[PROPOSAL] ''Research at Near'' - CONCLUSION

[PROPOSAL] ‘‘Research at Near’’


Natasha Cremonese

Carlos Roberto Escouto - escouto.near

Project Timeline

11/06 - Presentation of the Fellows’ projects
12 to 26 - Execution of the projects
6/27 - Presentation of the report with follow-up
During the month - Social Networking and minting

payment hash: NEAR

Title: ''Research at Near


To provide opportunities for a process of research movement with people from inside or outside the Near ecosystem, thinking about the importance of sharing knowledge through research. Providing training and qualification to researchers so that their performance within the Near ecosystem is more engaged and integrated with the functioning of the ecosystem, helping to form after research members more instrumentalized with the Near process and knowledgeable about all the possibilities that the system provides to its members and possibilities of projects and artistic productions within the platform. The project makes direct dialogue with some of the tentacles (principles) that govern the Octopode DAO, they are:

RESEARCH: We value the scope of research, as a form of autonomous education and that extends the responsibility to create, develop, and discover, thus generating a personal value, not only of learning but of living with the community, with the system of the near and strengthens the spirit of curiosity. And it is through research, and the presentation of new ideas, and new questions that a more decentralized and innovative society is built.

COMMUNICATION: Communication is indispensable, we value communication, through marketing, the arts, and the vast forms of expression. It is the transmission, sharing, and dissemination of all the artistic and educational work that the near system produces, spreading it both within the NEAR ecosystem and externally to the community at large through the updated platforms and social media.

TECHNOLOGY: We value the use of technology for creation, education, art, and innovation. Through them we can communicate, experience, transform realities and create new perspectives of life from the artistic experience in the fruition of the works of the artists of the NEAR, projecting a new virtual artistic practice.

SOCIAL: Going beyond the virtual community. To bring NEAR’s work to the public and the field, Octopode dao intends to externalize its work to communities, peripheries, schools, community centers, NGOs, associations, collectives, and other forms of social associations so that the public outside NEAR has access to the art making and fruition, allowing them access to the arts developed by Octopode as well as knowledge of this virtual community. 10% of the value of all funds received from this date onwards will be destined to a social portfolio, which every quarter will be withdrawn and will benefit families, NGOs, people in vulnerable situations, or social projects focused on art.

Links to the months of research carried out by the scholarship recipients:


The project proposal is justified in the sense of giving qualification and practical experience to the scholar in initiation in Near. Providing theoretical and practical research, the project will ensure that the member of the blockchain after going through this experience will have more ease, repertoire, and knowledge to operate the Near platform, as well as create and produce artworks moving the platform beyond the creation, minting and marketing of works in NFT in the future. Both the members that make up the Octopode DAO and the scholars that will be part of the research initiative and Near itself only have to gain from the execution of this project, as it will leave an educational and training legacy in each member that will add quality to their artistic productions within the platform.

Payment: NEAR

Project: This month the fellows will do the last stage of this project, which is the presentation of the projects, and execution.
This month when they finish their activities with mastery, they will receive a participation certificate ( in NFT format too) that will go to their portfolios and can be used as COMPLEMENTARY ACTIVITIES in UNIVERSITY COURSES.


11/06 - Presentation of the Fellows’ projects
12 À 26 - Execution of the projects
27/06 - Presentation of the report with follow-up
During the month - Social Media Publishing and Minting

Budget: 600 USD in NEAR


300 USD x 2

EVERYONE NEEDS TO DONATE 10% of the amount received to the collective social portfolio: realizar. near

signature: natashacremoneseartista.near

subscription: natashacremoneseartista.near

Natasha Cremonese

Visionary Artist, Visual Arts Teacher graduated by UNINTER, Post-graduating in Afro-Brazilian and Indigenous History and Culture, Elementary School Arts Teacher at SESC/RS/BR

Carlos Escoto

Theater teacher graduated by UFPel, state cultural producer in the Rio Grande do Sul and president of the municipal council of the culture of Santa Cruz do Sul.


:boom: :tada: Congratulations on the proposal and on this beautiful project to encourage new members to join the ecosystem and have the opportunity to learn more about NEAR. :sunglasses:


Amazing project guys!


obrigada! faço suas as minhas palavras pois sei como é importante ter tido o suporte e incentivo de vocês em minha iniciação :upside_down_face:


thanks! together we are better :green_heart:



The project has already been executed in all its stages. As you can see in the general proposal link, this month four members in pairs developed projects related to Near. The first ''Space NEAR Brazil `` was about the NEAR protocol in the Voxels metaverse. The development of the research, the NFT’s created and all its process can be checked in the link

The second project ‘‘Music Awareness Workshop’’ proposed by Francine Stringuini - @fstrings and Frederico Campos - @ruidelafont, aimed to work on the ‘‘affections in music’’. With two virtual workshops, the proponents brought to the public their vision about the theme. The two workshops are available at

1 - Projeto Afetos na Música FREDERICO CACÁ - YouTube - @ruidelafont

2 - O pulsar na música por Fran Stringuini - YouTube - @fstrings

The report of this project can be found at -

Some other links about the execution of the project -

1 - Octópode DAO on Instagram: "Nos dá @octopodedao estamos em colaboração com @artistnaju e @marianasacrini para a construção do Espaço NEAR Brasil juntamente com a @near_protocol criando um espaço interativo no @cryptovoxels com diversas NFTs informativos sobre o universo da NEAR. O intuito é levar informações através do NFT e ainda teremos uma supresa, os participantes do evento terão acesso a um website com diversos conteúdos. Gostou? se interessa pelo mundo NEAR? então participe do nosso evento. Produção das Bolsistas @marianasacrini @artistnaju #near #nearprotocol #octopodedao #octopode #bolsadepesquisa"

2 - Mariana Sacrini Ayres Ferraz on Instagram: "Começou, pessoal!! Venham visitar no @cryptovoxels. Link na bio. . Organização: @artistnaju, @marianasacrini e @octopodedao . #mintbase #cryptovoxels #nearprotocol #nearprotocolbrasil #near #cryptoart #near #nearbrasil"

3 - Cacá Campos - 😁 FREDERICO on Instagram: "OCTOPODE DAO - Afetos na Música "Gostaria de convidá-los para uma aula expositiva voltada para degustadores musicais interessados nos afetos estimuladores de emoções através da música." Data: 30/08/22 às 20h Local: https://youtube.com/channel/UCv0YwFx_6VwLA5NbpdQ02OQ #OCTOPODEDAO #web3 #musicanaweb3 #voxels #musicnear #Nearprotocol #NEAR #octopodegallery #nftartists #nftcollection"

4 - Francine Stringuini on Instagram: "Convite Quer participar de uma aula de música feita para repensar a forma que interagimos com o ambiente sonoro em que estamos inseridos? Em uma introdução à música, voltada para quem começa a se interessar por sonoridades, a Octopode Dao e Francine Stringuini trabalham juntas para trazer mais música brasileira para dentro da Near. A aula ocorrerá no dia 29 de agosto às 9 horas, para se inscrever entre em contato :) https://forms.gle/uzxqu51meJg922bcA"


Que massa @Carlos :relaxed::relaxed: Feliz por fazer parte!