[Proposal] Support for crypto meetups at Arroz’ NEAR Hub

There are three parts to the proposal:

  1. Incentivize our crypto-meetups’ attendees to use their wallet by offering NEAR to buy drinks
  2. Create a Mintbase store to mint NFTs which we’ll use as an access to our meetup’s TG group
  3. Purchase equipment to grow the presentation/interview format (possibility to turn it into a podcast)

The total amount is 1,491.21$.
Target wallet is arroznearhub.near.


  1. Visitors coming to Arroz Estudios for our weekly crypto meetups will be offered a NEAR wallet creation. We will transfer NEAR to our visitors during the event for them to buy drinks, as Arroz’ bar accepts NEAR payment.
    Budget request is for 3 events happening in July.

Drinks (users will pay in NEAR to arroz.near):
20 drinks @ 4$ = 80$

NEAR wallets creation (we will transfer initial credit):
10 wallets with 1 NEAR @ 3.50$ = 35$

Subtotal of 115$ for part 1 of this proposal.

  1. Working with Clubeeo, we will setup an NFT-gated access for our meetup’s TG channel. We plan to distribute these NFTs during our meetups, ideally right after a NEAR wallet creation.

Mintbase store creation with arroznearhub.near wallet is 6 NEAR @ 3.50$ = 21$

Subtotal of 21$ for part 2 of this proposal.

  1. The contents of interviews and the Q&A format in general is very popular with the attendees, and we want to:
    a. Improve it by getting equipment specifically for the meetup and its setup. It will allow Shillin’ n’ Chillin’ to be more independent for the meetup organisation, whereas for now we depend on whether there are other events at Arroz or not on Wednesdays. We are therefore proposing the purchase of 2 speakers for the NEAR Hub and the crypto meetups.
    b. Share the content with a broader audience online by recording and broadcasting the discussion – in the spirit of a podcast. To do so, we would require a small mixing table to: take the 2 mics in input + a channel for the music landscape we have in the background in our events, and have an USB output to record on a laptop.

a. Two JBL speakers @ 607€ each = 1,232.71$
b. Simple mixer table with USB output @ 120€ = 122.50$

Subtotal of 1,355.21$ for part 3 of this proposal.

The total amount (part 1 + part 2 + part 3) is 1,491.21$.


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