[Approved for $1760] fraDAO - FUNDING PROPOSAL FOR NOVEMBER - 2023

Hello @creativesdao-council , thanks for your hard work!


Report: [REPORT]Creatives - fraDAO - June - 2023



2023 Q4 council:

@frado frado.near

@narau narau.near

@PatriciaB pbborges.near

@Roberta_abinader roberta_abinader.near



DAO introduction:


A community in the NEAR ecosystem, which includes and gives access to elderly and middle-aged women artists, taking them out of the technological, digital, social, and financial vulnerability zone.

Our Mission:

Building a female digital space in the NEAR ecosystem and creating a self-sustained project in NEAR ecosystem, incubating farms, health care companies.


We include women artists in a decentralized web community to make them digital protagonists within the NEAR protocol and onboarding farms, big communities and health care projects

Our Archetype:

Creator, Caregiver, outlaw and want to be a Hero project.


Why our team is best for the funds ?


Ana Clara Araújo ( Last round, we will open to new council member)

Profile - Narau - NEAR Forum - narau.near

Hey, everyone! I’m a Brazilian Master in biomedical engineering and I work with medical image reconstruction, design of human body and prosthetics 3D models, and 3D printing. This career segment guided me to the arts and since 2016 I work with digital painting. In August 2021, I started studies on human portraits and botany. I joined the NEAR community in November 2021 through the fraDAO group in an NFT Experience Design workshop, where I learned about NFTs, platforms and cryptocurrency transactions. In April, I was invited by fraDAO to teach about advanced digital painting in Photoshop. Recently I gave a Blender workshop for beginners to our members and we’re now collaborating in the dev of NEAR Hub spaces.


Patricia Borges

Profile - PatriciaB - NEAR Forum - pbborges.near

Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism, she studied in the Australian Center For Photography (Sydney-AU), at IED Instituto Europeo di Design (jewelry design), at International Film Academy AIC (cinematography and screenplay). Patricia attends classes at Parque Lage School of Visual Arts since 2015.

Awarded at the art biennials of Florence and Rome. Her work has been featured in numerous publications and exhibitions; it is part of relevant private and museum collections. Recent exhibitions include Le 228e Salon des Artistes Français, Grand Palais - Paris (2018), Tokyo Art Fair - Japan (2018), Circuito de Arte Contemporânea de Curitiba - Brazil (2019), Luxembourg Art Fair (2019), Photo Israel - Tel Aviv (2019), Society of Scottish Artists Annual Exhibition - Edinburgh (2019 and 2021), Festival de Tiradentes - Brazil (2020), Triste Photo Days (2020), Copenhagen Photo Festival (2020) and Artexpo N Y (2021). In 2021 she received Julia Margaret Cameron awards in 4 categories, her works were selected for FIABCN (Barcelona), COCA Project (Rome) and A Quiet Scene at Los Angeles Music Center (EUA). In 2022 Patricia Borges participated in group exhibitions at the MAUC Ceará University Museum, in Rome, Milano and at Correios Cultural Center - RJ.


Frado - frado.near - frado.com.br

Frado has been dedicated to the arts since he was a child. Born, in 1979, in Rio de Janeiro – Brazil, in a collaborative environment, as his parents, in addition to being married, worked together at Ag Comunicação Visual, where they developed Public Relations, Graphic/Visual Arts and Special Projects. At the age of 5, he started playing the guitar and never stopped, always curious about how the world works, he became a multifaceted artist and self-taught in various topics, where he found the academic school super uninteresting. It’s natural research, as it is used in the objectification of ideas into something concrete in Music, in various forms of Arts, Architecture, Electronics, Sound Art, Art installations, Video Art, inventions, Virtual Reality (VR), philosophies and branding.

His ART devotion, resulting in 2022, won 2 Golden Lions in Cannes in collaboration with Tátil Designer in Carnaval do Rio Brand, the same partner developing in Rio 2016, The Paralympic multisensorial sculpture.

Techne is a worldwide and ancient word (in ancient Greek: τέχνη). Objectifying in various media, different materials and analog and digital platforms has always been its quality. Restlessly, he continues to objectify his path and the world around him, in real and Virtual (VR).dizzy.png

Roberta Abinader

Roberta Abinader – Hamilton - Canadá

Roberta Abinader, is a Dentist graduated in 2002 with specialization in endodontics in 2008. Currently, studying medical administration in Mohawk College - Hamilton ON Canada, studying blockchain in the area of health care.

Joined September 6, 2022

@Roberta_abinader | roberta_abinader.near

Roberta Abinader, is a Dentist graduated in 2022 from The University of Nova Friburgo with specialization in endodontics in 2008.

Currently, studying medical administration in Mohawk College - Hamilton ON Canada, studying blockchain in the area of health care interested in developing dapp in NEAR and expand the ecosystem in the area of health and infrastructure, her collaborations in fraDAO was Art Director and conception, Various Calls and Physical Encounter, during NEARHub metaverse creation.


Achievement information about the DAO:

FraDAO was founded in November of 2021.


Content and Social media stats (web2/web3),

@social media

Instagram: @fra_dao

Twitter: @fra_dao

Tiktok fraDAO (@fra_dao) | TikTok

Reddit: Reddit - Dive into anything

FB: Redirecting...

Linkedin fraDAO | LinkedIn


In 2022 we were invited to participate in youtube LIVE with the XYZ Museum and SESC (a very important comercial association in Brazil link: https://www2.sesc.com.br/portal/internacional/us ), in addition to giving a lecture at Rio Innovation Week (a big event in Rio de Janeiro link: https://rioinnovationweek.com.br/ ) , which ended up generating more material for promoting FraDAO on Instagram.dizzy.png


Web Video


Number of proposals created:

In creativeDAO, From February 2022 until now we created 10 approved proposals.

In total, fraDAO has created 36 proposes since November 2021


How many councils:

04 council members, we will changing one council as soon.


Size of our community:

fraDAO 82 active members.

100 onboarding phase 01 in incubating, waiting Dev NEAR Structure to phase 02

Total: 182 with incubating too

NFT contracts

number of NFTs in Mintbase: 2115

music= 659 NFTs;

2D= 1136 NFTs ;

3D= 301 NFT;

AI=19 NFTs

number of NFTs in PARAS: 1300



fraDAO project NEAR MUSIC AMPLIFY. We sell music and áudio Loops. Created in 90bpm and 110bpm. Using Dapp Endless https://endlesss.fm/ 100% royalties for artists. All Right is reserved for…

Techne - fraDAO on Mintbase


Making a Better Place

Techne 3D on Mintbase


Created for the workshop Blender for Beginners

Techne AI on Mintbase


fraDAO Artificial Intelligence Marketplacedizzy.png


Events done in metaverse:

list of metaverse

01 Cryptovoxel - fraDAO Gallery

02 fraDAO Art Festival at NEARHub

01 NEARHub classroom for Experience Design for NFT

Genre - What category does your DAO fall under?

Art / Generative / 3D / A.R./ Metaverse / Audio / Education / Tokenomics / AI art



details of impact

Social, Technological, educational, cultural and economic impact, for the community and ecosystem

In Q1 fraDAO begin to incubate a big farm in Brazil: “ Fazenda Cosmica” and also “Casa Cosmica – Restaurant and Co-working” in São Paulo, creating the “COSMO” Token. We intend to onboard hundreds new members in 2023, to create self-sustained projects and to create economy activity using NEAR Protocol, in the eco-village “Fazenda Cosmica”, but we need to create few granted projects to do this with them.

Our mission is to include and give access for elderly and middle-aged women artists, taking them out of the technological, digital, social, and financial vulnerability zone. Since December 2021 we gather female artists living in Brazil, Canada, Italy, Russia, Portugal and collaborated in NFT projects with Ina DAO, Hype DAO, Family DAO, Graffiti DAO, Afrostar DAO.

In addition to incentivize female artists and technologists between the ages of 30 and 91 to create and jump out of the zone of vulnerability and ostracism, we were able to disseminate Web3/Near information to their relatives, children, husbands, and grandchildren.

We have noticed that the ladies are more productive; there are artists who have already made more than 1000 NFTs in 3 months, in PARAS.

We were invited by an international event, ambassador of NFT Brasil “2023”, NFT RIO, Smart Summit 2023, Rio Innovation Week, to give lectures and pitching about DAO structures, about fraDAO actions within NEAR ecosystem, and our metaverses (we use NEARHub).

Likewise, we show that the social and economic impact of digitalization can be radius and not only pyramidal. Furthermore, we practice the circular form on our community relations.

We believe that group thinking, incubating big communities, workshops, artistic grants, outreaching, governance, assistance, social responsibility, education, and projects that embrace art, mixed with infrastructure projects, are the path of fraDAO. We want our projects to circulate in the ecosystem, expand and be replicated.



Roadmap 2023:

Summary of 2023
  • Workshop of metaverse builder in NEARHub - April (done)

  • Incubate a big Farm ”Fazenda Cosmica” and “Casa Cosmica – Restaurant and co-working” onboarding beteween 100 to 500 new members - May (done)

  • Create a Token “COSMO” - May (done)

  • Create a Farm of Cosmo in Ref.Finance - May (done)

  • Workshop of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.

  • Develop 03 Dapps (one creative, one of infrastructure and one of music)

  • Incubate an Odontology Office (2024)

  • Artistic Fellowship and Residency (2024)

  • Collaborate and develop projects with other DAOs of other countries

  • Continuing fraDAO Art Festival and other Metabuilder experiences inside NEARHub

  • Workshop of Music Dapps – Endless.

  • Become an investor in dapp endless.fm - (partnership already happening with the founders)

  • DEV Dapps of healthcare

  • ETH Milan digital Art display



DAO’s Proposals Milestones:

  • DAO Creation, November 2021 (proposals on Astrodao since then)

  • By CreativeDAO we had 9 approved proposals and 3 by Marketing DAO.

  • We host a web server and created a fraDAO.xyz site

  • Social Media creation and engagement

  • Experience design for NFT, Creative workshops, art festivals, artistic and technological support for the community

  • Created 2 tokens: fraDAO and COSMO

  • marketing projects

  • Educational projects

  • Afrostar collab project

  • Hype DAO, Family DAO, Graffiti DAO and Afrostar in NFT Collaboration projects

  • Community creation and support for artists

  • Created 2 art festivals on NEARHubs

  • We had more than 5000 mints (PARAS and Mintbase) and more than 2100 NFTs listed

  • Incubate a ECO Village using NEAR token(our Cosmo token and NEAR token) in Accomodations, Bar, Restaurant, Experiences and goods.




Project 1

Project 1: Workshop AI for artists

|Description|AI Workshop for artists|

| — | — |

|Expected outcome:| KPI * 30 new artists joining the FraDAO Community

  • Using BOS, GenaDrop and other apps

  • 30 Brazilian female visual artists attending the workshop

  • 200 new NFTs created with AI at Mintbase Techne AI gallery and Genadrop

  • 10 new avatars created with AI for future FraDAO marketing and educational materials

  • Creation of an E-book with the ‘AI Workshop For Artists classes’ (in Portuguese) using Tome AI: NEAR content and FraDAO content

  • Greater visibility for Mintbase + NEAR + Brazilian female artists

  • Creation of an expressive user base for future Near AI DApps / (of course Near AI DApps will be used in our workshop if available by September)

  • Online and in person classes for greater networking at PUC University where Marcela is pursuing her Doctorate in Digital Arts (and Patricia her Masters)

  • Art exhibition at NEAR HUBS FraDAO metaverse gallery displaying the artworks created during this workshop that were minted as NFTs|

|Activities & timelines:|Four weeks:

*December - January : marketing, onboarding, create wallets

  • January : online classes via Jitsi (digital humanities, generative art, speculative art, dematerialized practices)

  • January and February: presencial classes at PUC University (AI softwares for image creation, artificial realities, creative subjectivity, disruptive futures, ficcional narratives)

  • January and February : online classes via Jitsi (personal projects, prompt writing, bias, AI as amplified human capacity)

  • February : NEAR Hubs metaverse exhibition|


  • $1000 for tutors stipends → directly to teaching artists:
  • $500 Marcela Crosman (marcelacrosman.near)

  • $500 Patricia Borges (pbborges.near)

ps: if any tutor have a problem during the proccess, frado.near will supporting to delivery the project and honor that. Whatever, no worries.

  • $150 for E-book creation (pbborges.near)

  • $50 for students reimbursement: paid AI apps used during the workshop (aiworkshop.near)

  • $150 for Near Hubs art exhibition displaying Mintbase AI NFTs using a copy of a metaverse created and reload NFTs in ready space. (narau.near, nidacosta.near or frado.near)|

Total AI workshop: $ 1350 USDC.e


Project 2

Project 2 : Council Work

|Description|fraDAO infrastructure, administration and marketing|

| — | — |

|Expected outcome:|

  • We want to prioritize the projects that engage and expand our artistic community in new A.I. era.

  • AI is NEAR (present in NEARCON presentation)

  • Integrate with the ecosystem, attend creativeDAO, NDC calls and workgroups, collaborating with regional ideas

  • Explore NDC knowledge base documents

  • Engage with Horizon, CRIB Creative Incubator group to learn, connect and collaborate

  • Involve the community in new creative projects and reward the active participants

  • Keep social media channels alive in several histories and few posts.

  • Create new wallets

  • Update the website with recent activities(after renew our server web)

  • Share governance

  • Launch our new council in hard work of administration and acountabilite @Roberta_abinader

|Activities & timelines:|

  • Report previous quarter achievements and project developments

  • ETH Milano / CreativesDAO collaboration proposals

  • Open call for artworks to ETH Milano among our community artists (Aug-Sept)

  • Schedule calls and physical meetings with council and community to create strong ties among our artists (Sept-Nov)

  • NEAR forum activity: create self sustainable proposals, create an updated design view for our roadmap, report and coordination in bounties. (July-Dec)

  • NEAR Social engagement using personal accounts (Aug-Dec)

  • Physical meetings to develop NEAR Dapps (Aug-Dec)

  • New incubations partnership proposals

  • New funding proposals for DApp development via Horizon (Sept-Dec)

  • Share guidelines with fraDAO community for Artistic Residency to develop FraDAOs multi-chain Avatars (Sept)

  • Engage in personal social media accounts to attract new members to our community, offering free AI workshop (July-Sept)

  • marketing coordinating|


  • $800 Council operational work, we pay to @Roberta_abinader $600 for counter service with recording of all fraDAO operations with monthly summations and graphs, made in excel for future projects in phyth. If the council do not work dont receive.

  • $30 quarter A.I. Service for fraDAO to fradao.near

  • $30 quarter A.I Service for community collaborators to fradao.near

  • $500 Marketing for 2 months fradaomarketing.near

Total council: $1360 USDC.e


Project 3

Project 3 : Bounty for fraDAO Art Residency - Avatar Creation

|Description|Bounty for fraDAO community Avatar Creation for Video Content|

| — | — |

|Expected outcome:|12 artists and 24 NFTs minted in fraDAO contract|

|Activities & timelines:|Avatar Creation Project for fraDAO:

Avatars Generated by Artificial Intelligence (A.I.):

  1. Hiring 10 artists specialized in creating avatars with the assistance of A.I.

  2. Each artist can create up to two avatars with the help of A.I.

  3. Payment of $30 dollars for each A.I.-assisted avatar.

  4. A total of 20 avatars generated by A.I.

  5. Total cost: $30 x 20 = $600 dollars.

Hand-Drawn Avatars:

  1. Selection of 2 artists with manual drawing skills.

  2. Each artist can create up to two hand-drawn avatars.

  3. Hand-drawn designs will be digitized by photography and minted with a PNG background.

  4. Payment of $50 dollars for each hand-drawn avatar.

  5. A total of 4 hand-drawn avatars.

  6. Total cost: $50 x 4 = $200 dollars.


justification: This project aims to create a diverse collection of avatars to represent the fraDAO community in content videos about NDC, “I Am Human,” fraDAO, and NEAR Social. The avatars, whether generated by A.I. or hand-drawn, will provide a unique and inclusive approach, highlighting diversity and creativity within the community.

The allocated budget ensures fair compensation for the artists involved and secures a collection of high-quality avatars minted in our fraDAO contracts in NFTs marketplace.

Total Budget for Avatars:

  • Funds allocated for avatars generated by A.I. and hand-drawn: $800 dollars to fradao.sputnik-dao.near and be paid to all artist after them created the iam human proccess.


Project 4

Project 4 : Video Creation for fraDAO Community and Social Media.

|Description|Creating Videos for onboarding and NDC V1|

| — | — |

|Expected outcome:|

Expected more than 2000 views in our video production on youtube about NDC and our educational videos, after 1 month of launched.

The expected outcome of this project includes:

  1. Three professionally produced and visually appealing videos:
  • Video 01:

A presentation of onboarding system, wallet explain, how to stake, what is NEAR Protocol, how to explore NEAR Blockchain.

  • Video 02:

A video introducing how to navigate in metaverses within NEARHubs, trics and tips and how to buy arts in NEAR. Web2 to web3 video excitment.

  • Video 03:

What is NDC Mission, how fraDAO artists can integrate in IAM Human, and explain how to create an account, edit profile and navigate in NEAR SOCIAL.

  1. Effective communication of fraDAO’s mission, values, and achievements with our community and Web2 audience.

  2. A visually engaging presentation of the metaverses in NEARHubs, providing viewers with a clear understanding of the structures and artworks and bridge user from web2 to web3

  3. Positive audience engagement and interest generated by the videos.

|Activities & timelines:|

  • Planning Phase: 1 week.

  • Video Production: 3 weeks.

  • Editing and Finalization: 2 week.

  • Review and Approval: 1 week.


Create 03 informative and engaging videos for web2 user to onboarding in web 3 and clarify about NDC, Iam Human and Near Social

Video Descriptions:

Video 01: onboarding system, wallet explain, how to stake, what is NEAR Protocol, how to explore NEAR Blockchain, with our avatar locution.

  • Script detailing

  • Root video for onboarding and explain about NEAR token and Blockchain possibilities

  • Incorporate graphics, our Avatar and visuals to make the video engaging.

Video 02: how to buy NFTs in PARAS and Mintbase from metaverse with UX

  • Introduce the two metaverses in NEARHubs.

  • User experience in how to buy NFTs.

  • Use graphics, Avatar, locution and images to enhance the visual experience.

Video 03: What is NDC, IAM Human procces, and explain about NEAR SOCIAL.

  • NDC mission, values and about V1.

  • User Experience about IAM Human.

  • User Experiece in NEAR Social creation profile and navigation. BOS introduction

Total Budget: $1,490 USD. to frado.near in production and bounty for fraDAO community of translate job, subtitle job, buy the NFT of Avatar artists of our communitie. Remember we will paid to all artist after them created the iam human proccess.



fraDAO’s goal or objective:

All final details

We aim to gather creative minds and build a professional community with people who value true connections and new ways of working.

People who are progressive, inclusive, and unprejudiced. Who want to work in teams and collaborate with others. Learn and spread knowledge.


Our vision for the future of the community and how we hope to contribute to achieving it:

Our creative community strive to make a living with art projects working solely in Brazil. As fraDAO engages in the international web3 ecosystem and collaborates with Near projects we hope new commercial and creative opportunities, as well as the contact with new technologies will arise and empower Brazilian female artists and big communities.

Why do we believe we would be a good addition to the community and what is the main value we hope to receive from the community:

Our team has been working remotely for years, we are motivated, active at the web3 ecosystem and passionate by technology.

We value artists and we also value funds. We want to preserve awareness in the development of creativeDAO. Our intention is to build self-sustainable communities projects at Near blockchain in the long run incubating them, we want to create Dapps in the next quarter. We are studying and getting certified for this to happen participatin and winnig hackathons.

We are somehow concerned with the lack of dedicated marketing funds. We see our members are passionate about our decentralized projects but there is no one passionate about working for free in our community, this ends up slowing down active engagement and project development (as we do not apply pyramid schemes neither exploit our members). We strongly believe in the circular concept of web3 and want to guarantee our artists are fairly paid for their work in the ecosystem we are building together.

We want to keep the community alive with someone taking care of each social media account on a weekly basis. One of fraDAO’s value is to never exploit a member. We have to take care of the branding of fraDAO and the NEAR Protocol: quality above all.

We want to maintain the great relationship with NEAR Hubs, NDC, Horizon, DEV HUB, NEAR Foundation, Fazenda and seek more DAOs to do joint actions and become a self-sustainable DAO


Roadmap to reach the goal

December : EDUCATE and VALUE

  • Offer a free AI workshop to engage our members and onboard new blockchain users.

  • Begin Video proccess

  • Onboarding Proccess, sometimes december is terrible to begin a project.

  • Offer a paid artist residency for the most active artists in our community to create fraDAOs Avatars. Those avatars will be animated and used for promotional and educational materials. And facilate the proccess with all artists to create the iam human to be paid in bounty and other payaments


  • Internal DAO meetings to brainstorm and validade ideas for DApps development.

  • Onboarding Procces and divulgation of workshop AI

  • Create the AI Educational project

  • Bounty for the community for the Edition videos project

  • Create the AI avatar

  • Edition of videos


  • All classes of AI, need to be done and begin Report

  • Export all videos and launch


  • Partnering with other Near DAOs to launch and scale out top 3 DApps

  • Launch our own token for marketing circular economy

  • Paternship with creative DAO to create all infracstruture projects to share with new communities to facilitate and onboarding them easyly.


How the longer term goal is divided into milestones making the DAO reach there:

With quality projects that respect all the standards and constitution of NDC, CreativeDAO and the NEAR Forum. In the long term we want to have a series of creative Dapps, represent NEAR at the NFT Brazil in São Paulo during the Biennale, we were invited to be an ambassador for the event and in september Frado will be a speaker of Blockchain Rio with 15,000 audiences in the event. Engage with international digital art events.

We love complex projects of governance, art, technology and branding.


What will the community or the team members’ role be:

The role of the community is to create new experiences and make NEAR blockchain well known and trusted. Our team members are people who already work in complex and long term projects.

Together we hold extensive experience with research, strategy, innovation and trends for companies in different segments. Our councils have previously worked on planning and ideation events and taught workshops, especially for third sector organizations, academia, and entrepreneurs.



We will create our Casa cosmica event in 15th of November to keep the community live.

1. Accounts retention after 1/2/4/8 weeks: 

80% Member in retentions in the last 8 weeks (OCTOBER COUNT).
Afert 8 weeks, only engament in token utilities and organics engagement

2. Account acquisition cost - 

We will onboarding and educating 30 new members (project 01) and 2000 vizualizations in youtube (project 04).
Project 02 and 03 is to keep our members engaged.

3. Median number of dApps used by P95 accounts retained for 1+ week :

   App MyNearWallet.com ; Here Wallet; NEARHub; Ref.Finance; NearBlocks.io; Mintbase; PARAS; Genadrop A.I.; Shar.dog; Keypom; will begin in NEAR social; fraDAO point of Sale; IAM Human; 

4. Number of accounts retained for 1+ week using at least three dApps: 

30 accounts during the projects and more rentained members of community
And some for fraDAO token dynamic and cosmo token dynamic(circular economy) we will checking this account begin of 15th of november.

5. Social engagement score - some compound metric of a number of posts, likes, and followers / views in social media produced by the users.

Followers 491 organic members, 5947 impressions in 90 days.


Total request number:$ 5000 USDC.e

DAO on-chain address (target wallet): fradao.sputnik-dao.near

:trophy:we get third place in HACK BOS Hackathon with a point of sale project.

Participate in NEARCON 2023 and be present in HACKATHON too.

Thanks from fraDAO !

We are here to keep trust


we had a issues of maximum of words in proposal, any clarification send us a message


Dear Fradao, thank you for the proposal.

We’d like to approve for part of this proposal that could be included in the NDC request. Details as follow:

Project 1: Rejected
Project 2: $1360 => $960

Project 3: $800
Project 4: Rejected

The proposal was approved for: $1760 (revised from $5000)

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