[ PROPOSAL ] Sky Harbour NFT

Hello Nearverse and Human Guild
Sky Harbour is a MMORPG, with blockchain bindings and a tokenconomy based at scarce resources, controlled by the players, and flying ships.

The dev is already happening at stages.
Our roadmap will be available at our website, as we finished it. You can see a under development version at http://skyharbour.nft

Q1: we are developing a mini game, for the ships holder have fun while the game is under development.
Also an artbook part1 will be available as the dev is happening and we have a lot of material produced by our art team

Q2: We will delivery a collectibles series related to the game, a comics book thats already under development and a ost.

Q3: an open mvp alpha to the token holders. The tokens are: The Legendary Ships, Avatar Collections and Place Cards.
C4C, blueprints and other in-game related tokens will be used to reclaim itens at the main game and will give acess to the alpha version as well.

Q4: a playable functional MVP, with some implemented features.

As discussed at private, further information and sensible data are traded directly with the human guild.

The fund request is related to the Q1 and Q2 agenda development. Part of the development was already granted for the basics at Q1.

Our game is being produced by theWORKSHIP, a descentralized creative studio, under The Clan Guild.

Thank you NEAR community, for the support.

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