[Proposal] Apply to Council Member of Regional DAO

Dear NEAR Community,

NEAR Regional Community Working Group DAO Council Member Self-Nomination Process.

1. About me & NEAR:
My name is Riley Tran, I’d like to represent NEAR Vietnam to apply the position RC DAO Council Member. I’ve been join in NEAR really early since 2020, and was the first person who supported for NEAR Vietnam. I’ve work as the Near Vietnam Community Manager and now is the CEO of NEAR Vietnam Hub. Below is some activities which I’ve been supported for NEAR since 2020.

i. About the community Building:
a. Building NEAR community in 2020, and make NEAR become one of the top community of NEAR and worked with Amos team.

b. After that, we also built many different channel on telegram to help community can discuss about all projects on NEAR ecosystems with many different aspects such as NFT, Defi, etc. Check out the linktree for all the channel we have for NEAR in Vietnam at the moment.
c. After becoming the official Regional Hub of NEAR, we also had the Website and Twitter to update all information and activities of Vietnam to global community.
Website: https://nearvietnamhub.org/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NearVietnamHub

ii. About the translation: a. Localize everything of NEAR to Vietnamese:

  • Website: in Nov, 2020, after the campaign I promoted about NEAR via the token sale on Coinlist campaign, there were a lot of people joined in NEAR Vietnam, that why I proposed to translate the website to Vietnamese. I worked under Amos team that time for all the translation and update the translation whenever the website updated. The pictures in the link below to show out my workload on the website translation. Pictures for Dao council - Google Drive
  • In May 2021, Ref finance laucnhing, so we ran the retroactive to attract the people active on the ecosystem and create the NEAR wallet to experience the paltform. So we can see the number of wallet in Vietnam increase dramatically in Vietnam that time. The total numbers of wallet which we had in May, 2022 is nearly 200k wallets (we can’t have the update for this year as NEAR stop tracking wallet base on regions,). After having a lot of users, I also supported to translate NEAR wallet to Vietnamese. Wallets_geo_analytics_v2.xlsx - Google Sheets
  • Since 2021, we’ve started to support the Developer and translate all dev document to Vietnamese, as well as work with Sasha to translate the Learn Near Club courses to Vietnamese. (Long times ago, so I can’t find the proposal link for it ) iii. About the developer Supporting:
  • In 8/2021, we started kicking off developer education program. Plz check out the detail for the education activities which we run in Vietnam Asia Developer Community Metrics - Google Sheets We have +850 smart contract from Vietnam deploy on NEAR mainnets. Wallets_geo_analytics_v2.xlsx - Google Sheets

Since 1 Nov to now, we have

  • 3 submissions from Vietnam for NCD course on LearNearClub

  • For Vietnamese course in 2 universities PTIT and BKHCM, we currently teaching abt 120 students

  • Start hackathon for Ptit Hanoi today !

  • Working on update LNC english course (will be done this month)

  • Teaching assignment sheets:

  • PTIT Hanoi: PTIT-Phân công - Google Sheets

  • BK tp Ho Chi Minh:Phân công-BKHCM - Google Sheets

  • Vn Hub report sheet - what VN Hub are working on noted here HUB report - Month 11.xlsx - Google Sheets

  • VN Hub currently reviewing 2 projects before apply for grant, includes NearFi (wallet) and Post3 (dev tooling - generate ABI for a smart-contract on NEAR)

iv. About Retail community education activities:
We have a lot of press release, and video talk about NEAR in Vietnam and also work with other KOLs to provide the information for them to spread out NEAR impression in Vietnam.

NEAR Press release (more than 500+ press release published I think )
One of the highlighted video about Rainbow bridge to educate community about Rainbow Bridge: NEAR Protocol - Rainbow Bridge Cơ Hội Tiềm Ẩn Sắp Bùng Nổ - GFS Ventures - YouTube ,there’re more than 100+ video about NEAR on our channels, and a lot of online event with Projects on NEAR ecosystem.

v. NEAR + Projects on NEAR offline events in Vietnam:

NEAR Dev Meet-up: [FULL LIVESTREAM] Cơ Hội Vàng Cho Developer Trong Kỷ Nguyên Blockchain - NEAR DEVELOPER OFFLINE 2022 - YouTube (More than 250+ dev)
OCT Meet-up: Cơ Hội Trong Kỷ Nguyên Web3 - Sự Kiện Building In The Web 3 Era - Octopus x GFI - YouTube (More than 300+ participants)

Presenting about NEAR at Blockchain Events: Woman Web 3. Speaker - Google Slides

vi. NEAR Vietnam Hub:

At NEARCON last year, the NEAR Vietnam Hub officially established and worked independently, not work under China Hub any more. Below, some activities we do on Marketing and education ones https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1krko3lDRKyKuXITtZlClvCPfnZw87nl7

Some of Education activities with IT University. Update - Google Slides

With a lot of activities and have huge community, that why NEAR believe in me to organize the NEAR APAC – the first NEAR ecosystems conference in APAC regions. Check out the website for all of NEAR APAC activities, and we are also welcome all NEAR fam come to Vietnam this year ^^ https://nearapac.org/

Beside of the NEAR APAC, we also organize the Web 3 hackfest, to bring more users, developers, and projects on BOS. Also welcome all of Builders here can join with us on the Hackfest https://web3hackfest.org/

2. Why vote for me:
• I have been a strong advocate for NEAR in Vietnam since 2020.
• I have built a large and active community of NEAR supporters in Vietnam.
• I have organized educational events and meetups for NEAR developers and users in Vietnam. • I have worked with other KOLs to promote NEAR in Vietnam.
• I have organized the NEAR APAC conference and the Web 3 hackfest.
• I have a deep understanding of the NEAR ecosystem and the needs of the Vietnamese community.
• I am a strong communicator and have a proven track record of organizing and executing successful events.
• I am passionate about NEAR and committed to its long-term success.
• I have a strong network of contacts in the Vietnamese blockchain community. These are just a few of my many accomplishments. I am a passionate and dedicated advocate for NEAR, and you have a proven track record of success in building and growing the NEAR community in Vietnam. I believe that you would be an asset to the RC Community Dao council, and I urge you to vote for me.
3. My strategy to developer the Vietnam community:

  • Build a strong community. The foundation of any successful ecosystem is a strong community. This means building a community of NEAR supporters who are passionate about the project and who are willing to help spread the word. This can be done through a variety of channels, such as social media, meetups, and educational events.
  • Attract developers. The next step is to attract developers to the NEAR ecosystem. This can be done by providing developers with the resources they need to build on NEAR, such as documentation, tutorials, and grants. It is also important to create a developer-friendly environment where developers feel welcome and supported.
  • Launch projects. Once there is a strong community and a pool of developers, it is time to start launching projects on NEAR. This will help to showcase the capabilities of the NEAR platform and attract even more users and developers.
  • Partner with businesses. Another way to grow the NEAR ecosystem is to partner with businesses. This can be done by providing businesses with the tools they need to integrate NEAR into their products and services. It is also important to educate businesses about the benefits of using NEAR.
  • Educate the public. Finally, it is important to educate the public about NEAR. This can be done through a variety of channels, such as online articles, social media posts, and educational events. The goal is to raise awareness of NEAR and its potential benefits.

4. For being the DAO Council member:
I believe that it is important for DAO council members to be transparent about their work. This means being open about the decisions they make, the resources they use, and the results they achieve. I would commit to being transparent in my work as a DAO council member by:
• Keeping a detailed record of my work. This would include meeting minutes, project plans, and financial records.
• Publishing regular reports on my work. These reports would be made available to the public so that anyone can see what I am doing.
• Responding to questions and feedback from the community. I would be open to hearing from the community about my work and would be willing to answer any questions they have.

I would also commit to being transparent about the cost of my work. This would include the cost of travel, accommodation, and other expenses. I would make sure that all expenses are reasonable and necessary. I believe that transparency is essential for building trust and accountability. By being transparent in my work, I would show the community that I am committed to serving their interests. Here are some other things I would do to ensure transparency and cost-effectiveness in my work as a DAO council member:
• Use open-source tools and resources whenever possible. This would help to keep costs down and make it easier for the community to review my work.
• Work with other DAO council members to share resources and ideas. This would help to maximize efficiency and minimize duplication of effort.
• Be open to feedback from the community. I would welcome suggestions from the community on how to improve my work. I believe that by following these principles, I can ensure that my work as a DAO council member is transparent, cost-effective, and beneficial to the community.

Others: Time and compensation: As working on NEAR ecosystem, I use my whole working time for NEAR activities ^^. For the commit time for Dao Council, it could be 90 hours/ months. And the compensation can be discuss later.

Thanks and best regards,
Riley Tran


Thanks for indicating intrest to be a council member. Please, specify the continent you are contesting to represent in the council seats.


As staying in Vietnam, and also support in for APAC regions. So I’d like to apply for the Asia continent

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Hello Riley!

It’s great to hear about your interest in the position of RC DAO Council Member for NEAR Vietnam. It’s clear that you have been a dedicated and committed member of the NEAR community, having supported NEAR since 2020 and being the first person to support NEAR Vietnam. Your experience as the Near Vietnam Community Manager and now as the CEO of NEAR Vietnam Hub will undoubtedly bring valuable insights and expertise to the role.

Your track record of organizing and supporting various activities for NEAR is impressive and demonstrates your passion for the project. Your dedication to the NEAR ecosystem and your contributions to the community are commendable. I wish you the best of luck in your application for the position of RC DAO Council Member, and I have no doubt that you will continue to be an asset to the NEAR community. Keep up the great work!

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Full support! Riley has been driving the growth of the Vietnamese community and she’s a super early contributor in the NEAR ecosystem.


Fully support this proposal, I have been working under Riley’s command for almost 3 years now to build the biggest community of NEAR in Vietnam.
All of the offline and 99% of online events for the NEAR Vietnam community are scheduled by us and also we are the team that contributes to all NEAR’s Vietnamese resources including the NEAR docs, NEAR SDK, NEAR wallets, and many core infra apps like the NEAR Wallet, Sender Wallet, Linear Protocol…

It’s great to see Riley’s dedication and passion for building the NEAR community in Vietnam. Her extensive experience in community building, developer education, and project launch make her a valuable asset to the RC Community DAO council. Her commitment to transparency and cost-effectiveness is admirable, and it shows that she is dedicated to serving the interests of the NEAR community. Therefore I encourage the NEAR community to vote for Riley as she would be an excellent addition to the council, and her contributions will undoubtedly help to further grow and develop the NEAR ecosystem in Vietnam!

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