[PROPOSAL] Plantasia Lx First Month Proposal // VanDAO Studio


In partnership with the @vandao, every Wednesday starting on April 6th, the Plantasia collective will invite a different DJ/Producer to perform at VanDAO studio, at the vibrant collective space Arroz Studios, in Lisbon.

With a fresh and cozy ambiance, each performance will be livestreamed (Twitch + CryptoVoxels), lasting from 1h to 2h, with a few listeners in situ. Twice a month, we invite the other two studios also located in Arroz to curate live performances at one of the three studios.

Our aim is to increase the ecosystem’s interaction and engagement in various communities, as well as support and promote Lisbon’s cultural scene. In order to do that, we curate this project with great care and research for a new amalgamation in music every week.

All the sets/performances are available at Plantasia’s mixcloud and will be promoted on our social media.

All About Community:

In the course of the past two years Plantasia LX has created a highly diversified creative community by hosting exhibitions, various art projects and safe space parties for the LGBTQIA+ in Lisbon. Now, with this new format, our community can be expanded, transcending barriers for fresh relationships and forms of cooperation to emerge, departing from VanDAO Studio to the global landscape.

Each Wednesday we bring DJs and music producers for solo and b2b sets (streaming on CryptoVoxels and Twitch), where they can invite a small crowd and have total freedom to invite their b2b partners.

We believe in the power and the importance of the broad social aspect of our work, therefore starting in May, when Plantasia’s DAO will be fully up and running, 5% of our total monthly budget will be destined to a different organization/collective dedicated to fighting climate change and social injustices.


The project starts on the first Wednesday of April (6th) with DJs Gadutra and King Kami.

On the subsequent Wednesdays we are hosting more b2bs, TAXSH+ASTREA (27/4), Lola+Gina (20/4) and a live performance by Eyal Talmor (13/4).

In partnership with other residents of Arroz, Studio 4 and Ten Years Sober’s studio are preparing their collabs for the live performances, to be announced in the following days.




For this first month proposal we are looking forward to receiving a funding of 2500$ (2270€).


Studio rent: 385 usd

Artists’ fees: 605 usd

Curators/staff: 990 usd

Equipment purchase/rent: 298 usd

Snacks: 45 usd

Studio 4 and Ten Years Sober’s studio shows: 177 usd

This proposal is adapted to the first month of the project. Our ideal budget is 3.300 usd/monthly, but since for this starting month we are running mostly on borrowed/rented equipment, we could adjust it. We are looking forward to the creation of our DAO and then renewing this request for our monthly funding in a way that we can become more autonomous, being able to improve the studio, gradually own equipment and provide fair payment to everyone involved.


Looks really nice! Can’t wait for it.

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Heyhey, thank you for the post :slight_smile:
Just to clarify, where will you be requesting the funding from, so that it can be added to the correct category?:slight_smile:

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Awesome! So happy to support this initiative and get things rolling IRL for VanDAO Studio woot woot!


Hey! We will request this fund from the VanDAO. We will also make another proposal linked to this one for CreativesDAO to start working on getting our equipments (:
Thanks for the help! <3

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We are very excited!

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Thank you for your support in here and IRL, Raquel! :mechanical_arm:

Just a reminder that you’ll need to use $USD instead of Euro as the denomination amount for all proposals to DAOs :slight_smile:

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You mean in the breakdown as well?

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Yes, anything to do with money should always be in USD$ as that’s what you will request (converted into NEAR at the time of approval).

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Done. All good like that?

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Ok great! Looks good

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