[Rejected] Thespians DAO Website Creation; August Social Media Management and Promotional Materials Funding Request

Hello Marketing DAO,
My name is Roxy The Entertainer, a Council Member in 9ines DAO and a Co-Founder of Thespians DAO.

I am proud to say I have been active on the NEAR Protocol since I was on onboarded in March; creating contents for the Ecosystem and onboarding great minds too. I have onboarded more than 20 New NEARians through the help of my Team.


Tech Team:

Thespians DAO is a DAO we formed because of our love for Stage Drama and Film Drama, and since our DAO Introduction, we have done a whole lot.
You can read about our introduction here: [Introduction] Thespians DAO - #6 by Styleherbalist
Within the above Introduction, you can have detail information about our purpose:

Our first (July) Proposal was approved by the Creative DAO [Approved] Thespians DAO Funding Proposal for July, 2022 and our main project was a success [REPORT] School-To-School Sensitization Project on NEAR Protocol and the Web3 Ecosystem Using Drama as its Work Force; For Thespians DAO (Season 1)

From July 1st to August 3rd, we moved from:

to such a great number -
Telegram: 76
Instagram: 80
Twitter: 13
Facebook: 8
YouTube: 2

Total - 171 Members

Rounding the month off with an additional 121 active members on all Platforms. You can check up our Link-Tree for more updates: @thespiansdao | Linktree

NOW, we want to do more. This August, we would like to spread the gospel of the NEAR Ecosystem with the support of the Marketing DAO.

  • We need to host a website for Thespians DAO where we can post our contents, news and updates.
  • We need a very big backdrop and red carpet settings for our events and shows
  • We need Logo and graphics Contents for promoting and marketing NEAR
  • And we need to employ the services of a Social Media Team to focus strictly on promotional activities


Graphics and Website: $550
Technical Team Management: $400
Logo Bounty: $100

Social media management:
Twitter, Facebook & Instagram: $200
YouTube & Telegram: $200

Red Carpet:
One Time backdrop 10X10F: $150
Purchase of Two LED Lights: $400

Total: $2,000

Target: roxytheentertainer.near

Cc. @marketingdao-council


Hi @Roxy, Thanks for involving me in this project. Let’s make it happen.

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Thanks Fam. I believe in your great abilities

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Let’s make it happen. :100:


Great job.

  1. What problem is Thespiabs solving?

  2. How is the problem being solved?

  3. How does this help get to billions of users?

Thank you


Thank you @Dacha for these great questions.
Over the years, Drama has been a tool for social, political and economic change. This is because the visual mind sends more and concrete information than our audio senses, hence the saying, “Seeing is Believing”

Thespians DAO is all about using Drama as a tool to bring about these changes. In Thespians DAO, we entertain, educate and onboard. These are our three strengths.

Now, shall we answer your questions.

1. What problem is Thespians solving?

Normally, it is a problem, moving into a society and start preaching to them about Web3 Ecosystem or Crypto. Believe me, this movement is cumbersome to every beginner. So, we came out with a plan - What if we come up with an “oil” to help this cumbersome topic go smoothly through the Audience sense of reasoning. We need something to make them feel at home, something that can lure them to come, something they must be excited about, something to help them learn and transit easily from Web2 to Web3; so we thought of Thespians DAO.

2. How is the problem being solved?

So we decided, we could actually be arranging Dramas to entertain our targets, and in the process teach and onboard them into the NEAR Ecosystem. It is easier, because the Drama eases their stress, relaxes their minds, make us their trusted friends, by so doing, they can listen to us.

Not only that, we will also infuse Web3 in our storylines. By so doing, they see the necessity of what we are talking about, because it is being acted than talked about.

So, we are solving the problem of “How” do we relate to these people to make them understand these movements and tends not to forget it, by simply giving them something to always remember. A sense of humor, a visual imprint, and a reason to invite their friends and families to come along and learn the Web3 and Crypto.

3. How does this help get to billions of users?

Believe me, the question is not “How does this help to get billions of users?”, the question is “what is it that this Idea cannot do?”

Just think about it like this, we use bait to catch a fish - we use Thespians DAO to catch New NEARians.

You need to tell one person that a Drama is happening in the next compound - who does not like Drama? Even if it’s not the one acted on stage; he would go about telling his community that Drama is happening in the next Compound. You see, it’s easy preaching with what is common within the people.

So, when we lure them - we entertain them, educate them, and onboard them. It makes the movement easy for us, and as well easy for the NEAR Ecosystem.

We also have many plans of inculcating Web3 in our storylines. So, we preach as we entertain. It is better that way, than just preaching.

Thank you


Hello @Dacha
I don’t know if we were able to answer your questions?

Thank you


Thanks for your proposal.

The Marketing DAO exists to serve the NEAR community and grow the NEAR ecosystem. Every item listed in this proposal is to serve only the interests of the applicant and to grow a project that has no meaningful connection with the NEAR ecosystem or technology.

I am unable to support this proposal.

I believe you are subject to your opinion @satojandro

The project comprises of budgets:

  • To create website to help publicize NEAR and push promotional contents that will grow the NEAR Ecosystem through the use of Drama.
  • Logo Bounty that will keep the Ecosystem busy and help create awareness on and off the forum.
  • Social Media Management tools that help grow our contents which talk about NEAR too; and to help reach out more people to learn the Web3 and Crypto World.
  • During our last project, there was no red carpet. We thought it wise we can have people talk about NEAR on the red carpet, and edit such contents strictly for NEAR Promotion. The lights there are just to make the picture quality of the video very crispy and bright enough.

I don’t see how these tools are just for the benefit of Thespians DAO; I stand to be corrected if otherwise.

Thank you


I love the creative approach.

I just don’t see the direct throughline of this project resulting in the promotion of Near, the creation of wallets, or increasing the reach of the ecosystem as a whole.

It’s a no from me.

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Thank you Fam…

It’s so hard to digest that a proposal written to promote NFTs under the NEAR Protocol such as this:

And to develop contents that will bring the NEAR Ecosystem closer to people gets a “No”.

It’s a learning process, and we are here to learn and grow.

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Ok, thanks. Try to apply for a grand in Creativities DAO.
It’s no from me. Thanks.