[PROPOSAL] Fully onchain game on NEAR Blockchain x Humanguild

We have an interesting innovative concept for creating a new kind of blockchain game where all game logic will be executed on a smart contracts only.
Special game mechanics will mitigate gas expenses for execution of every turn.
Working title: “Space Mole”.

Game will focus on exploration/research and collecting/upgrades, with the potential play to earn mechanics using NFTs.

I’ll make smart contract for free during my free time, but I’ll need funds to pay for arts, animations and UI/UX. I will focus on making an attracting game for different kind of players.

For reference: Near checkers game I made during a weekend GitHub - zavodil/near-checkers: Checkers game implemented in Rust and for smart contract on NEAR and described in the article to attract game developers to the blockchain Пишем за выходные блокчейн-игру на смарт-контрактах Rust / Хабр