[REPORT] fraDAO creative - October November December - 2022

Report: Creatives - fraDAO - October/November/December - 2022

Q4 Council Members:

@frado frado.near

@narau narau.near

@PatriciaB pbborges.near

Target: fradao.sputnik-dao.near

Begin VR Art Festival First Room at NEARHub

Project link: [PROPOSE]Begin VR art Festival - fraDAO - August - 2022

Status: 100% Completed

Follow the link:

Follow the attachament in NEARHub landpage:

Project members: @frado @narau @Marinah_Raposo

  1. Expography

We have created two expographies to be voted on by the fraDAO community via telegram. One was the winner, but we will make both available, through a portal inside the room.

Here follows the design, which already counts as a report.

Only the sound will be going through an adjustment and maybe the sound can be offline, but everything will be in full operation

Expography link 01:

Expography link 02:

  1. Design an immersive space

@narau and @frado had several online and physical meetings for art direction and conception of the Shape/structure of the space, described by Frado as a Vision during a Shamanic Experience. The idea for this Main Hall being built in wireframe will help a lot the user experience during the festival, because wireframes don’t have many triangles blocks which makes a lighter file database and consequently faster VR spaces in NEAR Hubs.

The whale has a white wireframe structure and lights under the fins. Three human characters were placed in order to give a notion of proportion; they are 1.70m high (as suggested in the NEAR Hub avatars documentation). And they represent the avatars joining the Art Exhibition taking place inside the whale.

  1. Spoke Server Database

Here is the mix of curator and the server database. It’s not safe share this, therefore I will mask sensitive information to avoid cyber attacks:

  1. Programming

Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 17.49.35Screen Shot 2022-09-14 at 17.50.40

  1. Spatial/panel sound programming

fraDAO Art Festival at NEAR Hub Room 02 “Auditorio” by: @robertaabinader @narau @mairysarmanho @nidacosta

Project link: [PROPOSE] fraDAO Art Festival at NEAR Hub

Status: In Progress

Project members: @frado @narau @Marinah_Raposo Mairy Sarmanho and @Roberta_abinader

Design an immersive space


We had an online meeting and recorded an interview with @Roberta_abinader about all the art direction and aesthetic specifications of her dream. She developed and shared a presentation showing drawings and text of some of the elements and how they would look like. The shop Jeitinho de Ser, the studio Chester and the two portals were modeled by @narau based on Roberta’s drawings. The other spaces were designed and modeled by Narau, under Roberta’s directions and approval.

We created a guideline book with the direction/conception and a podcast.

shop Jeitinho de Ser

studio Chester

The painting displayed in the Studio Chester canvas was created by Mairy Sarmanho.

village portals

The main building is the bandstand, where the avatar is spawned. It was designed and modeled by Narau and the pattern was made by Mairy Sarmanho.

shop Petuti Balloon

3D models made by Ni da Costa:


Ina DAO, Fra DAO, Hype DAO, Family DAO, Graffiti DAO, Afrostar NFTs Collaboration

Project link: [Proposal] Ina DAO, Fra DAO, Hype DAO, Family DAO,Graffiti DAO, Afrostar NFTs Collaboration

Amazing project!

all NFTs bought is in our astroDAO treasure:


Status: Completed


:dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy: :dizzy:

fraDAO Art Festival at NEAR Hub

Narau decided to create a bounty of $160 (from the Design immersive space budget) to Mairy Sarmanho e Ni da Costa so they could help with 3D elements such as birds, butterflies, rocks, fishes, flowers and 2D patterns for the spaces.

Plus, despite the fact that the 3D scanning workshop has ended in October, the group continued to gather a few times per month to discuss new 3D projects to be developed at FraDAO within the Near ecosystem:

Ina DAO, Fra DAO, Hype DAO, Family DAO, Graffiti DAO, Afrostar NFTs Collaboration


We need t keep this movement, is amazing for the ecosystem

Begin VR Art Festival

fraDAO Art Festival at NEAR Hub

We realize that it is not possible to reproduce dreams exactly realistically because there are some limitations within the NEAR Hub metaverse (as in any metaverse) in terms of the number of 50.000 vertices and materials. This means that objects and overall scene design need to be simpler, like a low-poly. So we invested in using the image texture to create lighter and more beautiful pieces. Another point is that dreams do not usually make sense, with elements that differ greatly from each other, and this can create a confusing look. So we decided to create color palettes and come to a consensus on the design style we used on the elements to make the scene look more harmonious.



**Begin VR Art Festival "Auditorio " **

Next is:

  1. Expography: curator

  2. Spoke Server Database: Collect all links, forever media, link of buy page and Server

we use the budget to pay our annual server for the web site and files $200USD and ipfs service too. we used the budget of this service

  1. Programming: welcome messages anchor points (wall text will be replaced by voice recording in English and Portuguese)

  2. Spatial/panner sound programming: collect all references to create a sound design, recording, edit, mix 8D and mastering

All the steps depend on the completion of the immersive space design. Narau is now producing the village houses’ 3D models and Mairy is creating patterns for those houses, the ground (grass and pathways) and other spaces.


Here are our social media accounts:

Instagram: @fra_dao

Twitter: @fra_dao

Facebook: Fradao.near

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/fra-dao


Q4 council:

@frado frado.near

@narau narau.near

@PatriciaB pbborges.near


Jood job guys. Good to see that DAOs are still operational in this season.


Thanks bro! We are no stop, our community need to spread love and ART to the world!
In january we Will launch music projects


@frado those are interesting designs. What 3D tools did you use?

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Hello @pooriaarab !
We use a opensource software called Blender…
If need more information, ask. !
Welcome to FraDAO