Galaxy Online

Galaxy Online is a blockchain-based space MMO RPG strategy.
At the moment, we are creating a smart contract and mechanics in the game in which NFTs will be involved in the game and will change depending on the user’s gaming activity. NFTs involved in the game can be sold / leased / pumped through game mechanics. It will be like one of the types of in-game monetization and earnings for gaming activity. It is also planned to create smart contracts on the NEAR blockchain for commanders (the main characters of the game who are controlled by the player), resources and ships.
Already, the game has a free in-game market and any player can sell game values ​​at free prices that are not regulated by anyone other than the game community.
The opportunity to earn starts immediately after registering in the game. We do not store any user data and registration takes only a few seconds. The user has the choice to register using a telegram account or via NEAR ID. Immediately after registration, the user receives his first planet and simple tasks that help to understand the gameplay. (additional tooltip popups will be added in the near future). The user himself can choose his strategy of the game and be either a loner and simply extract resources and sell them on the market, or join one of the clans or corporations and, together with like-minded people, achieve heights in the game.
At the moment, there are more than 3874 accounts in the game who are already receiving their profits. And we will not dwell on this.
We made a decision to switch the game to the NEAR protocol and involve other projects working on the NEAR protocol in our project (Galaxy Online) both in a game format and in a technological one.
We plan to initiate community voting and create the first DAO Galaxy Online from the existing community by voting. And leave the data in the public domain on our forum.
The DAO will make key decisions for the further development of the game.
We are planning a full transition to the main gaming smart contracts NEAR protocol in the first quarter of 2022. Until then, we will gradually introduce new integrations into the NEAR protocol, and ultimately we will combine all of this into one mechanism.


Good evening! Could you please comment information from the game community members that you are blocking active top players who spent thousands dollars , encourage fake accounts creations, have weird electing processes in DAO?


I invite you in Transparency Guild for conversation with top players. (Russian language) Telegram: Contact @near_prices

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