[Proposal] UPDATED: Empowering Latinas in the NEAR Ecosystem

UPDATED: CryptoConexión: Empowering Latinas in the NEAR Ecosystem

Applicant: CryptoConexión

Grant Requested: $2,500.00

Timeline: Workshop to be held May 8, 2024

Executive Summary:

CryptoConexión aims to leverage NEAR’s strong presence in Latin America to introduce more Latinas to blockchain technology and the NEAR ecosystem. Our focus is on education and community building, offering webinars, a bounty program, and networking events to support women’s journey in tech. By partnering with NEAR and local communities, we aim to foster inclusivity and diversity in the blockchain space.

Problem Statement:

Despite NEAR’s impactful initiatives in Latin America, there remains a significant gender gap in technology, particularly in the blockchain sector. Latinas are underrepresented, facing many barriers to entry such as lack of access to education, in-language resources, and supportive communities.


  1. Webinars: Host one webinar introducing NEAR to women outside the ecosystem. Created in partnership with the NEAR team, will focus on blockchain basics, opportunities within NEAR, and real-world applications. Budget: $2,500.
    One hour virtual workshop
    Conducted in Spanish
    Introduction to Near and to She Is Near
    Wallet downloads (at least 50 per)

Budget & KPIs
Description: One hour sessions in partnership with Cristina Loustaunau and Mara
Rubalcaba. Cristina will lead the virtual session and Mara will work with
us to recruit participants.
Details Logistics coordination to attract women ($1,000). Social media
($500). Education Lead ($1,000.00)
Total Cost: $2,500.00
KPIs: Minimum 100 women during live session which will be recorded and also
added to YouTube.

Engage 100 women developers (Latinas( to learn about NEAR.

KPIs: Minimum 50 wallet downloads
100 women joining She is Near


The CryptoConexión initiative will be led by Mónica Talán and Ana López, who bring a wealth of experience in blockchain, education, and community engagement. Mónica has an extensive background in tech communications and has been instrumental in promoting diversity in the tech industry. Ana is known for her work in blockchain education and has played a key role in developing community-driven projects in Latin America.

We would partner with Critistina Loustaunau who built Zona Tres and has a deep understanding of NEAR. In addition, to attract participants,

Together, they aim to leverage their expertise to empower Latinas in the NEAR ecosystem, fostering an inclusive and diverse community. Our reach and impact in supporting women in Web3 can be seen in our numbers, with 47% of website traffic being women. In addition, we are a founding member of WAGMI Latam and work with more than 40 women communities and entrepreneurs in the region.


CryptoConexion’s initiative aligns with NEAR’s mission to foster an inclusive and diverse blockchain ecosystem. By empowering Latinas through education and community building, we aim to continue to bridge the gender gap in technology and contribute to the growth of the NEAR community in Latin America.


Hello @monicatalan ,

Thank you for your efforts and initiatives outlined in your proposal. However, we are unable to provide more than 1 month funding for projects at a time.

Eth Denver kicks off in 13 days and march funding won’t be available by then so a project for Eth Denver is a bit late.

We kindly request that you split your KPIs into milestones and prioritize one project that you believe you can nail to its finest. Following the submission of your report, we welcome future discussions regarding support for other initiatives.

Although your proposal aligns with the She is Near scope, focusing on women, we intend to consult Globe DAO to evaluate the KPIs, given its regional perspective.

Should you require further clarification, please do not hesitate to schedule a call with me.

Warm regards.


Thank you - very helpful


Monica Talan is a symbol of achievement, sorority and sisterhood in the blockchain ecosystem. She’s a pro OG in all groups she participates in, and her presence in a project means sound principles and real results. I totally support her proposal :star_struck:


As part of the Cryptoconexión team, specifically in the role of Education Leader, I consider this project to be crucial for closing the gender gap in Latam and specifically in the Web3 world. The alliance between Cryptoconexión and Zona Tres is key to the successful execution of this project.

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LATAM is a region with high acceptance regarding cryptocurrencies; however, education on the topic tends to be left behind for self-taught individuals who have the willingness and time to research the subject or those with the resources to receive professional education.

A proposal like this could not only bring entire communities into the Near ecosystem but also prevent women learning about it from falling prey to gurus and scammers who frequently sell false ideas only to defraud them in the end. Good luck with this, I hope you can reach lots of people with it!

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The incredible Paloma Etienne directed me to this initiative and I have to say it is INCREDIBLY important what Monica aims to achieve with CryptoConexión. Women x Tech x LATAM has such an astounding potential. I support this 100% as a Latina residing abroad and knowing how challenging it is for women in LATAM.


Hi ladies,

We are pleased to share our progress in the “Empowering Latinas in the NEAR Ecosystem” initiative. At CryptoConexión we have made significant strides in our efforts to engage and educate the Latina community about the NEAR Protocol and its ecosystem.

  1. Updated NEAR Protocol tutorial:
  • We have updated our “¿Qué es Near?” tutorial on the CryptoConexión website to provide the most current information about the NEAR Protocol. This article serves as a comprehensive resource for Spanish-speaking individuals interested in learning about NEAR. ¿Qué es Near?
  1. New articles:
  • We have written and published two new articles on the CryptoConexión website:
    • “She is Near DAO”: This piece highlights the She is Near DAO, its mission, and how it supports and empowers women in the NEAR ecosystem.
    • “My Near wallet”: This tutorial is a guide to My NEAR wallet, helping users understand how to manage their assets within the NEAR ecosystem. It will be published the week of April 15.

Both are scheduled for promotion on April 15 t - we are coordinating with the She Is Near marketing team to maximize reach and impact.

  1. Community engagement:
  • We have successfully helped drive growth of the She Is Near telegram group, onboarding great leaders like Sury who is the cofounder of ETH Cinco de Mayo and Sofia who is actively involved now in the marketing group. In addition, we created a channel within the SheIsNear Telegram group in Spanish to continue to drive engagement and provide support.
  • We are actively working on scheduling a webinar in collaboration with Zona Tres. This webinar will provide an opportunity for Latinas to learn more about the NEAR Protocol and engage with experts in the field.
  • On April 4th, we hosted an X space where we discussed the NEAR blockchain and introduced our community to the She is Near DAO. We invited Gonzalo Barria, a senior developer and winner of the Near track at ETH Istanbul, and Waleska Cerpa, an active member of the She is Near DAO.

Next steps:

  • Continue promoting the tutorials and updating existing content to ensure the most accurate and relevant information is available to our audience.
  • Finalize the details for the webinar with Zona Tres and promote the event to maximize participation.
  • Conduct a quest with our community of women to have them download NEAR wallets and win.
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Thank you to the amazing SheIsNear team - we value the support and collaboration.