[Proposal] Support for crypto-meetups in Arroz' NEAR Hub: sound system improvement pt. 1

We want to surf on the momentum after the successful installation of our NEAR Hub at Arroz Estúdios and the Q&A session we hosted on its launch day during a special edition of our weekly meetup Shillin’ n’ Chillin’ (see also more details here).

The cosy yet informative atmosphere of this format proved very popular for both the audience and the speakers, and we want to reproduce the experience all along the summer.

In order to allow the production of such events, we need support to improve the sound system for the interviews, and that would start with the purchase of two new microphones for the NEAR Hub.
Unit price for a Shure SM58 LC microphone is 105€ = 112.50$ (see here), so the total amount for two mics is 225$.

Obrigado a todos!


Really looking forward to our Shillin ‘n’ Chillin open-air summer Q&A meetups. :100: