[IGNORED&ABANDONED] Blockchain Club of Uganda, Near Kampala Meetup

Hello Nearians.

To recap from our recent event (Blockchain Club of Uganda Guild, Near New year Event), our guild discovered more opportunities to grow the Near ecosystem organically.
This however needs more engagements which we shall executed through Near Meet Kampala.

Meetup rationale
As highlighted in our recent monthly report(Feb), the Blockchain Club of Uganda Guild is getting positive engagements from university students with three local devs in the evening of completing their demos for the Near Certified Developer Certificate at Near University. The same was also reported in the Near Meet weekly office hours.

In the same regard, it is our goal to fetch more software and computer science students to transition from web2 to web3.
Additionally, through our achieved good relations with the Google Developer Students Clubs(GDSC) in the major universities in the country especially Makerere University has richly helped us to reach out to the university dev students.
We have also greatly reaped from this close relationship with GDSC of Makerere University as we can now access College of Computing Hubs at a subsidized rental(Hub Maintenance Fee)
All the three devs going through the Near University Certified Developer course are members of the GDSC.
We must also appreciate Otieno Paul a Near certified dev from the @Sankore2.0 Guild in Kenya who has been helping our devs through the Near Certified Developer course. If possible, we shall have Otieno Join us remotely from Nairobi.

That said, our major purpose is to get as many Near certified local Devs as possible to facilitate the Blockchain Club of Uganda Guild’s technical activities. When we have enough certified devs, we shall start on bigger activities such as Hackathons.

Meetup Reach
More indigenous student devs in Uganda.
Grow closer and tighter relations with GDSC’s in Uganda Universities to attract more dev students to Near.
Attract more web3 enthusiasts in Uganda to Near
Create more Near wallets

Event Matrices
Number of new local devs enrolled on Near University
Technical engagements on the Guild socials
Number of Near wallets opened:- both main net wallets and test net wallets(for devs)

Event Details

Date: 3/26/2022
Venue: Makerere Innovation and Incubation Hub

Venue Maintenance fee =$60
Refreshments 508 =$400
Swag 50
12 =$600
Team Honorarium 560 =$300
New Wallet Give away 50
5 =$250
Total $1610