[APPROVED] Web3 is Near, Kampala

Hello Nearians.

We are a Near Protocol, regional hub in Uganda with a noble role to build a strong ecosystem in the country and the continent at large. This is being done through a number engagement especially events evangelism(meetup), social media campaigns and so forth. This is a proposal for our event for the month of April.

Meetup rationale
For this particular event, we shall meet final year students of software engineering and computer science with a primary goal of getting them to leverage Near Protocol as an open source platform to develop their final projects.

Therefore, this shall be a technical meetup and an open call for dev learners to embrace blockchain technology, in particular Near Protocol. This, we hope, will encourage these students to ponder on blockchain projects as we shall provide a starting point in to this end.
This shall then followed by a bootcamp in the month of May to equip the students with the necessary knowledge by the start of the new Academic year in August.

Furthermore, our good growing relationship with the Google Developer Students Clubs(GDSC) in the major universities in the country, especially Makerere University has richly helped us to reach out to the university dev students. We are also still on a quest of fetching more software and computer science students towards the same purpose of building decentralized solutions for our society and on Near Protocol.

In this event, we shall have @Sankore2.0 ’s Paul Otieno virtually to also further give technical guidance to our learning devs basically for those undertaking their demos with the Near Certified Developer course which we believe will help usher them into Web3.

Meetup Reach
More indigenous student devs in Uganda will be introduced to Near.
Grow closer and tighter relations with GDSC’s in Uganda Universities to attract more dev students to Near.
Attract more web3 enthusiasts in Uganda to Near
Create more Near wallets

Event Matrices
Number of new local devs enrolled on Near University
Technical engagements on the Guild socials
New Near wallets opened:- both main net wallets and test net wallets(for devs)
Knowledge of interacting with Mintbase with Near Wallet.

Event Details

Venue Maintenance fee =$60
Refreshments 50* 8 =$400
Swag 50*
12 =$600
Team Honorarium 3* 60 =$180
New Wallet Give away 50*
5 =$250
Total $1490

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Good evening, please fill out the form

Good evening. Could you please provide more details?
Here is example

  • refreshments, what kind , price , quantity, links on web store;
  • Swag, what kind , price , quantity, links on web store;
  • Team Honorarium 3 please introduce your team;
  • New Wallet Give away 250 - how would you like distribute the rewards ?
  • could you please show your presentation for the event? Thanks

Hello, sorry for not providing this detail in the proposal. We shall have a chicken/beef/beef combos delivered from Glovo. These go for 32000ugx($9.5) but we shall get a discount price of 28000ugx($8) for the 50 packs we plan for. Each comes with a drink(soda/water) Order Big Meal Combo online from Cafe Javas in Kampala | Glovo

On the other hand, each branded T-shirt goes for 40000ugx($12) for the round neck Kleberson wear UG - Matarisi Online Marketplace


Per the agenda, we expect 50 attendees and each will create a Wallet. An attendance form shall be availed for attendance registration of names and wallet ID’s, the distribution will then be made in 2 days time after the event.

In this event, being predominantly technical, we shall invite majorly dev students to enlighten then on how they can harness the power of NEAR protocol (high performance & Scalability, low transaction fees and better speeds) to transition to the web 3 development space. Among the areas of focus are:

  • Introduction to blockchains & web 3 development.
  • introduction to the NEAR Protocol ecosystem
  • Guidance on how to set up an NEAR development environment both (MACs and Linux Distros) and using WSL for windows.
  • Setting up testnet accounts
  • Smart contracts as the next generation development paradigm.
  • Programming in Rust(for sensitive projects),javascript and AssemblyScript (for trivial and less-sensitive projects).
  • Utilities like npm , reactjs and other tools.
  • Testing and auditing smart contracts.
  • Deploying smart contracts to testnets and livenet on NEAR
  • Handling their FAQs.

We shall further elaborate to them the major differences between NEAR and other chains and how these differences affect the development aspects and ways on NEAR. All developers are encouraged to join and actively participate in the NEAR online communities especially Discord, LinkedIn, twitter and telegram as well as Near University for Devs.

Outside that we shall also add them to our Developer WhatsApp communities to further provide them with guidance and help where necessary, encouraging them to think about ideas to develop on blockchain technology (NEAR in particular) where also provide onboarding opportunities for all those that have ideas already in place and those seeking to do their final-year campus/college projects.

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Good evening, It says 3 people…

Hello Datcha. True team has three people.

  1. Mucunguzi Moses @Mucu256

  2. Hezron Elias https://twitter.com/eliashezron23

  3. Lumala David. RealLumala (Eng. David Lumala) · GitHub

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Just to clarify- is this a in-person event? What is the venue?

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Yes please, this will be an in-person event.
Venue is the Makerere Innovation and Incubation Centre


Hi @Mucu256 Thanks for sharing your proposal. Have you done past workshops that have received MarketingDAO funding or funding from other community DAOs? If so, can you share any reports? Thanks!

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Yeah sure, we have been an active guild and now regional hub. this our recent report in case you’ve just started reading marketing DAO proposals and reports [Report] Blockchain Club of Uganda Guild Monthly Report

Ok, thanks. Yes from me. Looking forward to seeing list of new wallets after the event :blush:


Thank you, we will be glad to share a report of success with a list of wallets of those we shall onboard as well as getting new devs to enrol for the Near Certifies developer courses.


Thanks for your proposal Mucu,

Are any of the three organiser Certified NEAR Developers/Analysts/Instructors?

Would you be able to provide receipts for the Venue, Refreshment and Swag with your next report?

I am somewhat skeptical of new wallet giveaways. Wondering if there is a way for people to do something to earn the NEAR while experiencing the blockchain, etc. Neardrops would be cool here, people can claim an NFT and wallet, etc.


Hello @satojandro Mr. David Lumala RealLumala (Eng. David Lumala) · GitHub finished his demo and his certificate will be out in two weeks. He took the course with guidance from the @Sankore2.0’s Otiano who is a certified instructor.

Sure, this is stuff I can ably provide in the report.

Firstly, we shall run twitter adverts with redeemable coupons before the event which will particularly be for swag give aways. Then we shall have the devs who register for the event will be entitled to the new wallet give away.
We shall have a registration form which will help us collet data for the new wallets. A list of these will be published in the report as already advised by @Dacha and agreed. Please let us know whether this tries to bring out the transparency required.

Thanks for answering all the questions from the MarketingDAO. This event is planned for next Saturday. Do you still have time to execute on the event given that the date is only a week away?

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Hello @so608,
We have been planning to push this event to mid May for proper preparation also to allow more time for the rest of the council members to assess our proposal.
Our newly proposed date is 15th May, given approval of this proposal.

Hello @marketingdao-council,
Please be notified that we have postponed this event to 14th of May to allow ourselves enough preparation time in case of approval by council. Web3 is Near, Sat, May 14, 2022, 2:00 PM | Meetup

Hello @marketingdao-council requesting your final thoughts on this. It’s also unavoidable to report to you that we shall further postpone this event.

I can support this proposal and look forward to seeing your report about the event.

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