[Proposal] Regional DAO Council Member Self-Nomination - Eunice

Dear NEAR Community,

NEAR Regional Communities DAO Council Member Self-Nomination

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  1. Who are you? What is your experience?

My name is Eunice, and I’d like to represent NEAR China to apply for the position of RC DAO Council Member. I first joined NEAR Foundation back in 2020, as a part of the Community Team to support the development of guilds and Community DAO. Now, I’m the marketing lead at Lit Tech, which also operates the regional hub for all NEAR users and developers in China. I have been working in the Web3 space for more than 6 years with experiences in marketing, social media management and community building.

  1. About Our Community

i. Chinese Community Building

Right now, the NEAR Chinese community is one of the largest communities in the NEAR ecosystem. Currently, we have approximately 10,000+ NEAR Telegram users and 1,000+ NEAR developers. Apart from Telegram and Twitter, we also owns a wechat official page and different wechat groups with NEAR users/fans/developers.

ii.Translation and Localization

We have been working on content delivery for the Chinese community on Wechat Official Page and we also built a NEAR news website with the community to deliver most updated news to Chinese readers: NEAR Portal | 集合所有关于 NEAR 区块链重要资讯和项目更新

iii. Events

We organized numerous programs and events that have helped NEAR to raise NEAR brand awareness, facilitate NEAR community growth, and promote NEAR to developers and builders.

  • 2023 Rust Conference China - Lit Tech coordinated with the organizer and hosted a NEAR Developer Workshop with more than 30 developers attending. The conference was held in Shanghai from June 17-18, with approximately 300 attendees including individual developers and enterprise users. The majority of attendees were Rust programmers already implementing Rust in their personal or corporate projects.
  • 2023 Hong Kong Web3 Festival - Lit Tech coordinated with the Hong Kong Web3 Festival organizer and hosted a NEAR-themed side event with around 200 people participating. We successfully connected with local builder communities and student organizations with a total reach of ~15,000 people. ~ 50,000 offline participants attended Hong Kong Web3 Festival and ~ 22,000 users participated in our community campaigns (online and offline). Check our post-event blog here: NEAR香港见面会精彩回顾
  • 2022 Shanghai International Blockchain Week (Virtual Event) - Lit Tech hosted a hackathon during the event and have participants to develop dapps with the NEAR JavaScript SDK: 2022年万向区块链秋季黑客马拉松 NEAR 赛题 - HackMD Illia Polosukhin, the founder of NEAR Protocol, participated as a keynote main stage speaker and shared the new updates and future development of NEAR with the theme “NEAR Protocol: Creation Without Limits” :Wanxiang 2022 Illia Polosukhin Keynote.mp4 - Google Drive
  • 2021 Shanghai International Blockchain Week - Illia Polosukhin participated as a keynote speaker and shared about the development of the NEAR ecosystem with the theme "NEAR - A World Reimagined:NEAR联创一龙:我们已为区块链人人可用做好了准备_哔哩哔哩_bilibili In the event, we highlighted the significance of Aurora, Rainbow Bridge and Sharding to NEAR:NEARProtocol成为第七届万向区块链峰会白金赞助商 - PANews
  • 2020 Shanghai International Blockchain Week - NEAR Co-Founder Illia Polosukhin participated as a guest speaker at the main stage https://www.blockchainlabs.org/week2020/speaker
  1. Why should you vote for me?
  • I’m an early contributor and advocate for NEAR since 2020, so I have rich experience in community building and a good relationship with NEAR projects and builders
  • The Chinese Community is one of the top communities in the NEAR ecosystem. It is important for the DAO council to include different representatives from different communities and keep it diversified.
  • I am passionate about NEAR and committed to its long-term success.
  • I was the council member for community DAO at the early stage so I am familiar with NEAR and the ecosystem

4 Explain your strategy to develop regional communities

  • Attract Users and Onboarding (Both users and developers)
    One of our current focuses is onboarding new users and developers. We worked on a lot of educational materials and dev courses, as well as provided new users with simple NEAR onboarding experience with BOS, and hosted different events/campaigns to attract users such as quizzes, AMA, giveaways and special events.

  • Project Development
    We cultivate quality projects and teams in China to join building on NEAR Protocol. We provide support on tech and marketing, and help them build from the start.

  • Continuous engagement with the community
    We have a good foundation of our Chinese community with a lot of NEAR early supporters who are passionate about NEAR

  1. Tme commitment and compensation

I actually devote all my working time on NEAR, but i would commit at least 30 hours per month on RC DAO Council Member. Compensation is negotiable. I will be transparent about my work and keep everything open and traceable.

Thank you all for your support!



Good to see your interest here…

Best of luck Eunice

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Please kindly post this in the Rc Telegram

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Hello! Grad to see you here again!

We have some proposals from you
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Could you please share them:

Those are very old proposals , i will find the reports and update on the posts. Thank you for flagging!