[Proposal] Seminar & Exhibition Demonstra - June

1. [Proposal] Seminar & Exhibition Demonstra - June

In May we had the closure of the Demonstra Art Residency, which included the Seminar and Exhibition presented via Youtube Live. There were more than six hours of talks, debates and presentations from the artists and curators who participated in the residency. From this raw material produced, we intend to edit and correct them so that the content can be accessed with appropriate themes and clippings to be available on our Demonstra Youtube Channel.

Thus, below are the final video edits pertinent to this month:

  • Editing the complete video of the Seminar into 4 sub-videos (Opening, Table I, Table II and Table III): 600 USD (150 USD for each video)

  • Creation of the video Demonstra at Arquipélago Gallery Exhibition - 4 min. virtual tour of the 3D gallery: 300 USD

  • Creation of a video “summary of the art residency Demonstra” 5 min: 300 USD

  • Directing and producing the content together with the video editors: 300 USD

  • Editing of the resident artists’ videos 50 USD

Sub-total: 1.550 USD