[Approved] octópode dao social medias and creation site september/2022


TWITTER: https://twitter.com/OctopodeDAO

LINKTREE: OctópodeDAO | Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook | Linktree

INSTAGRAM: Octópode DAO (@octopodedao) • Instagram photos and videos

FACEBOOK: Redirecting...

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCv0YwFx_6VwLA5NbpdQ02OQ

DISCORD: Discord

We are featured on the MINTBASE marketplace!

We will take our first steps in bringing the virtual world to the physical world, in projects such as a musical presentation in a tourist spot.

This month we have a focus to show the strength of our projects, disclose our social action the realizar.near ([ANNUNCIAMENT] NEAR SOCIAL - REALIZE SOCIAL PROJECT / Via OCTÓPODE DAO ), which comes in its second edition.

Talk about the success that was our research grant [PROPOSAL] ''Research at Near'' - CONCLUSION )

Our youtube is being managed for free, we also have discord, which also, even without resources, tries to stay up.

Our most important step has been the creation of the Octopode DAO site.

There we will have a landpage, homepage, and we want to have an online store to sell tickets in the future, links to our store in mintbase, and so on.


. Projects in progress this month (1 project per week)

. DAO Members and Councils (1 member per week)

. Store Highlight (1 highlight per week)

. Projects already done (1 project per week)

. Creation Site

. Social media with store highlights

Report will be delivered on september 31st or October 5st;



Instagram account management = 300 USD

82,846 impressions ( beating the goal we had set) , 734 profile visits, 17 website hits. 67.2 thousand accounts reached, 276 followers, 190 accounts with engagement.

3 to 4 weekly posts

Stories (as much as needed)

Creation of texts, graphic designer and answering messages.

Facebook account management = 300 USD

Reach of publication


Engagement with publication


3 to 4 posts weekly

Stories (as needed)

Creation of texts, graphic designer and answering messages.

Twitter Account Management = 300USD


Today we follow 139 and have 202 followers (48 new followers) on Twitter. In the last 28 days the numbers shown are as follows: Tweets 30; Tweet Impressions 3,665K; Profile Visits 2,811K; Mentions 75.

3 to 4 posts per week

Spaces (when needed)

Creation of texts, graphic designer and answering messages.

Creation the website = 300 usd

Layout and Landing Pages + DEVELOPER

Card presenting the works, with names of the week’s highlights.


Octópode DAO - Introduction

Events: (Month’s events presentation and how to participate);

Members: (Presentation of the councils, with portfolio information)

Project Social Realizar.near



AUGUST [REPORT] AUGUST marketing Octópode DAO

JULY [Approved] marketing of octopod dao july - #22 by Natashacremonese

JUNE [REPORT] Marketing Octópode DAO JUNE / 2022


TOTAL = 1200 usd in near

Natasha Cremonese


Wallet Near: natashacremoneseartista.near


Good evening. Could you please review the proposal’s name? I think you meant September. Thank You very much.

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Yes Sur @Dacha thank you soo much. Sorry for it. Hugs Natasha

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Happy to support. Thank You

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Hello @Dacha thank you for support!

@marketingdao-council :pray: marked for see proposal

@so608 @satojandro @cryptocredit

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Hi @Natashacremonese
The focus on this project and the means by which you will onboard and engage with people (non-artists) to create value for the Near ecosystem is still unclear from my side.

It’s a no from me.

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Hi Natasha,

I’m willing to support this proposal for another month. Couple of things to note:

  • Marketing DAO is under review. We have a limited budget and are prioritising the initiatives that can have the highest impact.
  • Octopede community is relatively small and has been supported for a long time.
  • The nature of the project may mean it is only funded by Creatives DAO in the future,

Let’s asses next month


Hi @Natashacremonese thanks for your proposal.

Also willing to support for another month. Please note comments by @satojandro

Now moving to Approved


@cryptocredit @satojandro @Dacha

Thank you soo much.

We thank you very much for your trust, this is a very important moment for us. I ask that if you want to follow us on discord our server is up and running.

The community is still growing, we are more than 70 artists in our store in mintbase, between students and students of the classes, and the public that has been looking for us.

We are working to make the NEAR community proud, we would love for you to be able to feel that from us in the very near future.

Thank you very much,

Hugs, Natasha Cremonese

@Klint thank you soo much!

We have people who are cultural producers, and we hope to have investors;

We appreciate your constructive criticism, it leads us to think of a better textual and explanatory approach to what we are doing, and that is why we are in a continuous process of training in start ups.

Link pool in Astro DAO :