[Proposal] Portraits of 21st Century Canada

Chapbook Proposal

Proponent: AshleyC

NEAR account for payment: ashleyc.near

Project duration: 30 days (August 7th to September 7th)

Requested amount: 450 USD in NEAR

Project name: Portraits of 21st Century Canada


To create a collection of poetry and prose descriptions of life in six Canadian provinces. The collection will focus on the social issues facing communities in cities and rural towns - with a focus on poverty, ageism, racism, the decline in industry in rural areas, the burgeoning use of opioids, and the resiliency of citizens in the face of dramatic and devastating social change.

The collection will focus on Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, and the Yukon.


This project would fund the creation of an NFT chapbook published with original photography on the Writer’s Guild mintbase store with revenue and royalties split with 25% of each going to the Writer’s Guild and 75% to myself.

Project timeline:

August 7th - 21st: Creating the material and revise existing material.

August 21st to 28th: Creating an outline for the chapbook in Adobe Indesign and pairing texts with images.

August 28th to September 7th: Editing.

September 7th: Minting the NFT chapbook and posting the final report.


350 USD in DAI to fund the creative process of writing and compiling prose pieces from notes taken during two months of travel.

100 USD in DAI for working on the visual layout, creating files for mint and minting process


Final deliveries:

  1. One Chapbook minted as an NFT on the Writer’s Guild store on mintbase, with 25% of royalties to the Writer’s Guild DAO and 75% to myself.


September 5th

Progress: 7 of a desired 10 poems have been completed and are in the final editing stage. Photos have been paired with poems thematically. Delays in funding and the small doubts borne from such situations delayed the start of my project. Much like last time one of my chapbooks was funded, I am running late on delivering the final product. I have spent the past few weeks taking and transcribing audio notes of conversations from my travels in the provinces, creating sensory descriptions of natural wonders and cities, and editing my thematic photos. Part of the reason I am also running late is because I have too much material and paring it down or limiting myself to only 2 or 3 poems per province has proven difficult.

New Timeline:

By September 10th: Finish the last three poems.
September 10th to 17th: Revise the layout of the chapbook.
By September 17th: Have the chapbook minted on Mintbase.

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Final Report:

The final product has been minted with 50% revenue and 50% royalties directed towards writersguild.mintbase1.near

I am quite happy with the final poems and the photo pairings and am grateful to the NEAR community for funding this project!

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