[PROPOSAL] Near Space - Gamefi Mobile MMO


Near Space is an economic mobile MMO, where you can explore, trade, craft and fight. The idea behind it was heavily inspired by EVE Online. The game with a strong economy and lively community, which happen to be strong sides of crypto too.

Game mechanics

A player buys a ship and starts exploring a vast area of space. Mining valuable ores and completing side quests helps to upgrade the ship faster to become an even faster and more durable explorer!

Strong players team up in clans in order to become even more powerful. Here comes the PvP mechanic where all stakes are on – clans fight for in-game gold to exchange it for NEAR on a market planet.

What is a market planet? It is an in-game resources exchange that can be owned by clans who will receive trade commissions as a reward for being the planet’s landlord. Casino planets, Craftsman workshops planets to name a few – all can be conquered by groups of courageous players.

We plan to open some planets for the developers for them to integrate their contracts. Imagine Ref.Finance planet that competes with other market planets on who provides the best price for in-game resources. This is needed in order to bring new ideas into Near Space and make the economy more self-sustainable. Minigames could also be implemented inside planets, even by adding custom tokens.

Near usage

Spaceships and upgrades for them such as Fuel Tanks, Engine Afterburners, and Guns are Non-Fungible Tokens. Also, in-game resources like various metals, ores and currencies are stored on the Near blockchain. Moving valuables on Near allows players to exchange them and makes the game economy more independent.

We believe web3 shows its best at governing structures such as game clans. All the rewards gathered by clan members could be sent into a clan’s treasury on SputnikDAO which then distributed how a DAO seems the best. Also, the voting for the clan base upgrade, course setting or membership could be conducted through the DAO mechanism.

Planets are basically smart contracts on Near. AMMs in case of markets or NFT lending contracts, for instance. Planets are ownable: a clan that has conquered a planet gets commissions/profits on its DAO treasury.

Funding requested for:

  1. Expanding developers team
  2. Growing Near Space fanbase (marketing)
  3. Adapting Near Unity3D SDK to mobile platforms

Total Asking: 7,500 NEAR

Near Space links: Twitter | Gameplay Video