[[proposal]] ''Research in close proximity''


Natasha Cremonese - natashacremoneseartist.near
Carlos Roberto Escouto - escouto.near

NEAR account for payment: octopodedao.near


Opportunity for a research movement process with people inside or outside the near ecosystem, thinking about the importance of sharing knowledge through research. Providing training and qualification to researchers so that their performance within the Near ecosystem is more engaged and integrated to the functioning of the ecosystem, helping to form after the research members more instrumentalized with the Near process and knowledgeable about all the possibilities that the system provides to its members and possibilities of projects and artistic productions within the platform. The project dialogues directly with some of the tentacles (principles) that govern the Octopod Daopod, they are:
RESEARCH: We value the scope of research, as a form of autonomous education that expands the responsibility of creating, developing, discovering for the researcher, thus generating a personal value as well, not only of learning, but of living with the community, with the system of proximity and strengthens the spirit of curiosity. And it is through research, and the presentation of new ideas, and new questions that a more decentralized and innovative society is built.

COMMUNICATION: Communication is essential, we value communication, through marketing, through the arts, through the vast forms of expression. It is the transmission, sharing and dissemination of all the artistic and educational works that the nearby system produces, broadcasting it both within the NEAR ecosystem and externally to the community at large through social media and updated platforms.

TECHNOLOGY: We value the use of technologies for creation, education, art, and innovation. Through them we can communicate, experience, experiment, transform realities, and create new life perspectives from the artistic experience in the fruition of the artists’ works up close projecting a new virtual artistic production

SOCIAL: Go beyond the virtual community. With the objective of bringing NEAR’s work to the public and to the field, Octopode dao intends to externalize its work to communities, peripheries, schools, community centers, NGOs, associations, collectives and other forms of social associations so that NEAR’s external public may have access to artistic production and enjoyment, both by allowing access to the arts developed by the octopus as well as knowledge of this virtual community. 10% of the value of all resources received from this date on will be destined to a social portfolio, from which the value will be withdrawn each quarter and will benefit families, NGOs, people in vulnerable situations or social projects focused on the art.

Project timeline:

The project will have 4 stages:

1 - Formation of the pairs

2 - Conception and elaboration of the proposal, writing and publication in the forum

3 - Execution of the proposal

4 - Finalization with final report

**payout hash: NEAR **

Title: ''Research in close proximity


The main objective is to provide a practical experience in blockchain near with the elaboration and execution of a project within the platform. The product and artistic project will depend on each duo, however, we will stimulate the creation, circulation and sale of NFT on the mintabse platform, as well as, exhibitions of the artworks in the cryptovoxels space and/or others that have availability. This project also intends to boost these artists in the metaverse in order for them to have personal promotion with their artworks and also to spread and make blockchain near more accessible and known.


The project is justified firstly because it is the second stage of the initial project, which was the theoretical research on near and the selection of the fellows. Now, they will do a practical immersion in near where they will be able to put their artistic creativity into practice and expose it on the near platform. It will also be an opportunity to bring Near closer to people’s daily lives, to make it better known in the artistic world, since these artists will spread the word about Near’s platforms in their circles of friends, calling them to get to know their work on the Near blockchain.

Timeline: During the month of July the fellows will be side by side with the councils members of the DAO, who will supervise the writing of the projects of each duo, as well as being available for any questions that arise.


- Production of more than 10 NFTS per duo, minted in the OCTOPOD DAO store.

Production and execution of one project per duo
Production of at least 2 videos of meetings of the pairs, or presentation of the projects.


200 USD at NEAR ruidelafont.near

200 USD in NEAR marisacrini.near

200 USD in NEAR najunft.near

200 USD in NEAR fstrings.near

100 USD at NEAR Supervisor/ mentor 1 escouto.near

100 USD in NEAR Supervisor/Tutor 2

10% of the total amount will go to the portfolio of the social fund realizar.near




During this month the fellows got together to create proposals to execute within the Octopode, they received guidance on how to create a proposal, how to present a report, suggestions for projects that would add value to the community, they were instigated to curiosity, and made interesting discoveries, besides presenting amazing events.

We highlight the following productions with details :

Guest artists :

















Call for artists - @marianasacrini

3XRSPACE Invitation - @marianasacrini

VOXEL Invitation - @marianasacrini

Call for artists - @artistnaju

voxels promotion video - @artistnaju

3XRSPACE Invitation - @marianasacrini/ twitter

voxels publicity video - @artistnaju /twitter

Invitation VOXEL - @marianasacrini / twitter




This is the construction in @cryptovoxels that the duo @artistNAJU and @MarianaSacrini made to honor our #OctopodeDAO research I invite you to join this party that will take place on the 25th of #NEARfestival, an event to celebrate cultural diversity. https://www.voxels.com/spaces/d0f97e26-c30f-47db-8e58-2e03b77046bc/play



me, myself and I. Post for the NEAR Cultural Festival event. #NEARfestival @threexr_ #NEAR @mintbase #NearProtocol #NFT #Mintbase #3xrspace https://www.mintbase.io/thing/WFDhlQXuf4D6CoHt-Z0Y8B4r68z_g9YptIfESb_-1sY:gambiarra.mintbase1.near



My contribution to participate in the NEAR Cultural Festival! #NFT from the #OneNFTDay Collection! Congratulations on the action @artistNAJU @MarianaSacrini | #octopodedao #riodejaneiro #corcovado #brazil #NEARfestival #NEAR #NEARnft | https://www.mintbase.io/thing/kXKxI5W3HCuRWoCJYVu-rv13Df-VqQ3zPJTBaPC9vwg:gambiarra.mintbase1.near



NEAR Cultural Festival presents Series: Bioma Mata Atlântica (NTFart) Artist: Maio HD Technique: Mixed Visit! https://voxels.com/.../d0f97e26-c30f-47db-8e58.../play



participating in the NEAR Cultural Festival invited by @artistNAJU and @MarianaSacrini <3!! come visit and get your #NFTart https://www.voxels.com/spaces/d0f97e26-c30f-47db-8e58-2e03b77046bc/play #near #nearprotocol #mintbase #culturalfestival





We discussed our proposal from day 12 structuring the possibilities, studying the questions and aligning with our tutors through video calls, text conversations and audios

We presented the proposal on the forum on day 20, offering the artists the reward and notifying the community about the conversation circle.

On the 23rd we closed the reward offer and cataloged the works made available

Working together with @naju and @marisacrini we forwarded the works to participate in the upcoming Cultural Festival on the 24th

Day 25 publicizing the event and recording the conversation circle.

Day 27 final report, editing the video of the conversation circle and making it available on the DAO youtube channel.

Meeting dates / Timeline :

July 1-July 12, 2022: Start;

2- July 18, 2022: Structuring of the Proposal;

3- July 19, 2022: Finalization of the Proposal;

4- July 20, 2022: Call for Participating Artists

5- July 23, 2022: Final Award

7- July 25, 2022: Party Day + Recording Conversation Circle - Music nearby

8- July 27, 2022: Upload to youtube

Calling the artists

https://www.instagram.com/p/CgSb2NuvmrR/ 1

[Octopode DAO on Instagram: “Hi, want to build a collective, sonic space with nfts of music for a beautiful exhibition? Send us your art + music by July 23 (mintbase link) :upside_down_face: To intensify this exchange, we invite you to participate in a conversation circle about the production of music nfts in Brazil at Near on 25 July Everyone is welcome to share this moment with us For more information contact @fstrings or @fredcaca on Instagram.”

Next step:

Moving on to the third month, the month of completion of our first research grant.


só sucesso!!! iniciativa linda, estou amando aprender a cada dia mais, que esse seja só o começo.


Link to the proposal “Space NEAR Brazil”!

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