[APPLICATION] "Sowing Seeds" residency - April 2022


My name is Maria, an existing member of the Garden Community for several years and somewhat new to the Near Ecosystem through the muti family. For the wider near community, here is a short introduction of me and my art shenanigans:

I’m a visual artist, based in Lisbon. Studied in Belas Arts in Lisbon and I have a Masters in Art and Process in Contemporary Art, from Crawford College of Art and Design in Cork, Ireland. My research (endless, I must add) is always connected to the human body and its richness.

At the moment, I couldn’t give you a set medium that i strictly work with, as I do experiment a lot. Although, I am most comfortable with photography and installation.

You can check some of my work and Cv on the following website:

One of the main reasons I’m applying to this residency is exactly to get me back in the groove of using charcoal and drawing again. I did work with it for a good while and would like to get back at it as it carries within it so many textures and expressions.
I propose myself to do a series of drawings exploring both forms, textures and concepts, of charcoal as a medium to reproduce and study the human body. Seeing as it might take me a bit to get used to it again, plus buying material, plus life itself, I think realistically, I would have to request for a bit of an extension of the deadline until mid may.

Instagram link:

Near Wallet:

Thanks for the opportunity!


Just to post an update, I’ve already complete 4 pieces but I want to do a few more, so I have more options to choose from for the final series. Therefore, I’m aiming to have the 4 pieces ready by the end of the week to mint.
I’ve been switching between charcoal and sepia so hopefully something nice will come out!


Hi Everyone!

Just sent ye the final pieces of this series for minting :slight_smile:

Thank you and I hope you enjoy them,


All NFTs minted by @MariaF !