The Writers guild DAO started in March 2022 with six council members from different continents and all blockchain enthusiasts seeking to promote their contents and getting deserved rewards for their creativity.

The Writer’s Guild aims to be an avenue for various individuals and groups that produce written contents to get support, find a community, share their work, collaborate and discover ways of exploring web 3.

Specifically, the Writer’s Guild will help those individuals/groups engage with NEAR Verticals like the Creatives DAO and the Marketing DAO.

The idea was to help creative writers explore all opportunities available to them in the web3 and onboarding them to the NEAR protocol. So far we’ve been able to successfully host weekly AMA’s and collaborated with other DAO’s to spread the reach of NEAR to web2 artists who are also seeking to explore opportunities in web3. Our major topics spreads across literature, creative writing, NFT’s, blockchain etc.

Why team is best for the funds?

Our team, all blockchain enthusiasts consists of 3 council members that has individually been very involved in the NEAR ecosystem before the founding of NEAR writers guild. In this same light, we’re working very hard towards preaching the gospel of NEAR by engaging in different social media campaigns collectively as a community and also targeting new members to onboard.

@Oblakofficialss is a poet and librarian with publications on Oblak – Medium and Portfolio Page of omeje obinna oblak on Booksie. He is an active member in the ecosystem and confounded the NEAR Writers guild which promotes collaborative efforts between writers from different communities and is also a contributor in the Chapter one guild with NFT’s on NEAR Writers guild Mintbase store

@reespect is a gifted rap artist, songwriter, storyteller and all round creative.
She is the founder of Planet Lukukul, Co-founder AUO, she has been an active member in the Near ecosystem and currently a candidate running for the Council of Advisors in the first NDC elections. As a Computer Scientist she is a notable example of a creative technologist.

@masterclem.near is a seasoned software engineer and mathematician with a strong foundation in mathematics. He transitioned from teaching mathematics to software engineering in 2018, acquiring expertise in PHP, Laravel, Angular, Git, JavaScript, Python, C, TypeScript, Bootstrap, CSS, React, and blockchain development. As a former Blockchain Developer at BNUG, he specialized in creating community dApps, focusing on NFT marketplaces, event ticketing, and crypto swapping. His role involves designing, developing, and deploying blockchain-based solutions. He also served as a Chief Technology Officer at DAST Technology, contributing to the organization’s tech direction. Currently pursuing a Computer Science degree at the University of the People, he is dedicated to technology innovation and problem-solving

@Dabbie3229 is a crypto enthusiast/graphic designer and joined Near Protocol in 2021, started contributing through the OWS, underwent the OWS internship program in 2022, worked with the metamon NFT as a CM. She joined creative DAO in 2022, contributed as a co founder of Near Fashion DAO, had her first Near rl event in 2022. Championed the Reconciliation WG, and successfully mediated and settled 3 disputes…
Certifications: B. Ed. Physics, HRM, SMM

Achievement information about the DAO

What has your DAO achieved till now as a community? Quantitative and qualitative information.

•Creation of The Writer’s Guild Social Media Presence 1 and assets

•The creation of The Writer’s Guild Mintbase Store.
•Continuing expansion of Near Writer’s page on Medium.
Collaboration with the Near Book Club.
•Onboarding creative writers and creating NEAR wallets for them to be involved in the ecosystem.
•We had another simultaneous IRL & live streamed event from our theater’s Brazilian members from Notívagos Burlescos, a dramatic reading of new scenes they wrote about Latin America themes, now comedy ones (after the first set on drama, back in May).
•From stage to the streets, we had the first phase of an experimental transdisciplinary project from a duo of female Brazilian artists, that includes performance, public intervention, video, publication and an already finished bounty.
•From Brazilians streets we go to Canadian provinces with the publication of a collection of poetry, prose and photographies focusing on the social issues in cities and rural areas.
•Keep traveling through the world, we move from North America to Africa — Niger, to be more specific — to know another publication , the first part of a two-book anthology with a poet’s impression of wild and domesticated animals.
•And now our trip goes further, from Earth to the Metaverse, with the books from our Mintbase store not only turned into wearables but also placed at the largest NEAR library on metaverse — you should definitely check this!
•Talking about metaverse, voxels and alikes, another member from our guild wrote an article about her experience (and the challenges) on curating a sound art exhibition at a virtual gallery.

•Our collaboration with @dedeukwu in The C1 Gallery - 5 Quinn Street | Voxels drop party was our first metaverse event which featured the Reality EP of the artist.


Instagram - 310 members

Twitter - 172 members

Telegram - 148 members

Medium - 3 members

AstroDao - 10 onchain members

Mintbase - 749 NFT’s

Proposals created - 277 (https://app.astrodao.com/dao/near-writers-collective.sputnik-dao.near)

Genre -What category does your DAO fall under

NEAR Writers guild DAO can be categorized under Literary art.

  • Impact

What kind of impact is creating or is on the track to create (e.g. defined by social impact, tech innovation, DAO to DAO collaboration, helping in mass onboarding, growth of NEARs name etc)

We’ve invested our commitments and resources on social impacts programs that has helped in mass onboarding and NEAR promotion. Some of these are but not limited to:

•Worldwide coverage: The beauty of our writing community lies in it’s ability to transcend boundaries and allowing writers from all corners of the world to come together. This global participation fosters an environment that celebrates cultural understanding, inclusion and a diverse range of perspectives.

•Our commitment to decentralization: As a blockchain based writing community we embrace the concept of decentralization wholeheartedly. This means that there is no authority controlling or suppressing our members voices. We strongly believe in the power of expression and creativity enabling our writers to share their thoughts and ideas.

•Open reward system: Our transparent reward system ensures that writers receive compensation for their work through bounties. This commitment to remuneration attracts not just passionate individuals but also professional writers who wants to be recognized for their creative efforts.

•Growth and Learning: Within our community we offer avenues for growth and learning. This is achieved by hosting workshops to organizing webinars and collaborative projects which in turn provides experiences for NEAR community members. These opportunities not only strengthen their writing skills but also provides a better understanding of blockchain technology.


PROJECT 1: Comprehensive research study of the theme: “Can democracy thrive on blockchain?”

Greetings to all community members;

We are delighted to announce the resumption of our dynamic writing community within the NEAR blockchain ecosystem! Our community continues to serve as a haven for writers to forge connections, exchange innovative ideas, and kindle mutual inspiration as we have continuously done in the past.

What is the objective of this study?

The ultimate objective of this research is to present a comprehensive report that highlights both the benefits and obstacles associated with integrating blockchain technology into democratic systems.

After the completion of these articles, they would be minted on the Near Writers’ Guild mintbase store as well as receiving publications on the social media and on websites of DAOs. The Near social account of DAOs would also be used for broadcast of articles.

Who are the writers?

@BigM @SarahKornfield @OfficerLehleh @yewandeweb3.near

Expected Outcomes:

The outcome of this study will include a set of guidelines and recommendations tailored specifically for governments and organizations interested in embracing blockchain for democratic purposes. This will be achieved by thorough review of existing literature, the collection and analysis of relevant data, and active engagement with stakeholders and the broader web3 communities, gathering insights and meaningful feedback.

Benefits to NEAR:

•Each report will be commissioned and minted on NEAR writers guild mintbase store
•The research work will help in educating both new and existing members on blockchain elections especially on NEAR protocol
•Our social media channels will be used to promote engagements around this project and NEAR.
•The idea to infuse election-related contents will not only promote the spread of NEAR but also attract government agencies and other non profit organizations who have a strong penchant for fairness and transparency in their organizations to collaborate with NEAR


This project will be executed within the timeline of the overall project.


Payment to 4 writers: ($200 each)
Total: $800


[Proposal] : 4-Day Writing Bootcamp with NFT Content Creation and Creative Outings.

As shared with the other community members of NEAR writer’s guild, this proposal is a unique, experimental and immersive 4-day writing bootcamp aimed at fostering creativity, honing writing skills, grounding creatives and producing valuable content for the NEAR Writer’s guild store.

The 4-day writing bootcamp will provide a creative haven for up to 5 talented writers. The writers will be chosen through an open call on a first come basis.

The program will include two inspiring outings - one to the beach and another to an art studio in Lagos, Nigeria —along with an engaging indoor movie night. These activities will complement intensive writing sessions, creating a holistic experience for participants.

The why?

Our primary goals for this boot camp are to enhance participants’ writing abilities, allow the writers a new experience/environment, encourage collaboration among writers, and generate content for the writers guild NFT store.

By providing an environment that encourages creativity, we aim to produce high-quality written pieces that can be minted as NFTs, adding value to both the writers and the guild.

It will look like this:

Day 1:

● Introduction, Onboarding and Breakdown of Agenda
● Welcome and ice-breaking activities
● Intensive writing sessions focused on everyone’s different genres
● Share NEAR t-shirts to writers Day 2:
● Beach Outing and Switch Genres Writing Sessions
● The writers will come up with short write-ups inspired by the Beach outing.
● Winner will have veto power over what everyone eats for dinner

Day 3:

● Morning poem recital session
● Art Studio Outing where we Visit a local art studio (Nike Art Gallery) to stimulate creativity
● Evening indoor movie night to unwind and bond Day 4:
● Writing session all day.

Day 5:

● NFT Content Compilation and Closing
● Group discussions on NFT integration and content curation
● Closing ceremony and distribution of commission for work.

Benefits for Writers:

Participants will receive stipends for their involvement, recognizing their dedication and contribution to the bootcamp. Additionally, the written pieces created during the bootcamp will be minted as NFTs in the NEAR writers guild store, with smart contracts split for the writers. This offers writers a unique opportunity to showcase their work and earn recognition.

Benefits for NEAR:

The whole program will be branded to showcase NEAR as the facilitator. This project is IRL and brings light to an overlooked demographic.

Promotion will be carried out through our writers guild network, social media channels, and relevant writing communities to attract eligible participants.

The NFTs generated are exclusively on NEAR


The bootcamp will be held at a comfortable and conducive venue. Accommodations, meals, transportation to outings, and technical requirements will be arranged to ensure a seamless experience for participants.


stipend for 5 writers: $500 ($100 each)

transportation: $100 feeding: $285 branded t-shirts: $75 coverage: $70 promo: $70
Total: $1100


The proposed 4-day writing bootcamp offers a comprehensive and innovative approach to content creation, combining writing sessions, outings, and NFT integration. We believe this immersive experience will empower writers to create exceptional content
while fostering a sense of community and collaboration. We look forward to the opportunity to bring this vision to life and collaborate with the NEAR writers guild.


NEAR Visual Poetry

Hello All,

Do you have what it takes to wow the world with poetry whose words are Near Ecosystem words? Can you deliver an oral poetry, excite and educate at the same time?

If yes, then this bounty is for you.

Near Writers’Guild presents a fascinating bounty that intends to excite and teach both old and new members of the ecosystem about the trending highlights in the Near Ecosystem.

The participants would be made to skillfully script a well written poem about the near ecosystem and also gallantly stand in front of the video camera and recite it out by demonstrating, showing passion and rhetorical agility.

This is going to be a tasking bounty but rewarding for the winning entrants as it would require them to memorize their poetry or at least deliver without stammering as well as adding actions and movements illustrate key moments in their poetry rendition.

The videos can be of any length as long as they capture the writer’s minds and intentions

Value to the ecosystem

  1. Community Engagement

  2. Near Education specifically BOS

  3. Participation and inter- DAO cooperation

  4. Near wallet creation and onboarding

At the end, 5 winners would be picked and they would be given the following prizes.


150 usd- First Prize

100 usd - Second Prize

80 usd- Third Prize

60 usd- Fourth Prize

40 usd- Fifth Prize

Promo and Posters: 70usd

Total: 500usd

Council fee for 3 members: $600

What is the goal of the DAO’s objective?**

The main objective of the Writer’s Guild is to facilitate creative projects within the NEAR community, bringing the writing medium to the blockchain through creative innovation. We aim to be inclusive and diverse in the projects we support and we aim to build collaborative efforts between media forms and artist which would ensure transparency in content ownership and attribution.

  • Roadmap to reach the goal

How is the longer term goal divided into milestones making the DAO reach there?

Since we’re looking to resume our writing projects and DAO to DAO collaborations,
We have set out a period of 6 months to track our community progress by monitoring each goals planned for the month for an effective end result. Below is a breakdown to achieve this milestone;

MONTH 1: Content Promotion

In the first month, our primary aim is to promote contents of existing community members. Hosting workshops will be beneficial in attracting new members who would be encouraged to share their works.

  • Showcase existing contents in line with community values.
  • Motivate community members to share their works.
  • Launch campaigns/workshops on social platforms to promote sharing of contents.

MONTH 2-3: Onboarding new members

In our second and third month, the goal would shift from promoting contents to onboarding new members which is a function of content promotion. We will utilize our strong social media presence to engage and attract new members

  • Implement a program to encourage existing members invite new participants.
  • Create engaging promotional materials to attract and onboard new creatives.
  • Highlight the benefits of utilizing blockchain technology for content creators.

MONTH 4: Engagement activities

The fourth month will be very promising as we anticipate collaborations with other writing communities and hosting AMA’s with other DAO’s. This will help new and existing members to connect and strengthen bonds within the community.

  • Organize writing challenges, contests and NEAR themed events.
  • Host AMA’s/workshops with NEAR blockchain and writing experts.
  • Foster discussions within the community and DAO to DAO collaborations.
  • Create NEAR Writers guild website

MONTH 5: Sustainable growth

  • Analyze growth metrics and adjust strategies accordingly.
  • Explore partnerships with blockchain projects and writing organizations.

MONTH 6: Community enhancement

In the sixth month, we’ll review our standards, roles and commitments to promoting NEAR and dedication to decentralization.

  • Introducing new/user friendly activities to attract writers and readers.
  • Ensuring NEAR writers compatibility with current blockchain standards.
  • Total reshuffle of team members role for full participation and decentralization


  • We will be gathering feedback from users to improve the platform’s features and onchain activities
  • We’ll also Investigate potential collaborations with other blockchain projects and writing communities.

With the implementation of this six months strategy, the NEAR writers guild community strives to create an environment for writers and readers alike by utilizing NEAR technology to ensure transparency and fair rewards.

What will the community or the team members’ role be?**

•Community moderation -
•Social media (NEAR promotion)

Council members:


DAO developer:

Total request number: $3000

AstroDao: near-writers-collective.sputnik-dao.near
cc: @creativesdao-council


This is a very promising proposal that certainly possess the contents to create impacts to move the vision forward. Kudos bro


Thank you very much. It’s impact cannot be overemphasized. ‘Poco a poco’ we move :writing_hand:t5::writing_hand:t5:


truly excited for the writer’s bootcamp :crossed_fingers:t5::crossed_fingers:t5:


Impressive proposal! well-structured, focusing on content promotion, onboarding, engagement, and decentralization. This will foster commitment to transparency and trust in the ecosystem. Kudos! :clap: :rocket:


I can’t wait for the outcome really :writing_hand:t5::writing_hand:t5::open_book::books::books::books::open_book:

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We’ll continue to onboard as many as we can. :man_technologist:t5::chart_with_upwards_trend::chart_with_upwards_trend:

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looks good Creatives DAO :fire:

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Great! I already participated in Writers guild project and it was very nice and a rich experience.

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The proposal received a score of 5.66 during the evaluation process, while a minimum threshold of 11 points is required for approval. If you would like to gain further insight into the evaluation, including specific comments and feedback, please review the [Report] CREATIVES DAO SEPTEMBER 2023 REPORT.
With that said, I am closing this proposal.

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Thank you Paul. I’ll readjust