[Closed] Black Cat Cinema DAO September

Black Cat Cinema DAO September budget

DAO: Black Cat Cinema DAO
Previous Budget: August Budget
Previous report: August Report
Links: Instagram, Facebook, website, Mintbase store.
Current Balance
Project/Council Members: @dan_E, @TJ89,@mayamor

Projects to be funded:
New shows and expanding audience reach. Vol III
1057 USD

Afghan refugee night & multicultural show and media reach

September open-air cinema at Arroz Estudios
1763 USD

Metrics for success

  • 10 wallets created. Creation during collaborations with artists, such as photographer, actors, filmmakers, and musicians for pre-event shows.
  • Audience through the door at Arroz
    05/09: Sold out - 115
    06/09: Sold out - 115
    19/09: Sold out - 115
    20/09: Sold out - 115
    27/09: Sold out - 115
  • Driving traffic to Arroz Estúdios: 440 new members at the association. To hit our target of 77% new membership rate, we would need to bring in 440 new members at the association this month.
  • Poster artwork displayed with NEAR name and information at physical cinema events. NFT sale advertised physically along with artist’s names and wallets.
  • NEAR name and brand exposed on-screen to 450 people in Santos.
  • Metaverse: Digital representation of Black Cat shows on the metaverse on 19th and 25th September. Hosted by Muti’s Nearhub.
  • Volunteers introduced to NEAR at Afghan event.
  • NEAR name captured on film / photos in press or social media coverage of Afghan event.

Council matters: Monthly budget, report, voting. 600 USD

Total: 3800 USD

Target: blackcatcinema.near / KYC through @dan_E

Anything else the Creatives DAO Council should know?

As mentioned, funds have come in extremely late despite approval a long time ago! So our goals have been pushed back. Hopefully the mods have seen the updates posted regarding this on our previous budget. Over the last few days we’ve been pushing as many collaborators to finally request their funds as possible. We want to make a fresh start with clean accounts for September! This month, instead of adding many more requests for even more artistic collaborations and NEAR integration goals, we want to focus on utilizing what’s been approved already and committing to achieving the previously stated goals in September.


@creativesdao-council Thanks for your time and attention. All questions very welcome :slight_smile:


Hello Black Cat Cinema,

There’s many duplication in funding that go to the BCC team from the proposals of #arroz-criativo-dao & #blackcatcinema-dao

Also, about this:

I don’t support this, sorry. Since it’s more of a business imo rather than building a new community that onboard its members to NEAR through encouraging them using NEAR web3 tools/apps.

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Hello @williamx

The funds requested by Vozes do Futuro is destined to the 12 specialists invited by us to host the debates following the cinema sessions. Black Cat Cinema has its own DAO and is not financially benefiting from our funding. Our partnership with Black Cat Cinema is through curating the sessions, organising the debates and introducing black independent filmmakers to BCC and Web3 tools.

Apologies for not being clear on initial proposal that this will not be profitable to BCC and no funds will be allocated to them.

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I see this a bussiness than a DAO with its own community & members. Is there anyway to measure the out come of the work so far?

How many independent filmmakers have been introduced? to BCC or to NEAR?
Which Web3 tool has been introduced? How many people is using it now through your introduction?

From the proposals up to date, I can see Creatives is funding for the operation of a business. With that said, I can’t support this month’s proposal. Sorry!

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Hi @williamx,

We understand the moderators position therefore we’ve decided to hold this collab until this matter is resolved. If it’s not solved until the end of the month a change will be made in our final proposal (3 out of 3) in the month of October, excluding the 800 usd destined to the collab.

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Thanks for all the feedback, although of course it’s not the feedback hoped for!

And to confirm what Shanice said, the funding applied for by Arroz for Vozes do Futuro is only for artists that are booked as part of their programming.

Re. the business vs community. The goal is for everyone who puts work into the project to be paid for their time, which isn’t the case at the moment. - I believe every project within the Creatives is aiming for this - But the goal is also to build community, both within NEAR and outside it.

Being focused on cinema, the obvious people for a community are filmmakers, but we actually do far more hands-on work with musicians, illustrators, and performers. These are the people that have been introduced to BCC and NEAR. Generally speaking, big-name films bring the audience, and the collaborators bring the community that attaches to it. This is one of the reasons that we’ve only ever applied for a portion of the funding for film licenses - in turn, a small part of the costs of mobile cinema events - and instead applied for complete funding for gigs, performances, and collaborators. The recent proposal for the Afghan event would be a good example. This is a charity event that (even with NEAR’s help) will generate zero income but is still an opportunity to introduce the audience and people who are giving up their time to NEAR.

If there are aspects of the project that need work, it would be really constructive to hear them in advance. Maybe as comments on a previous month’s budget. This month’s proposal is a continuation of last month’s, but with even better metrics for the report. And the overall goals are the same as those under which the DAO first received approval. Last month we received highlights of what was great but, without feedback, it seems like the DAO is on the right course for what the Creatives want from us.

That all said, we still hope to have the Creative’s support and, whatever the decision this time, are still committed to fulfilling the goals that have already been approved and hope to be a part of this community for a long time into the future.

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Thank you for this. Is there any way you can present it with specific number and report? How to track this? Thank you!

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Hi @williamx,

It’s a good question. We’re already tracking wallets created, which is probably a good start. But maybe tracking the number of collaborators that engage with the DAO each month? This is something that @hevertonharieno raised a few months ago when the DAO started. He gave the feedback that instead of the DAO receiving support and then it being distributed wallet-to-wallet, it’s important to give collaborators the knowledge to apply themselves and use the DAO autonomously. Since then it’s something we’ve really tried to encourage. It could be an area that’s relatively straightforward to track for reporting and measuring progress?

Hey Black Cat Cinema,
The majority of community mods voted for closing your proposal, due to the core of your DAO, which is an extension of Arroz, moreover, the funding is not focused on community building, and onboarding.