[PROPOSE] fraDAO Art Festival at NEAR Hub

Hi Creatives DAO and @jefedeoro @Balda @AvrumGold ,

Names: @frado @narau @Marinah_Raposo Mairy Sarmanho and @Roberta_abinader

Target DAO: fradao.sputnik-dao.near

Q3 Council:

frado.near @frado

pbborges.near @patriciab

narau.near @narau

Timeline requesting: Monthly

Report August: [REPORT] fraDAO - August 2022 - #2 by frado

Value amount: $3700 USD
September 2022

Project: fraDAO Art Festival at NEAR Hub

Timeline: 6 weeks



Following our roadmap, we start the art festival at NEAR Hub, thanks @jefedeoro @Balda @AvrumGold for the brilliant project in our ecosystem. The first step was modeling our main lobby, a wireframe Whale:

That will act as a hub for various experiences at NEAR Hub for an immersive space exhibition, where all artists can exhibit their expressions developed in our workshops. All spaces will have links to buy more than 1500 NFTs from NEAR protocol marketplaces PARAS and Mintbase. This first exposition space, besides the marketplaces links, will have several teleportation portals for other future experiences connected to each other. Visitors can observe, walk or move around objects and buy them using NEAR.

We invite members of fraDAO who had vivid dreams, visions from shamanic experiences or autism, to create new and fabulous metaverses. We want to make a big festival of metaverses connecting the main lobby to a series of other experiences inside NEAR Hub.

Follow an announcement of the festival using our 8D Sound creating:
fradao art festival 8D.mp3 - Google Drive

September Propose mission:


In this edition, we have a mission to reconstruct a dream lived for more than 40 years by the creator Roberta Abinader, which is called “Auditorium” in her mind. The place is complex, fantastic, colorful, with a large grass space, an incredible sky, large sculptures of characters, that communicate with two streets with several European style houses. One of these streets, the interlocutor will have access to walk, and the other street is closed to access, because that is how it is in her dream. All Metaverses of our Festival are recreating dreams that accompany the minds of our creators for decades, the festival will be a series of very original metaverses that escape from the usual aesthetic.



We at fraDAO reached a consensus through physical meetings and voting that all the festival spaces will be recreations of dreams and not just ordinary architectural spaces, we have a team of architects and designers ready to execute this series that will run until December 2022 and will have over 1500 NFTs (including graphic images, music, sound art) which will be available for sale through links attached to the works. At the end of 2022, we will create an open workshop for the entire NEAR ecosystem and share all our workflow and methods.


First, the curator will buy and collect different arts developed through our workshops and create the art exhibitions with 3D and 2 arts. The spaces will be modeled on Blender and uploaded at Nearhubs.

These are some steps to make a VR gallery fit for this purpose:
1. Expography:


Frado, Marinah and Mairy Sarmanho will be responsible for this Curator and Expography process.

In this case, we will have a complex dream structure with all works. It will be an open gallery without walls, communication of the artworks, in relation to the public (Expography). This process is extremely necessary for an exhibition to go well, needing hours to achieve the ideal layout for the artworks.

Time requested: 20 hours

Value requested: $800 USD

2. Design immersive space:

Art Director and conception: Roberta Abinader

Architecture and conception: Narau and Marinah


The idea is to model a street with small one-story buildings that can be accessed internally. We will have some objects to build such as a bandstand, female characters in 3D, artistic objects such as clipboards and common objects that will be made in Blender and textured through shaders and exported with glb extension.

Time requested: 50 hours

Value requested: $1300 USD

3. Spoke Server Database:


Web Server, final art and ipfs server: Frado

Frado will put the artworks inside our database instead of the NEAR Hub server. He will index our URL addresses inside NEAR Hub files, consciously and not automatically. So the files are not in the responsibility of the NEAR Hub server.

This is the extra work we will be doing, to not hinder the NEAR Hub server and need future support, so we decentralize the responsibility of uploading all works within the VR gallery.

Time requested: 12 hours

Value requested: $400 USD

4. Programmation:


User Experience - Spacial: Narau

Another even more technical task would be to program your location in XYZ coordinates, everywhere you can teleport, inside the galleries, also your birthplace when 24 users enter together in the same Scene/Session. This programming is also considered as “User Experience” and if you don’t do this you are guaranteed a malfunction for VR glasses users and advanced users.

Time requested: 6 hours

Value requested: $400 USD

5. Spatial/panner sound programming:


Sound Design, soundscape and panner reflections: Frado and Roberta

We will create two original soundscapes for this metaverse and set the radius and perimeter each sound source will reach your ears and how the sound reflection will occur. Also considered as “User Experience”. I can say that it is a very thorough job to orchestrate this, within the sound universe.

Time requested: 24 hours

Value requested: $800 USD

Total Value:

Amount requested: $3700 USD

Any doubts or suggestions, we will be available for clarification.

Roberta Abinader, Frado, Narau, Marinah Raposo and Mairy Sarmanho


Any clarify, we are ready to supporting