[PROPOSAL] Application to be Council for Regional Community DAO - Rahul

Hi Nearians,

I Would like to Self Nominate myself for Regional DAO Council Position to represent the Asian Region.

About me & Experience:
I am Rahul. I have been in NEAR and the ecosystem since early 2021 and in the crypto space for the past 6 years. I started my journey in NEAR because of some exchange social events where I got to explore the near community on socials such as Telegram & Twitter. That event presented an opportunity for me to explore more about Near & its tech & to be honest, I fell in love with the technology that the team is building along with the new innovative applications coming across and eventually became a part of

  • I am working as Community Moderator and managing the community for NEAR Telegram, Discord, and Reddit from December 2021.
  • Guild Leader for Aurora Reddit where I help in pushing Aurora Ecosystem News, and organize AMAs and Events.
  • Moderator at NDC where I help in managing NDC Hub and other WG.
  • I have worked as Telegram Lead for Open Forest Protocol (OFP).
  • I have worked as Council Member for Merchant DAO.

Any skills & Goals:
Community Building and Moderation, Team Leading, Telegram and Discord bots management, Social Media Management.
With the skills mentioned my goal will be to actively contribute and plan to the community’s progress and prosperity. This involves promoting inclusivity, improving communication, and leading initiatives that address the community’s specific needs and goals. By doing so, I will aim to strengthen community bonds, foster region-wise collaboration, and make a positive impact for the benefit of all community members and the NEAR Ecosystem.

How are you involved with NEAR and the overall blockchain ecosystem?
Apart from the experience mentioned above, I have been involved in many NFT projects and guilds in the NEAR Ecosystem.

Where is your home and Which communities do you represent?
I currently reside in INDIA and want to represent NEAR India.

Why are you a good candidate & Why people vote for me?
With my ongoing experience as a community moderator for NEAR Protocol for more than 1.5 years, I have a deep understanding of different projects in the ecosystem.
Over the extensive period, I have built good connections with project founders and community leaders.
With my experience in community management and leadership roles within the NEAR ecosystem, I have consistently demonstrated my ability to foster inclusivity, facilitate effective communication, and organize engaging events.
I have attended many blockchain events happening in India and tried to onboard users based on NEAR Blockchain features.

People should vote for me because of my wealth of experience, knowledge, and proven track record in community management within the NEAR ecosystem. I have actively visited different proposals and reports on both NEAR and Aurora Governance Forum and have experience in reviewing and sharing feedback.

Explain your strategy to develop regional communities

  • Building a strong community with its members help
  • RL Events
  • Onboarding Developers
  • Reaching more Web2.0 businesses to establish a partnership
  • Establishing a strategic plan to increase on-chain activities
  • Review Proposal coming to build Regional Communities

Let us know any expectations regarding your time commitment and compensation
I can commit to working up to 25-30 hours per month and I align my expectations with the NDC standards.

Kindly disclose any potential conflicts of interest, and feel free to be creative
There is no conflict of interest with the positions I am holding currently in the NEAR Ecosystem.

Thanks & Regards,


Thank you for your interest, Rahul, LFGGGGGG

Wishing you best of luck


Thank you very much for your incredible work! I and all Aurora Community will happy to support you!


Much-needed representation from Near India. Let’s go!


One of those members who onboarded me into NEAR. Thank you for the incredible work you have done since start in NEAR Ecosystem. Happy to support you Rahul. :green_heart:


Full support partner ! Was amazing to had the opportunity to work with you in the past ! Hope we can still do it again in the NEAR future. All the best.


Who better than Rahul for this role? :eyes:

I support your work that you’ve done for the NEAR Ecosystem :raised_hands:.

More :zap: to you.
Keep building the NEAR India community.

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Agreed, I’ve seen his name just about everywhere near could be found since i joined up. I don’t see a reason he couldn’t be well suited for this role

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Good Luck Rahul, you are the best one I’ve ever knew since on Reddit

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