[Report] Plantasia June/July

Plantasia June-July Report

In June, Plantasia continued the collaboration with VanDAO’s studio with our weekly streamings and one album listening session accompanied by a live painting. Part of June’s report can be found in July’s proposal. [Proposal] Plantasia’s Project at VanDAO studio / July

This report is to complement the information found in the link above with metrics and more details as well as present July’s report.

Plantasia metrics and content/

YouTube channel:

Average views on YouTube is 133, but, depending on the video, it ranges from 30 to 500 views.

Our intention is to have the videos uploaded onto YouTube to create a nice database as well as a fanbase. We consider to be be achieving our goal, since throughout the project only 3 of them couldn’t be made public due to copyrights laws (we could only show them whilst streaming).

Instagram: Login • Instagram

followers: 4.716

Onboarding: We have onboarded 12 artists as most of them already have Near wallets. We also encourage the public that attends the sets to create wallets by offering them this service as well as introducing them to crypto in general.

Wallets created throughout the project: 41


Equipment purchase and renovation:

Recently, we provided sound panels for the studio as well as a fresh new identity with the paintings by the multidisciplinary artist Gadutra. Our collaboration with VanDAO funded the interior work and Arroz Estúdios, in a joint initiative for Pride, funded the exterior part of the studio. Exterior is completed and interior is half way done. Last session will be on the 2nd September.

Purchased Equipment: a pair of needles for the turntables and RCA cables.

NFTs: Due to payment delays, we have decided to mint our posters at the IRL exhibition that we are organising. It is expected to happen by the end of August, exact date to be announced soon.

Feedbacks from our public consultation: In general people complimented a lot our selection and the day/time of the streamings. The main criticism was in relation to the accessibility of the CryptoVoxels parcel, which they said was too complicated to get to the main room. Some also mentioned the fact that CV is not cell phone friendly, as it lags and present image distortion.



On July, as VanDAO’s approved funding didn’t get through yet, our whole schedule has been compromised. As a result, we ended up recording 5 out of 7 artists, as two of them couldn’t afford waiting for the payment. Others we had to pay from our own accounts. 3 are still waiting for the payment. Due to this situation we had to swap one presentation from August’s line up to fill last week’s gap. (All videos available on our YT channel).

We also couldn’t print the posters, therefore we came up with the idea of delaying the minting so that everything could happen at the same time of the exhibition. All the other expenses are also accumulating due to the pay out delay.

Despite this situation, our channel is growing fast, the videos are becoming very popular and we are getting very good feedback. We are very proud of the project and its collective atmosphere.

A big thanks for the support from everyone involved.

Plantasia team