[Proposal] Regional DAO Council Member Self- Nomination - Monish016

Hey :wave: Near Community,

I Would like to Self Nominate myself for Regional DAO Council Position.

About me & Experience:
I am Monish from India and I would like to Represent NEAR in India. I have been with Near Ecosystem since early 2021. Started as a community builder and eventually became

  • One of the key members of OpenwebSandbox as a Regional moderator. Supported various projects on NEAR, including Friendly Sea Creatures, MetaMon Etc.,

  • Worked for Croncat - A Decentralized scheduling project as Partnership Manager

  • Created KalakendraDAO as Founding Member A DAO Missioned to Educate and Onboard web2 artists, Developers, and Tech Enthusiast into Web3 Space for Social Good since Nov 2021

  • Become CreativesDAO as a Council Member supported various DAOs Around world :earth_africa: in being Creative.

  • Part of Advisor Group in MarmaJ DAO - Currently Inactive wish to Revamp it soon.

  • Help Built Alliesmarketplace in association with MarmaJ DAO & KalakendraDAO

  • Participated in StakeWars and Finally built one Click Automation Solution for Node Deployment with KKD

  • Managed a Project called Art Horizon for IncubaDORA with KKD

Finally Built, Aurora Tip Bot with KKD

I possess extensive expertise in web3 community building, growth, and marketing strategy. Recently, I successfully established a community from the ground up, attracting over 58,000 members on Twitter and fostering a thriving community of 45,000 members on Discord.

Furthermore, I have valuable experience serving as a council member of Creatives DAO. In this role, I diligently assessed and approved community proposals pertaining to creative projects. I took charge of estimating, structuring, and maintaining budgets for Creatives DAO, ensuring the effective allocation of funds. Lastly, I meticulously reviewed reports from numerous communities and provided constructive feedback to aid in their development.

How am I involved with NEAR and Blockchain Ecosystem?
KalakendraDAO was established as a Social Good DAO with a clear mission to educate, onboard, and experiment with Web2 artists, developers, and tech enthusiasts in the Web3 space. Through KalakendraDAO (KKD), we have proudly represented NEAR in numerous events, activities, and mediums across India. Our presence has been particularly prominent in major Web3 events, including:

  • Namanste NFT Metaverse Summit in Bangalore
  • Web3 Conference in Goa
  • TN Web3 Meet in Chennai

In addition to these notable events, we have actively organized dedicated meetups and gatherings, spreading vibrant colors and raising awareness of the NEAR Protocol throughout India. Our consistent participation and involvement in these initiatives have contributed significantly to promoting NEAR’s vision and ecosystem in the country.


  • Master’s Degree in MBA Specialization in Operations Management
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical

Home & communities I represent
I currently reside in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, INDIA, and Wish to Represent NEAR India. Also am Represting KalakendraDAO

**Why am a Good Candidate & why Vote me **

  1. Experience as a Council Member: My role as a council member in CreativesDAO has provided me with valuable experience in reviewing proposals and reports, as well as gaining a comprehensive understanding of the entire process. This experience has equipped me with the skills necessary to effectively contribute to the decision-making and governance processes of the Regional DAO Council.
  2. Deep Understanding of NEAR Ecosystem: Throughout my involvement in the NEAR ecosystem, I have developed a strong knowledge and understanding of the platform, its projects, and its community members. This familiarity allows me to effectively represent NEAR in India and engage with community members on various levels.
  3. Extensive Community Building Experience: With my background in web3 community building, growth, and marketing strategy, I have successfully built and managed communities from scratch. I have attracted and engaged a significant number of members on platforms like Twitter and Discord, demonstrating my ability to connect with individuals and foster a thriving community.
  4. Active Involvement in NEAR Events and Activities: Through KalakendraDAO, I have actively represented NEAR in various events, meetups, and conferences across India. This active involvement demonstrates my commitment to promoting NEAR’s vision and ecosystem within the region.
  5. Educational Background and Skills: My educational background includes a Master’s degree in MBA with a specialization in Operations Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. These qualifications, combined with my expertise in community building and management, provide me with a well-rounded skill set that is valuable for the Regional DAO Council position.

Strategy to develop regional communities

Identify and deploy Local Chapter lead in regionals to decentralize and faster pace of grass root development. Especially in Diverse Countries like India, this is really needed.

Empower Local Chapter Leads: Once the local chapter leads are identified, it is crucial to empower them with the necessary resources and support. This includes providing them with guidance, training, and access to relevant information and tools. By empowering local leads, we can leverage their knowledge, networks, and passion to drive community development initiatives tailored to their specific regions.

Local Contents Recognizing the diverse cultural and linguistic landscape of countries like India, it is essential to prioritize localization efforts. This includes translating key resources, documentation, and communication materials into local languages.

Tailored Outreach and Education: Each region may have its unique characteristics and needs. To effectively engage with regional communities, I would focus on tailored outreach and education initiatives. This includes organizing region-specific events, workshops, and meetups that address the specific interests and requirements of community members.

Foster Developer Community: A crucial aspect of developing regional communities is to foster a strong developer community within the region. This can be done by

  • Developer-focused meetups and hackathons
  • Developer support programs
  • Developer education and training
  • Developer grants and funding opportunities

Foster Local NEAR Native Products & Accelerator Program

Regarding my time commitment, I am dedicated to investing the necessary time and effort to fulfill the responsibilities and expectations associated with the Regional DAO Council position. I understand that community-building and engagement require ongoing attention and involvement. I am committed to actively participating in meetings, discussions, and initiatives related to the role, as well as allocating time for communication and collaboration with community members.

Regarding compensation, I am open to discussing and considering reasonable compensation based on the scope of responsibilities and the resources available within the NEAR ecosystem.

Thank you



Hi Monish good seeing your self interest proposal.

Can you include the link to your Near social post in this your proposal and then post it to the Regional Community Telegram group.