[PROPOSAL] Collab for Near Lands and more

Hello Human Guild, we are The Clan Guild. As we talked before with Vlad, we will collaborate producing material for the Near Land. As we are building a team to work at our projects, like the Sky Harbour NFT Game and the Crypto Guetto Collectibles, we will be able to create the pixel material, the workforce and start to contribute with some dev support.

Heres some visual material:

The Sky Harbour Project:

A full art

We created 50 ships until now

The Crypto Guetto is a OpenSea Collectible Project created by duOCELOT
We are rebuilding it and bringing it to NEAR, as a whole new thing.

For the NEAR LAND COLLABORATION, we will build the assets, tiles, sprites, and everything elses needed from the pixelart part, host at a server for internal needs and shared with the near land team.
We will build a tavern, at determined areas for hangout purpouses for the community, as we intend to help with ideas and support for the development of new projects inside the near land plataform.

For this, we ask 500N to cover the costs of the team and the production, also the building of the tavern, and other spots, and the possibilitty to work out new ideas

We are also interested in presenting new proposes and develop projects directed at IRL network development.

@vlad @sashahudzilin