[PROPOSAL] Streaming support for Arroz Residents

Hello @arroz-criativo , we’d like to request support for streaming activities within our community.

We would like to offer a workshop to the residents interested in working with streaming. This could be once a month if we see that more people are interested in it.

The plantasia team (Alice and Miguel) will teach all the basics of streaming going through twitch, crypto voxels and OBS where in the end they can also join us at Plantasia’s Wednesday streamings.

Since Arroz doesn’t have a pc that we could use for these activities, we would like to request fundings for our workshop and to guarantee that we have the necessary equipment. This way Arroz can offer the possibility of streaming to the residents that went through our workshop.

When: workshop would last 1h/2h and it would be given on the 20th April.

Available places: 10 people

Where: Vandal studio

Target: Plantasia.near


Equipment 500 usd

Production 30 usd

Instructors fee: 180 usd

Total funding: 710 usd

We would like to ask you to include this proposal for April still. We appreciate your attention and we hope you like the idea and that you hop on with us!

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Hi Alice,

Nice to see you here and have Plantasia in action again!

The streaming workshop sounds interesting, and I’m sure there will be some people who are interested in participating whether among the residents or the wider community.

Myself and @raquelareia are unsure precisely what the equipment is that you need, as it’s a big part of the budget could you specify?


Thanks for the proposal, @plantasia. :100: As @Mette said, We just need you to tell us more about the computer. Thanks.


Hello! Should I add a link here?

The computer would belong to Arroz and it would be kept there. It can be used for other NEAR activities and streamings.


Yes, please. Add a link.

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A quick update on our proposal:
the workshop had to be postponed to the third week of May since the material only arrived recently. It will take place at VanDAO studio on the 18th, at 2pm. All residents are welcome to join us!

Also a doubt: there has been a difference in value from when we asked the payout to when we got it. How is it possible to correct it so we aren’t at a loss?

Many thanks!


Hello @raquelareia and @arroz-criativo a second update to this project.
We’ve decided to join forces with another event on the 22th June so that we have more people attending our workshop. On this day there’s a special crypto meet up and now a pride artistic project. Here it is Pride Streaming

Thank you!

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Thanks for the update, Alice. Integrated with the Shillin n’ Chillin Pride Week Special, the worskhop will not only have more audience, but a very important hands-on experience. Looking foward to that. :100: