[Proposal] Planning for NEAR discussion GOA , Part 4

Hi guys :shamrock:
I want to do next meetup in Goa

But before i want tell
Im part of Goa guild and we have planning and will realise 2-4 meetups by Goa guild like guild plan

:point_up:This purposal is my personal reason separate from Goa guild to create more activity cause i have time to make more things​:shamrock:

We already with my friends and Goa NEAR team did this events and i want continue cause it connecting people, and i think this is necessary for people know more about NEAR

Last 3 events we did without any fund, i just used my account like put to new wallets around 0.5-1 $

I want to try make event again , with @jlwaugh advice :see_no_evil:🤷 letsee

I have some links which events we did before, please check it , and scroll down to see reports of event

After checking it, i want to ask if someone interested to support and fund this type of meetups

If u interested lets discuss here if u have any questions about this event letme know please

Thank you

Links to last events



13 December 2021
7 pm Magic tree, Arambol

Goa NEAR Open Web meetup

  • what Is Ref Finance, and how to use it for trade in NEAR
  • education program NEAR, details


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this is going with our Guild plan
so let’s decide about budget we need for it and apply to our Goa DAO - we have funds for this meetup, as well as for others meetups
-we provide 0.1N for every new opened wallet *5-10wallets could be opened = 10$
-do we need more print promo? - 5-10$
-let’s make a gift for everyone who’ll come - NFT-tea . it’s 5 tea for 2$ approx :slight_smile: 8-10$ is needed?
what else?

i can speak about NEAR educational programms on the meetup

If u support this event lets make It then covered by Goa guild fund?
How much Is comfortable to fund It?

I would like to support team people Who Will working to explain to new people how create wallet, how create and Mint NFT , algoritms,

Inform team Is 3-5 people
I want pay for each minimum 1N, depends how many hours , and how many people comes

Min 5*1 N = 5 N ( min for team )

What u think @johanga

apply for 10N
name “4th educational meetup in Goa”
after please give report about wallets and number of people came and if you print something (personally)
what $ will be rest - keep for next meetup

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Thank you @johanga for supporting idea
I will do request for this event tommorow :shamrock:

This video created by me

We created 6 wallets
On our meetup was around 20-30 people
On this meet up we share information about Ref Finance , Mintbase for musicians, and Education NEAR programs

This meetup was funded by Goa guild

Thank you @johangaand Goa guild for support my idea

Thank you @jas to join us , we very glad to meet u in reallife :blush::shamrock:


If you’re requesting funding for this, can you please specify how much?


  • Goals
  • How success will be measured
  • Funding amount requested
  • Predicted impact

Hi @David_NEAR
Thank you for interest

I request fund because i want start my separate activity not with Goa Guild, because we have different imagination how realise our ideas. I want to try my way to realise it.

But thank u @johanga for supported with fund and your work and time with this event i did. Cause i still in Goa Guild , and they support’ some my ideas :blush:

Goals i think is give to people very simple information about NEAR and show them how to create NFT and show them how to use it in life, also for some people who more in Open Web i can explain about Ref Finance and minting Music and Video

I think every meetup its our succes :muscle:
We can measure it with created wallets and with information which we give to people how to use Wallets and NFT

Predicted impact depends how much we can fund it. For example this meeting 13 December was funded by 10 N, and report about this meeting u can read in my post before.

I think we can increase funds for meetups in Goa and next i plan visit big cities in India like bangalore , chennai , bobmay, delhi

But before it i want to take expirience here in goa with few more meetups, and we can increase funds step by step if it necessary


Gotcha, thanks for the info.

So how much NEAR are you requesting in this instance?

This event is done. It was cost 10 N
But its very simple

I want create one more soon if u agree
I can request from 10 to 30 N for next meetup in 19 December, for example letsee

If u agree let me knowplease , i will plan

I want increase buget step by step, for explore how to spend buget more effective

Thank you

how about proposal to Hakuna Matata Guild ?

Hi thank you for reply
can i request?

DM you and give you the contact handle

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