[proposal] demonstra seminar

The Demonstra Seminar is a public event for the closure of the art residency program Edition #01 Poéticas Informes supported by DGArtes. With Near funding we will specifically boost some aspects of this event, such as production support and professionalization for production, creation of graphic and video material, recording and livestreaming, and social network management, among others. The event will take place online on 09/April/2022 and will feature the resident artists, curators and invited art professionals with debates on the productions and works that happened during the residency period.

Seminar Schedule:

Panel DEMONSTRA - round of conversations with the artists participating in the Residency Program who will have the opportunity to present their research and their work.
Panel ARTICULA - discussion with guests (researchers, curators and artists) on the subject of creative accessibility in the visual arts.
Panel INCLUSA - discussion with guests (museologists, educators and researchers) about accessibility programs focused on the institutional scope and social inclusion programs.

General direction: 300 USD
Fee for art professionals invited to the panel discussions: 600 USD ( 6 x 100 USD)
Webinar Production: 200 USD
Recording and livestream: 200 USD
Seminar Visual Identity: 300 USD
Motion graphics material to promote the Seminar: 150 USD
Seminar social media content production and management: 200 USD
Seminar promotion boost: 100 USD
Translation into sign language and audio description: 600 USD


Thank you!