[Proposal] Council Member Self-Nomination to Regional DAO

Hello everyone, I’m Ana, and I’ve been a member of the NEAR Community since July 2021. I’m excited to participate in DAO Council Member Self-Nomination Process. I am applying for the Council Member of European Continent.


Open Web Sandbox: As one of the leaders of the Open Web Sandbox project, I played a crucial role in onboarding numerous professionals to the NEAR ecosystem. I invite you to see the proven impact and our involvement in the NEAR community previously by the hashtag Open Web Sandbox - NEAR Forum. Within workshops and mentorship programs, we provided opportunities for blockchain enthusiasts and young professionals to develop their skills and find work in the blockchain industry. Many of these individuals are still active in the community and one of them is @IgbozeIsrael
I’ve also created a comprehensive database of over 4,000 professionals who began their NEAR journey through the Open Web Sandbox platform.

Education: I hold a degree in Political Science from Pavia University, Italy. My academic background has given me a deep understanding of governance systems, including the innovative concept of DAOs.

Master’s Degree Thesis: I recently completed my master’s degree, focusing my research on blockchain implementation in election systems. This topic allowed me to delve deeper into the potential of blockchain technology and its impact on governance and transparency. As well, living and working in Lisbon, I had an opportunity to extend my network with many blockchain professionals during my work on the thesis.

REFI Lisboa: During my busy time in Lisbon, I was actively involved in the REFI Lisboa project. I had the opportunity to give a speech about blockchain and carbon credits markets for their first event. Sign Up | LinkedIn

Project Management: I have experience managing diverse projects in both web2 and web3 environments. My organisational skills and attention to detail enable me to oversee projects effectively and ensure their successful completion.
Currently, I am involved in work with youth participation NGOs so I can bring blockchain curiosity through this channel as well.

Community Building: Through my involvement in the Open Web Sandbox and NEAR ecosystem, I have developed strong community-building skills. I understand the importance of fostering an inclusive and supportive community that encourages collaboration and growth.

DAO Experience: Having previously run a DAO with the Open Web Sandbox, I have a practical understanding of decentralized autonomous organizations. I can contribute valuable insights and strategies to further develop NEAR’s governance mechanisms. Involvement with NEAR and the Blockchain Ecosystem.

NEAR Community Member: I have been an active participant in the NEAR Community since joining in July 2021. I have engaged in discussions, contributed to initiatives, and supported the growth of the ecosystem. My experience with the Open Web Sandbox project allowed me to connect with various NEAR projects and individuals. I have a strong network within the ecosystem, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Blockchain Advocacy: Through my master’s degree research and participation in events like REFI Lisboa, I have advocated for the adoption of blockchain technology and its potential for transforming various industries, such as carbon markets.

Communities Represented: I want to represent any of the European communities, living in its technological hub - Lisbon.

Why I Am a Good Candidate: With my extensive experience in community building and project management, I believe I am a strong candidate for the Council member. I deeply understand NEAR’s ecosystem and have actively contributed to its growth and development. Moreover, I’ve already proven my skills working within diverse projects in the NEAR ecosystem. My impartial approach, combined with my passion for alternative power distribution and methods of government, will enable me to make informed decisions and drive meaningful progress within the community.

Why You Should Vote for Me: By voting for me, you are choosing a candidate who is committed to fostering community engagement, driving ecosystem growth, and ensuring transparent governance. I will actively listen to community members, advocate for their needs, and work diligently to create valuable opportunities for collaboration and development.

Goals and Objectives for Regional Communities:

  • Increase On-Chain Activities: I encourage regional communities to actively participate in on-chain activities, such as governance proposals, project collaborations, and community initiatives.
  • Set Reachable KPIs: By setting clear and achievable key performance indicators (KPIs), we can measure the progress and success of regional communities. Meaningful metrics will guide our efforts and demonstrate the impact we are making.
  • Enhance Community Engagement: Through the creation of useful media content, events, and educational initiatives, I will foster increased community engagement in the ecosystem. I believe in the power of knowledge-sharing and collaboration to drive growth and innovation.

Time Commitment and Compensation: I am dedicated to contributing a minimum of 20-30 hours per week to this leadership role. As for compensation, my expectations align with the NDC standards, ensuring fairness and transparency.

Potential Conflicts of Interest: I am not a member of any community now, however, I am ready to contribute to any for the best interests of the NEAR ecosystem.

Thank you for considering my nomination. I look forward to the opportunity to contribute my skills, experience, and passion to the NEAR community and its regional communities. Together, we can shape the NEAR future.

Link to NEAR Socials post: https://social.near.page/p/ananastya.near/94866343


Great to have you here again Ana!

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Thank you for the opportunity, I am really thrilled to contribute to NEAR ecosystem again :rocket:

Thank you for your interest, can you kindly uodate the proposal with the region (continent) you want to represent in your first para. Happy to see your interest

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Woah :exploding_head: honestly Ana it’s been a while and I’m happy to see you in the Eco after a very long time with the OWS you’re a legend happy to support @AnaNastya


Thank you for your support, happy to have this opportunity as well!

Thank you for noticing, I added this info :rocket:

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