[REPORT] Metaverse DAO Monthly Report - AUG2022

[REPORT] Metaverse DAO Monthly Report - AUG2022

Council Members







KYC becopro.near

Project Status Complete


Total requested: 5000USD arrived at August 30th

Total spend: 5000USD (some payout need to be asked from community members still)

Total left (September 7th):





50000000000 HAK



  • External wallet balance ( metaversedao2.near )



1,000 GOLD

1,961.35436 METACOIN

What we proposed

What we have accomplished this month


Meta Interviews with KlaraKopi

Metaverse recording

Meta Campfire

Near metaverse Magazine n9

Metaverse tutorials

Astrodao (august 1st to 30th)


  • approved 1

  • rejected 0

  • expired/failed 2


  • approved 38

  • rejected 0

  • expired/failed 17


  • approved 26

  • rejected 0

  • expired/failed 0

Hiring the Community

  • We made 3 bounties with 16 winners

  • We hired 6 people

  • We return 2450USD money back to the community

Metaverse Parcels Owned

Updated Project Timeline

All projects were delayed due to the day the funding arrived in the DAO, August 30th. Nevertheless, we could accomplish most of our projects at the time of this report submission.


The capacity to deal of all your projects with a short time and delivery good and quality content.

Final Metrics

Here you can see what we propose in our metrics vs what we accomplish divided by project:

Meta interviews

What we propose What we accomplish
3 interviews done
3 uploads on youtube done
3 nft on mintbase done
A transcription for the magazine done

Events recording

What we propose What we accomplish
10 short videos minted on mintbase done
10 short videos upload on youtube done

Metaverse Magazine

What we propose What we accomplish
Magazine #9 with 10 sections and 50 pages Ongoing project


What we propose What we accomplish
The event Ongoing project
A NFT for participants Ongoing project
A NFT to best writer Ongoing project
A wearable for everyone that comes Ongoing project
Video upload in youtube Ongoing project
NFT of the video Ongoing project

Metaverse tutorials

What we propose What we accomplish
4 classes recorded and edited done
4 videos upload on youtube done
4 nft of classes done


We learned that we have to take into consideration the vacations to book the interviews and make the events. And that we could start adding people to our DAO who are already working with us in the magazine.

We learn that we need to decentralize more the resources of the dao (and projects) to the ecosystem members.

Next Steps

Continue with the magazine; keep registering metaverse events and interviewing people related to the metaverse; create new projects to register the metaverse history; and mint them all in our historical mintbase store. Increase our number of people in the DAO. For September, we are thinking of reducing resources from the tutorials and relocate it to other needs and also distribute more the founding of the DAO for members of the comunity.


Hi, @creativesdao-mods. We would like to present u Metaverse DAO’s report for August.