[ ANNOUCEMENT ] The Sky Path Project

Hello NEAR voiders. We created a NFT project called The Sky Path that consists in a series of NFTs of Flying Ships, minted at different marketplaces representing a convoy to bring people to NEAR Ecossystem. 80% of the funds will be donated to the-clan.sputnik-dao.near to help fund community projects.

As the ETH bridge is builded, we’d love to have it bought by the funds coming from this path.

We have made the first Ship at tezos blockchain, as it was our entrance door to thr NFT world.

Here are the art and the links so far:

XTZ The Voyager - 1/1 100 xtz

ETH - The Crusader 1/1 0.16 ETH

The next ship will be a matic/polygon, then solana, and other ones.

We are developing a Sky Harbour Project, that every owner of a Sky Ship, will be benefit from different ways.