[Proposal] NEAR @ Consensus - Community Event (Meta Pool, Austin Hub, NEARxPublish)

Hey @communitysquad and NEAR Community :wave:

Funding scheme: One-time

Initiative summary:

NEAR is set to be present at Consensus 2022. This proposal is for a community-led meetup at a local venue near the Austin Convention Centre. In association with MetaPool, NEAR Austin Hub, and NEARxPublish, we’ll be hosting a 3-4 hour community event with NFT artworks, talks, and networking.

Opportunities as big as Consensus aren’t often, and this is NEAR’s biggest event next to NEARCON.

@David_NEAR is involved in the organization of the event and will be on the ground to assist in achieving our stated metrics (below).

Expected impact and value you foresee for the NEAR ecosystem/community

In recent months, NEAR has experienced exponential growth, both in terms of on-chain metrics (live accounts) and the wider social media footprint.

The goal of this Community Event is to leverage the momentum that NEAR is experiencing, in association with the increased social media presence and in-person presence at Consensus, to its maximum potential.

We plan to have 4-5 speakers, the final lineup is TBA. Current speakers include Claudio (Meta Pool) and David (NF).


  • 100 Attendees (this is the maximum number of attendees that the (current) venue allows
  • 100% Growth of NEAR ATX Telegram
  • 50% Growth of the NEAR ATX Twitter
  • 30+ Organic social media shares from attendees (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • 100% of attendees without a NEAR wallet have created a NEAR Wallet

Estimated Timeline and Achievement Milestones

Event Date: June 9th, 2022

Expected Report: June 20th, 2022

Funding Details

Event Cost: $7,995 - Full breakdown here.

8N - ~ $80 at time of writing, to enable 80 NEARDROPS

Event management cost: $2,000

Total: $10,000 + 8 NEAR

Payout wallet: expenses-meta-pool.near

Note: If possible, we would like to request the funding in stablecoins


Exciting! Lots happening in Austin at this time. It’s a yes from me to push this through ASAP as an exceptional instance of a community activation in need of immediate support, and with our own @David_NEAR helping to spearhead it!

cc: @community-team


Happy to see where this goes. Please keep us posted on any additional details.

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Thanks for the support guys, @claudioac, or whoever is accepting the funding, can you please drop an invoice to community@near.foundation


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Great project…hope to visit you guys


Update & request: Due to the timing of the booking, our original location got booked out. Consequently, we’ve had to book an alternative venue. The venue is more suitable, larger, and more welcoming to the audience.

However, this means we are slightly over budget. Requesting an additional $1500 to cover these expenses.

Here are some images of the new venue.

Hey, no worries. @claudioac can you please submit another invoice to community@near.foundation - thanks!