | Aurora VN community with my team of 5 persons, I understand how hard to build an active community, the challenges, and the support the guild leader needs to build a great community and bring value to the NEAR ecosystem.

Based on those insights, I will support the guild leader to reach their maximum potential also the NEAR community in general.

3. Strategy to develop regional communities

  • Committed KPI from each regional community with on-chain evidence
  • Transparent cost according to each local living cost.
  • Attract new projects to build on the NEAR ecosystem.


  • Time Commitment and Compensation:

30 hours/ month

Negotiation if I can become the council member

  • Potential Conflicts of Interest:

I’m also a NEAR VN guild leader. If I become a council member, I’ll not vote on our community proposal but let the other council members vote on the proposal.

Thanks for your reading,



It is with great pleasure and unwavering confidence that we extend our official endorsement of @HaiVu as a council member for his outstanding contributions to the NEAR ecosystem. After a thorough evaluation of his remarkable achievements and impeccable track record, we firmly believe that @HaiVu will serve as an invaluable asset and a driving force in advancing the adoption of the Near ecosystem and the blockchain industry as a whole.

We wholeheartedly endorse @HaiVu for the position of RC DAO Council Member, firmly believing that his vast expertise, unwavering dedication, and proven track record make him the ideal candidate to serve the NEAR ecosystem and spearhead its progress. Join us in supporting @HaiVu as he embarks on this transformative journey. Keep up the great work.


Thank you for such a big compliment, Sir! :pray: