[Proposal] Women in Crypto: I’m from here/I’m not from here ( @arroz-criativo )

Meet-up/Workshop Women in Crypto: I’m from here/I’m not from here
Target wallet: doracruz.near
Timeline: 27 de Julho de 2022, 18h - 20h

I´m Dora Cruz, a multidisciplinary arts practitioner. I was part of Planting A.I.R at Arroz Estúdios as an artist in residence for the months of April/May, researching and developing the theme I´m from here/I’m not from here.
At the end of this residency, I realised this experience is just the beginning of understanding the crypto world and crypto art and how artists from different disciplines can benefit from these platforms.

As an artist diversity is a fundamental part of my work and in crypto meetups, it was obvious to be more male in the field and statistics show ‘twice as many men as women invest in cryptocurrency: Roughly 19% of women ages 18 to 29 have invested in, traded or used a cryptocurrency, compared with 43% of men in the same age range, according to a recent Pew Research Center Survey. Apr 6, 2022’.

I would like to create a space to bring women who are already integrated into the crypto world and crypto art to engage with other female artists and curious.

The event will be hosted at Near Hub in Arroz Estúdios where the environment and atmosphere are artistic with a balanced number of women working there. I hope that this friendly environment will attract women interested in crypto. I will use the experience of this event to make it part of the Near Hub monthly program.

This workshop will apply what I’ve researched in the residency I’m from here /I’m not from here in this women’s corporate scenario, exploring the sense of who we are, belonging and not belonging, mapping journeys and life moments. Therefore, this first workshop will listen to women that are part of the Lisbon crypto ecosystem, they are:

Alice Turnbull, a multidisciplinary artist with an impressive academic background in art and audiovisual accomplished in different countries. Alice is more known as the founder and curator of @PlantasiaLX and a member of INA DAO and Cosmia DAO which support womxn and artists.

@ArtsiesCollective was founded by two sisters, Nashka (life coach) and Juju (visual artist) that emerged their skills in creativity and mental health to create this art, fashion and events NFT that facilitates connection, co-creation & empowerment for creatives in Web3​:dna:

These amazing guests will share their experiences as individuals and professionals in the crypto world and crypto art in a Q&A session to help participants - artists and curious - like myself to better understand why and how it can be beneficial for us personally, professionally and for the community.

Along with the Arroz NEAR Hub team we can invite participants into this ecosystem, by creating some NEAR wallets, with tokens for a welcome drink.

The funding will involve:
. Organization Fee: Organization, promotion and host fee: 125$
. 3 Guest Fee: 50$ per speaker = 150$
. Welcome drinks/ apetizers = 70$

Total Funding: 345$


Hello, @Dacruz!
Nice proposal. Very interesting this connection between your and @karendasilva “I’ m from here/ I’m not from here” art-residency and the women in NEAR ecosystem. Looking forward to it, right @CatiaCiriaco?


Love the proposal and also find it very necessary in the crypto scene.
Looking forward to see it implemented on our Near Hub :star2:

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I think it would be wonderful to order some appetizers from RAIZ. :100:

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Hi Community,
Just a quick report on the event!
I´ve hosted my first ‘Women in Crypto- ‘I’m from here/ I’m not from here’ at Arroz Estúdios and it went well, we had about 15/20 participants, 80% females and 20% male artists and curious. The theme brought by me was well received and it has the potential to be more explored, it gave us all a common ground to resonate and share. During the break, we had the delicious appetizers from Raiz, the vertical farm project based at Arroz, that it was a pleasure to know better about their service and how it adds to sustainability.
Artsies Collective share their journey and body of work as an art, fashion & events NFT. We had a Q&A session and finish by networking amounts each other and the female feedback was that they loved the space to connect with the theme and know better about other females’ work in crypto art. We all meet at the launch of Artsies Collective which gave us the opportunity to connect more. I´ve learned a lot about how to make it better for the next one. And it became clear the need for female gatherings.
Financial Report
.We open 2 wallets.
. Host and Artsies Colective paid in NEAR
.Raiz paid in cash.
.One guest couldn’t make it so I have 50USD for the next event.

I´m looking forward to proposing the monthly meetup at Arroz Estúdios.



It looks quite interesting! Congratulations!