[Proposal] The Beauty of an African Bride - Documentary on Ritual Rites & Costumes

My name is Roxy ‘The Entertainer’; I am a Film Practitioner and a graduate of Theatre & Film Studies Department, UNN. I have been an active member of the NEAR Community since March. I am a Council Member in 9ines DAO and a Co-Founder of Thespians DAO [Introduction] Thespians DAO

I was born a Writer; I have been writing interesting stories and poetries since my Junior School Days. This could be seen in my active participation in Writer’s Guild Bounties, which I have won quite a number of them:

Apart from writing, I am a professional Film Maker. I have traveled many parts of Africa documenting Events, Movies, Music Videos and Commercials for clients. One of the most fantasizing things about my tour is the Beauty of an African Bride. The glory that comes with her composure and the elaborate arrangements of her costumes. This is the basic of my Project.

I will write about the 4 brides from different Geo-Political Zones in Nigeria. A brief story about the traditional rites and the elements that make up her costume. It will be an 8 Pages Documentary with 4 Professionally taken and edited Pictures to showcase each of the 4 Brides.

The Pictures would involve the services of a Make-Up Artiste, a Costumier and 4 Models. The eight Pages E-book will have these pictures attached and representing each of its Pages.


  • To showcase the African Traditional Culture
  • To Show Unity in diversity
  • To Onboard 5 Creatives into the NEAR Community
  • To Generate Picture NFTs for the Writer’s Guild


  • 4 Photography Images $240
  • 4 Costumes ($100x4) $400
  • Make Up Services $150
  • 4 Models Bounty ($50x4) $200
  • Writer’s Bounty $200
  • TOTAL $1,190

We will start writing and shooting from 17th July; and by 23rd July, we should be done and ready to submit the Project report; and all NFTs generated for the project would be ready for minting by the Writer’s Guild.

Payment Wallet:



Hi Roxy!

Happy to see you putting proposals out! The council has decided not to include your proposal in July’s funding proposal as the majority of the elements fall outside of the scope of what we do as a guild - which is to fund predominantly creative, text-based works. There may be funding for a project such as yours in a different DAO and we hope you are able to pursue this idea.


Thanks @AshleyC
Glad that I gave it a first try.
Hope to work with the DAO pretty soon.