[Proposal] Total Digital + MetaCurrencies = Social Change Agent

For the month of October I am proposing two activites:

  1. Online talk at the TOTAL DIGITAL event in Coburg, Germany on the topic: “Redefining ownership in the digital realm - beyond copyright and access restrictions, towards supporting creators and the cultural commons”

The talk topic summarized in meme form:

For the talk I will create the following deliverables:

  • recording published on YouTube (estimated time: 30 -45 minutes)
  • supporting slides published separately, including talk notes
  • proof of attendance NFT for all attendants to claim
  • NEAR wallet creation (for all attendants who don’t have a wallet yet)

Incentive request: 150 USD

  1. Take part as a student in the “Currency Design for Social Change Agents” being offered by MetaCurrency group. I will use the course as an opportunity to start the research on possible implementations for a future MotionDAO token. This course focuses on ReFi - Regenerative Finance, and has top notch instructors from the field.

The course goals summarized in meme format:

For this activity I will create the following deliverables (and non-deliverables):

  • several hours of deep thought and conversations with peers from MotionDAO and other groups intersecting with this research topic
  • eventual more concrete deliverables as insights surface in several possible forms, such as tweets (curation and/or creation), presentations, longer format texts, memes. These might take some time to properly emerge so likely won’t be reported in a one-month deadline, but I will post them as comments to this thread as they surface.

Incentive request: 100 USD (to cover the early bird registration fee)

Target wallet: len.near

Total requested: 250 USD

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