[Proposal] The MetaWav NFC After Party

Welcome to The MetaWav!

We’re excited to announce a MULTI-DAO collaboration and celebration in conjunction with the Non Fungible Conference happening 4th - 5th April right here in Lisbon, Portugal!

We have 3 DAOs participating in this event - #vandao x #arroz-criativo-dao x #mintbase along with one supporting partner - SenSpace

We will have NFTs on 2 screens in the venue alongs with some really cool performances!


The event will be both IRL and Metaverse and take place inside Arroz Estudios & Cryptovoxels


Our team - @vandal @marianeu @StevenR

The MetaWav will feature music from the following artists:


April 4th 2022 from 8PM - Midnight


Each DAO requests $500 for a total of $1,500

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Final poster is ready!!

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This was a full success, super fun and loads of good conversations!

I’d like to add to this that people from incubadora dao made an awesome job with curating some art NFTs and showcasing 3xr galleries on two screens at the event.

MintbaseDAO will be giving them all a little something for their help <3

The team & duties were following

curatorship: JulianaM
creation of content for the screens: Sâmia e Frnvpr
Editing the videos: Frnvpr e Heverton Harieno

Each person can apply for payout for 3N :slight_smile: totalling 12 N :slight_smile:

@JulianaM @Samiasns (not sure about this handlehehe), @frnvpr and @hevertonharieno


Was a pleasure :slight_smile:
Long life to @Mintbase <3<3<3


thank you team! :grinning:
it was great!

submitted to the Mintbase Astro DAO :smiley:

here’s the link to see the 3XR custom gallery with the NFTs